UN warns of war crimes in Lebanon
Ronen Bodoni
Published: 20.07.06, 14:09
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Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.20.06)
Why did HYPOCRITE UN not try PLO and other terrorists at the international criminal court??? WHY WERE PLO REWARDED FOR THEIR WAR CRIMES AGAINST LEBANON'S CHRISTIANS? Lebanon was a Christian country until Muslims achieved a majority through an extremely high birthrate. The jihad against Lebanon's Christians was savage and barbaric. The IDF was the only hope for the embattled Christians. Click on Photo gallery of, 20,000 Christians handicapped by PLO atrocities. PLO terrorists were REWARDED for their savagery and mass murder of Christians by implanting them into Israel as TERRORIST "peace" partners through Oslo to continue the jihad. The Christians of Damour, Lebanon treated Muslims from surrounding areas free of charge in their hospital. The PLO and other terrorists repaid the Christian kindness with barbaric savagery: The Massacre and Destruction of Damour 'The attack took place from the mountain behind. It was an apocalypse. They were coming, thousands and thousands, shouting 'Allahu Akbar! God is great! Let us attack them for the Arabs, let us offer a holocaust to Mohammad 'And they were slaughtering everyone in their path, men, women and children.' Whole families were killed in their homes. Many women were gang-raped..." Satanic acts were perpetrated on Damour Christians.
2. UN hypocrites
Ronnie ,   Israel   (07.20.06)
When Germany indiscriminately launched V1 and V2 rockets into London, the British responded in kind, without mercy, killing many more Germans (yes, CIVILIANS) than were killed in Britain. And all this crap about "war crimes" is just a mask for the true agenda of the UN....bashing Israel. With the majority of the UN members despotic and totalitarian regimes, what else can you expect from them. I expect this worthless organization to go the way of its predecesor, the League of Nations. Israel will be around and thrive long after the UN is but a memory.
3. Use biological and chemical weapons!
Joseph ,   ny   (07.20.06)
To root out the Hizbollah fighters and their supporters and collaborators! Show no mercy!
4. The UN can go and stick their
Talula ,   Israel   (07.20.06)
anti-Semitic fingers up their backsides. We are protecting our citizens against deliberate attacks. The entire state of Israel is behind our government so take us all. You only have to write Jew hater under the subject 'hobbies' on any CV to become a UN Representative. What a fuckin' disgrace they are. IGNORE THEM!
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.20.06)
6. Threaten Israel and not Hezbollah ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.20.06)
Lets see ,we had the crimes against humanity from Yasser Arafat, Osama , Zawhiri,Somalia ,Dafur , We now have the war crimes of Nasrallah and ALL of his Hezbollah against Israeli civilian's BUT WE DON'T HEAR THE UN THREATENING ANY OF THEM. The U.N never takes a strong stand against islamic terrorism. They barely talk and newver use the word Islamic when decribing the root of terrorism just as president bush does. It's only used to weaken and threatn Israel inot FEAR and Submission. The same thing the moslems try to do before they wipe out Israel and the Jews. THE SOLUTION Israel; Stay tough and fight ,this troubles the enemies of Hashem because they know He is with you.
7. Saddam & Ehud - same cell
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (07.20.06)
As the adrenelin wears off and realism replaces the high, Israeli's and others will wonder how on earth they could have been swept away with all the hatred. You can't bomb civillians and destroy infrasture no matter what the excuse. Time to come back to earth.
8. I'm proud to be an American..
John ,   Jerusalem   (07.20.06)
...and hated for my country standing strong against Islamic terrorism. Much better than the French and European approach of surrendering to the Arabs and hoping they won't attack you then..
andrew ,   miami,fl   (07.20.06)
10. International Law?
Michael ,   Austin, TX   (07.20.06)
So the UN cares about International Law? I seem to recall a bunch of arabs going berserk and destoying some embassies. Isn't that a violation of International Law? Was anyone prosectuted? But's just arabs....the world expects them to act like that.
