Olmert: War Israel’s stamina test
Ronny Sofer
Published: 20.07.06, 21:29
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1. Look at Ulmert face
Dani ,   RamatGan Israel   (07.20.06)
Adonee PM, It is better for us to stop this stupid war! We are loosing our morals as Israelis, as we killed 400 kids, and we are also loosing our soldiers on ground! STOP IT SOON
2. Ulmert Shame on You
Jack ,   NY, USA   (07.20.06)
I just wanted to tell you that I used to support the Israeli policy, I was crazy. After seeing the Lebanees children pictures I am now shocked! Of course, I am also shocked for the Israeli kids and the Gaza kids. Mr. Ulmert, you are just a stupid murder. Your place is the court in Hage.
3. We are proud of PM Olmert....
Andy   (07.20.06)
strong leadership in a difficult situation.
4. Stupid Olmert
5. Israel we pray for you!
Me ,   Germany   (07.20.06)
Germany (Europe) has already lost the war against Islam. They are among aus. But you ISrael fight because there is no one (except USA , and that for how long?) who is willing to help you! That war will cost lives, israeli and lebanese civilians, but islamist have to be exterminated.
6. how to stop the war
Ari ,   ny   (07.20.06)
we can give hezbolla all the wacky leftists in exchange for the soldiers. in fact, we should just give them up with no conditions as israel will be better off without them and the leftists will probably love hezbolla better than Olmert who they hate so much
7. I support Olmert
Francois ,   Paris   (07.20.06)
I don't like Olmert because he is an appeaser, however I support him in this war that Israel must win. All Jews must support him and pray hashem for IDF victory and soldiers lives.
8. #1 #2 #4
how did u guys escape the madhouse? you are all nothing but traitors of this country that feeds and protect you. i wanna see your comment after a katyusha hits your home and kills your children ... maybe you'll be wise then. get a life jerks
9. We salute you, Olmert!
Jesus ,   SF, USA   (07.20.06)
Sir, the position you are in is not an easy one. Stay strong! For those opposing his stand, just know that with any war there are going to be me a war that has not had one. It is regrettable but it's what it is...a war. It's not easy and there will be a price. I would encourage those that think that "talking" is going to reconsider where you stand. Your country wanted peace and did what it could to get closer to that...pulling out of the territories...and what happened...nothing...your country continued to get bombed by rockets. If that doesn't make you reconsider, I would suggest go live in the places that continually get bombed even after agreeing to pull out...and see how it is for you. It's easy to say that you don't support standing up for yourself...when you're not getting hit. Let's see what would happen if you got mugged in NY or whever you are. I bet you would be fighting back...and if you don't fight back...then... lol... you deserve to get your butt whomped on!
10. #5 someone like you should be exterminated to live in peace
Dave ,   Yafa   (07.20.06)
11. Olmert is a strong leader...
New York   (07.20.06)
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is a very wise and strong leader. He is very careful in all of his decisions and tries his hardest to salvage civilians. One must not forget that he is in a fight against terrorism to help Israel and it's neighbors. We must respect him and the rest of Israel. Everything they do is part of a defensive plan.
12. olmert, olmert, OLMERT!!
avi ,   USA   (07.20.06) israeli leader wit some balls..he has a great attitude/ time you wanna try something against israel..look what will happen- olmert stands up to terror!! go olmert, go olmert, go!
