They woke up to Katyushas falling
Sebastian Petrus
Published: 20.07.06, 14:06
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1. request to sebastian
david ,   Jerusalem   (07.20.06)
please please please please please please please never write anything again
2. Sebastian the peeping tom.
3. What the hell?
Deven ,   L.A. USA   (07.21.06)
There are many questions here. Why would something like this be published? Why did I just waste precious moments of my life reading this jibberish? What the hell was this supposed to be about? I am so lost.
4. You have to be incredibly sad and desperate...
Adamush   (07.21.06)
to have to resort to the pretext of "cutting expenses" in order to get a girl between the sheets. But it's an method that can work. I should know, I used the same technique myself to get my leg over mine...
5. What the heck?!?!
Hold on John   (07.21.06)
I think someone need to have a talk with Sebastian about his writing skills.
6. Ra'anana
Tal   (07.22.06)
They wake up on the sound on Katuosha and how about the guys who have killed by your kind bumbs ..May allah put U dopwn and this is not far away..
7. #6 - LMAO!
Haifa, Israel   (07.22.06)
How desperate are you to hack this pathetic drivel in the Singles section of all places? Holy poop - do you realize how ridiculous you are? Who are you trying to convince - yourself?
8. sebastian no understandy mucho at all
9. You guys are vicious!
Ryan ,   Austin, TX   (07.29.06)
How old are you guys?? Sebastian, that's some nice writing; I can't understand why people waste your and their time misunderstanding you and then writing senseless comments.
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