Iran leader asks Germany for help on Zionism
Published: 20.07.06, 22:46
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1. Iran trying to make friends....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.20.06)
at the last minute. Germany knows that Iran is behind Hezballah and Hamas. They are not as dumb as Ahmadinejad looks!!!
2. the guy
is crazy believe me
3. Iran- the New Nazi Regime
D WOLF ,   San Jose, CA   (07.20.06)
I think Germany should search its soul (which until their relationship with Iran they had found) and come out strongly in support of their own legislation. Why can't they see Ahmadinejad and Iran as Holocaust Deniers and Jew Haters. Why is the anonymous spokesman calling the letter "Propoganda about Jews". Perhaps to him/her it is propoganda but to me it is hate, it is denial, and it is a platform for trying to turn "Never Again" into once again! Germany should act and enforce and now! As for the rest of the world, as Bibi Netanyahu said a couple of nights ago, "there is the great satan and the little satan but there's also the middle satan to Iran and that would be Europe. Until Europe and China stand up to Iran's Nazi terror (Iran, Syria, Shia conflict in Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza) and isolate Iran completely and absolutely then we will be moving closer and closer to the brink.
4. Why is it so clear that this guy is a nut?
David ,   los angeles, USA   (07.20.06)
Ahmadinejad is off his rocker and it's too bad that we won't collectively realize it until 50 years form now. I wonder why it goes this this way. I wonder why some are so behind in their wisdom.
5. Strange...
Neal ,   RI, USA   (07.20.06)
Does this remind anyone of that anti-social kid in your class growing up who could only say mean things about people but deep down just wanted to me friends?
6. Ahmadinejad talking to the Germans?
CDH ,   Canada   (07.20.06)
I think that the Iranians think that all Germans still hate the Jews as back during the world wars, and thinks that if the Nazi's were still around they would take the chance to extermate them. Does he not relize that a lot has happened in 60 years? He is doing everything he can to take the attention of his Nuclear program isn't he? And as the comment in number 1, I don't think it is friends he wants, I think he wants more Jewish enemies.
7. You're going to need a lot more help
Efi ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.20.06)
When we send one of our Zionist missile up your Iranian ass
8. Letter to Mr. Ahmadinejad
Andrea ,   Bonn Germany   (07.20.06)
Dearest Mr. Ahmadinejad, Thank you for thoughtful and insightful letter regarding the world's problems. You are such a funny, raving lunatic you almost make our late Fuehrer look sane. It's truly a shame that the proud Iranian people have elected a rabid dog as their leader. Yes, you can do a great deal to solve the world's problems and I suggest you do it very soon: crawl into a bunker as your late great hero Adolf did, and blow your brains out. You will have done mankind a great service and you will be remembered in history for it, as Adolf was. Thanks again for your interesting comments. I shall refer it immediately to our sanitation ministry for proper disposal. Warmest regards, Angela with help from Greg in Texas
9. He's trying to arrange another holocaust
ABS   (07.20.06)
The world MUST STOP him now!
10. Iran leader asks Germany for help
Bob O'Brien ,   Cincinnati USA   (07.20.06)
Iran's leader has stated he thinks the Jewish homeland should have been in Germany after the second world war. since Germany lost in the war that is where the Jews should have been given a homeland. i think his letter to Germany hints at this idea.
11. Ahmadinejad stepped on a banana peel
Ibrahim ,   S. Arabia   (07.20.06)
Make no mistake: Officially his letter was called "weird". This means much more, in the restrained-political-comments world-it slams Ahmadinejad. How many times do we hear government officials call one another "weird" to the press? Never almost. Yet Germany called THE IRANIAN PRESIDENT'S LETTER "WEIRD" to the international press (It's on Reuters). Anything else that they said is fluff. The word "weird" is what they think about Ahmadinejad and that is what they're communicating to him. He has succeeded in making himself into laughingstock.