13. Overwhelming US Support for Israel
Jim ,   Miami, FL USA   (07.20.06)
Israel, America stands with you! Even liberal Democrats like myself. Sure there are those that delude themselves and apologize for the acts of these barbarian scum like Hezbollah and Hamas, but I assure you the majority of people I know, from all walks of life, support Israel 100 percent. The media does seem biased and focuses too much on whether Israel is being "proportional." Funny, I don't recall the US response to Pearl Harbor being proportional. If it was, we would have bombed some Japanese port in the Phillipines and been done with it. The root cause of all of this mess is that Israel has not been allowed to decisively win a war with the radical muslims. You left Lebanon and Gaza...for what? Look what it got you! Nevertheless, you did the right thing to leave, because you tried to give peace a chance. Now the U.N. brays about "proportionality" and the potential for war crimes. oh PLEASE! They can't even agree on what to do about Somalia or Sudan...they are impotent and servile anti-semites for the most part. They are a disgrace. I consider radical islam to be a scourge on the planet. They have done nothing but work for a war between civiliations for some time. Frankly, I think the real problem here is that Israel has never been allowed to decisively win a war against the radical muslims. I hate George Bush with a passion, and I think he is a warmonger that got us into Iraq for the wrong reasons, but having said that, I do think that these radical muslims need to be dealt with once and for all. Gloves off. Innocent people will die...this is true, but how many innocents will die if a strategic victory is never obtained, and Israel and the muslims fight to a draw forever??? Wake up world, Israel is the solution not the problem. I love you Israel, and my God bless and protect you, and bring home the kidnapped soldiers unharmed.
14. Siniora
Shlomo ,   USA   (07.20.06)
What a fool Olmert is. In a CNN interview a few days back Siniora said that the problem is not Hizballah but the situation created in 1948. Untill this situation is not addressed you can't blame Hizballah.
15. Israel, please step it up a notch
Jonathan ,   East Coast, USA   (07.20.06)
I only hope that Israel steps it up a notch in their fight against the terrorists in her region. They need to end this nonsense that the terrorists are providing her. She should not tolerate such behavior, and she isn't. Israel, you have wiped out 50% of the aresenal of weapons. You now have 50% left and, after you have wiped that 50% out, then we'll see how these Hizballah and Hamas survive. Let's call a Spade a Spade here, folks, Israel has two terrorist organizations attacking her; Hamas and Hizballah. They need to be stopped, as any terrorist organization needs to be stopped. We are here in the USA, and to think what might happen if we were being attacked by rocketfire and missiles - I shudder at the thought - because it probably would be far greater than the actions Israel is taking, so I wouldn't criticize Israel's behavior, I just want to see Israel provide a stronger militarily-operative campaign and wipe these terrorists out! God Bless the Land of Israel and her people! Amen.
16. To #13
Jonathan ,   East Coast, USA   (07.20.06)
Hi Jim - I just wanted to thank you for voicing your opinion - it really moved me and I just wanted to say, "thank you." I love the State of Israel, was born there, and, not by choice, came here to the USA when I was 4 years of age. I agree with you to the very last word of your content. God Bless You, Jim in Miami Florida, and may God ALWAYS BLESS the Land of Israel and her people forevermore. Israel will win this war, as she has in so much of her history. Let her finish the job and we all say AMEN.
18. ilmert really is a fool
sk ,   USA   (07.21.06)
C'mon, let's not lie. ilmert is a fool and probably a crook. No suprise he chose parrots for the unimportant Defense portfolio, which might have convinced Hizbollah to attack now. Certainly ilmert was a moving force behind "disengagement," and he fully intends to expel most Jews from Judea and Samaria. Halutz isn't much either, by the way. He was put in there to be a yes-man, not to win wars. Israel is right to be at war in Lebanon, but let's not pretend that these sows' ears are silk purses.
19. Olmert makes Bush look better
Manny ,   NY, USA   (07.21.06)
No matter how bad Bush is, the USA will survive him. The question is...will Israel survive Olmert? It`s obvious to all of Israels` friends, that the trifecta of Olmert/Peretz?Halutz are little boys in a mans` war, flailing away with nonsensical idiocy. I predict that they will spill more Jewish blood and render the country to be less secure. In 1976, the IDF went to Entebbe and was victorious, 2006, the IDF hung out around Gaza and play backgammon while Gilad waits for the rescue THAT NEVER CAME. Oh, wait...I forgot, Olmert is tired of winning LOL.
20. #1, #2 What 400 kids killed?
AK   (07.21.06)
You guys don't realize that except for some Muslims and Left wing s***heads nobody with a scintilla of common sense believes you any more? The only kids killed are Israeli.
21. #18, unfortunately you're absolutely right.
AK   (07.21.06)
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