11. Popularity
Gijs ,   Netherlands   (07.20.06)
Why bother about the popularity of the US and Israel in the Arab world. There is no popularity. I am ashamed of the despiccable attitude of the european nations. It is the same attitude before WW 2 with Chamberlain appeasing adolf h. Please keep up your fight; it is not about Israel only, it is about freedom. Remember not all Europeans are supporting their leftist treachereous governments.
12. Since when is war perfect?
Michael   (07.20.06)
Why is it okay for terrorists to deliberately kill women and children? well, they are freedom fighters. Yet, Israeli soldiers have to be what no other soldier in the world has to be?! Perfect. the Israeli soldier is the freedom fighter , he is freeing his country from being tormented and killed by terrorists. Why isn't the U.N. commisioner demanding the Hizbollah terrorists who kidnapped the soldiers, Be arrested by lebanon? Once again, the other side hides behind the excuse. we are too weak. Well if that is the case it shouldn't be a sovereign state. And, the world should establish a real authoritative Government. But no such leadership. The only "real" ideas come regarding Israel and Israel only. Its time for the U.N. to look itself in the mirror and call itself what it really is. Morally bankrupt, undemocratic and extremely biased re: israel.
13. Rockets Fired From Among Civilians Towards Civilians. Whose
H ,   Jerusalem   (07.20.06)
Heavy rockets are being fired from amongst Lebanese civilians towards Israeli civilians. Whose lives should Israel worry about first? Can someone give a proper solution to this dilemma? Since the war began, all we hear is that Israel is killing and wounding "innocent civilians". Why do the Europeans, Leftists and other anti-Semites, feel they have the right to condemn Israel whose "innocent civilians" are being killed and wounded at the same time? To answer my question, here's what the Jewish Law states: The Holy Talmud (Sanhedrin 72a) teaches us a lesson of self-defense, "If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first".
14. Talk about double standards, there is one for Israel and
Judith ,   Haifa   (07.20.06)
another for the rest of the hypocritical world. Excerpt from cnn report: "An estimated 50,000 Iraqis and more than 2,500 American troops have been killed since the insurgency began in March of 2003, which by some estimates is more than the number of dead on both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict over the past 58 years of wars and intifadas. Yet we have seen no rescue ships moving up the Euphrates for Iraqis who are dying in their streets, markets and mosques each day. French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin has not leaped to Baghdad as he did Beirut. And there are no meetings of the Arab League, and no U.S. diplomacy with Egypt, Syria and Jordan directed at ending the Iraqi conflict. In the Middle East, where is our sense of proportion? Where is our sense of perspective? Where is our sense of decency? And, finally, just how smart are we?"
15. The UN and war crimes
ROBERT Tilden ,   Sheridan, WY   (07.20.06)
Koffi Anal got a Nobel prize for his works, including Rwanda and Kosovo so, point well taken. The UN has no say what so ever when it comes to war crimes, financial crimes or sexual crimes.
16. Elders of Zion
Captain London ,   London, UK   (07.20.06)
Why all these voices that call for killing civilians exist in Israel? Is it really that Israelis are blood-thirst? If so, why? Is it religious hatred? Or is it a protective measure??!!! Why anyone in Israel would be happy to see innocent people getting killed? More than 300 Lebanese civilians were killed and Lebanon retaliated with rockets that killed 15 Israeli civilians. Another 15 Israeli soldiers were killed in fights with Hezbollah. Where is all this going to end? Why you let hate and arrogance prevail? I am very upset by talkbacks from Israelis and Jews. They prove day after day that the Protocols of Elders of Zion is not a myth. Woe unto you. God wrath would come.
17. This is the same U.N.
Steve ,   Atlanta USA   (07.20.06)
that rewarded Arafat for the indiscriminate murder of children at Ma'alot by giving him a podium at the United Nations and condemning Zionish as racism. There was no discussion of prosecuting Arafat or anyone else for the indiscriminate acts of murder at Ma'alot and elsewhere and there is now no discussion of war crimes trials for Hamas leaders who authorize and commit indiscriminate acts of murder against Israeli civilians.
18. The joke called the U.N
Mike ,   Israel   (07.20.06)
When the U.N starts to handle its self the way they want the world to see it then we will respect it, this idiot from the U.N again proves that the U.N is a body of morons looking for a free lunch. If Israel is comiting war crimes what is the Hezbollah and Hamas doing? Koffe your a joke you have no self respect.
19. Forget Hearts and Minds-grab them by their balls
Alan ,   SA   (07.20.06)
20. UN warns of war crimes in Lebanon
Gerald Zang ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (07.20.06)
What of the Israeli casualties? Israel always warned the civilian population before any raid. Lebanon (Hizuballah) never warned Israel as to where or when they were firing their rockets. Isrel targets military installations where as Hizbullah targets civilian populations with the intention of creation as may casualties as posssible. Hizbullah also places it's missle launchers incivilian populated areas making it impossible not to have civilian casualties! If any war crimes were committed, look to Lebanon and Hizbullah first!
21. Talula's view of the UN
Rustum ,   London, UK   (07.20.06)
Absolute and total c r a p. As a usual knee-jerk tactic, she calls them all "anti-Semitic" - the level of argument of either a 5-year old retard or a parochial traumatised nouveau shtetl-dweller. It's so strange that when you are marching out of step with the rest of the world - in terms of the basic levels of humanity required for existence in this world - you turn around and think the world is out of step. It really is so sad that in Israel the quickest way to the top is to be an Arab-hater and to have many Arab deaths notched up of your bloody escutcheon. Talula's permanent delight at Arab deaths is what is actually sickening and as she said an "'effing disgrace". I recommend that she should listen to Hvorostovsky's recording of Mussorgsky's Songs of Death - but perhaps it's already too late for her to reclaim her humanity.
22. Embarrassed to be a European
marc ,   london   (07.20.06)
Is it just me, or has the UN got it completely wrong?!? Did the UN just say that Hezbollock fighters and leaders could be tried for war crimes?!? Is BinLaden on the UN hit-list?!? Unbelievable!!!! with the amount of meaningless, anti-semitic crap that comes out of the UN's representatives, the UN is showing exactly how bigotted it is and will ultimately become sidelined as an organisation with a good idea (when first formed), but with terrible execution. UN.....RIP!!!
23. What the diference
George ,   São Paulo - Brazil   (07.20.06)
What the diference about a lebanon child and a Israeli child. Civilians cant pay the price of war.
24. #7 Here is your excuse
Marni ,   Philadelphia, USA   (07.20.06)
You noted adreneline. That is the whole point... Israel is being responsive. Responsive to what Hezbollah thought about and premeditated. Israel is responding to an attack and additionally, is doing what Lebanon decided not to bother with, disarm a TERRORIST organization who HATES Jews, the US, everyone that isn't them. They aren't concerned with the humanitarian consequences of their actions-- How dare you accuse Israel of being like them?
25. Too bad. War crimes trials are for losers, not the winners
26. War crimes!!
Dr John Maxwell ,   Rechovot Israel   (07.20.06)
Louise Arbour, Madam where were you when your" beloved arab brethren" were shooting Kassam rockets into Sderot. Now that we answer in kind, you accuse us of war-crimes. Keep your head up where the sun doesn't shine, at least it will stop you talking such utter malicios rubbish!
27. To Linda #1, thank you for the Lebanese link!!!
Judith ,   Haifa   (07.20.06)
Everyone should check out this forum:
28. Hauge is waiting
Ron Steinberger   (07.20.06)
To the Hauge, the israeli military and political leaders have terrorised lebanon, and the palistinines for decades. The so called muslim terrorists dont end up there, because of your policy of assisination. Maybe they should assisinate israeli leaders and military, but that would just start a war and bombings of infrastructure and innocent civillians, wouldn't it. Ron Steinberger
29. Louise Arbour, friend of terrorists
Sidney ,   USA   (07.20.06)
She said: Similarly, the bombardment of sites with alleged innocent civilians is unjustifiable According to the Arabs, they are all innocent victims. Arbour uses the word "alleged". Hence, according to Arbour, Israel must not defend itself.
30. War Crime ?
Sam ,   Nigeria   (07.20.06)
The UN and other world bodies should apologize to the State of Israel for being provoked into war. They should stop making things worse by likely war crime charges
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