13. Ahmedthe Nut latest trick
John ,   NZj   (07.21.06)
14. Ahmadinejad has point
djk ,   United States   (07.21.06)
For a thousand years, culminating in Holocaust, Europe persecuted Jews. Europeans, after WWII's horrors, finally felt amends had to be made. Solution: give part of Europe to Jews to establish nation? No....instead give them land that is already occupied....and make no commitment to stand by the new Jewish state or any compensation to the people displaced. Ahmadinejad apparently feels Europe should recognize its responsibility.
15. The Prince of Persia
Scott ,   OK, USA   (07.21.06)
“Remember that in 1933 many people said it was just rhetoric,” what a great quote! Ahmadinejad just may be the Biblical Prince of Persia. The elimination of god's chosen people seems to be what drives him. If he is allowed to get nukes he may be able to kill more Jews than Hitler ever had wet dreams about killing.. It is good to see Germany finally has a leader with balls. If only france could follow suit. If live in times that require strong leaders. The days of appeasers have past. If Europe doesn't want to lose it's culture, history and freedom to become Eurabia or Eurostan. Strong leaders who care about Europeans need to step forward. Weak kneed appeasers of Islam need not apply. Go Merkel! and Go Israel! Stamp out the vermin while there is time.
16. I have a proposal, what do y'all think?
Jeff ,   Salt Lake City, USA   (07.21.06)
What does everyone think of the US equipping some of our ICBM's (tested one today, they're spiffy as ever!) with conventional warheads, and tune them to go as fast as they can through the ballistic phase. I think this guy would respond well to extremely scary weapons (a 5000+ pound bomb travelling at mach 14 hits his capitol building in broad daylight) a single stroke of punishment.
17. Listen to the Guy !
fadi ,   lebanon   (07.21.06)
to all israelis / europeans and americans ... u ever thought why the world hates u that much ? the guy is looking for a peaceful and just solution to the palestenian crisis which has dragged for so long .. .the crisis of a nation whose people were kicked from their land to new colonsists !?? this is wrong and should be stopped... the only solution is one state in which all palestenians and jews live after palestenians get the right compenstaion for all the attrocities that isreal had carried out over the last hundred years !
18. if muslims would read the bible
...and not just the koran, then they would understand why the Jews want to live in Israel.
19. To djk #14, you're mistaken
Jeff ,   Salt Lake City, USA   (07.21.06)
The jews BOUGHT most of the land they occupy, in private arrangements. They own the land before the state was formed. You all had started violently opposing these land purchases before the state was ever formed, this two state solution has been around for 50 years. What you are really advocating is murder. Muslims can come to the United States and form their own communities, it's still the United States but we're not trying to give anybody the boot (with rusty knives and ak-47's, no less). Detroit suburbs are notoriously Islamic, they have call to prayer even. Learn from the best. Time for a few more regime changes.
20. To Fadi--
david ,   nyc   (07.21.06)
You honestly think that he is looking for a peaceful solution? It would be peaceful if all the Jews marched into the sea and drowned. And do not be fooled. If that happened--and it never will--but of the Jews were gone, the Shia and Sunni will just kill each other. Don't fool yourself and blame a nation of 6 million for the plight of 1 billion. it is, frankly, pathetic.
21. fadi
Ben ,   NY USA   (07.21.06)
Perhaps if you chose to pursue peace in the manner of Ghandi, you would place Israel in a position where they would face enormous pressure. They gave back land and were attacked - that's how it looks over here. You ask why the world hates us, perhaps a glance in the mirror is in order. Peace be with you.
22. #17 Fatti
Randy ,   OK, USA   (07.21.06)
First of all, I could actually give a rat's butt what the world thinks of the good old USA. This isn't a popularity contest. This about a whole world not having to live under the oppression of an Islamofacist government. I like my head where it is at and I won't be a second class citizen under the Islamic Sharia code for any MULLAH! Take your Mullahs and shove em where the sun don't shine on the camel! That little monkey in Iran is a nut. Rumor has it that he has a thing for little boys anyway. Israel has done everything that the world has asked of them as far as land for peace deals. This is what they get. No good deed ever goes unpunished! Just be glad you are dealing with Israel and not a government led by me. You couldn't make it in my world. Totally Ungrateful!!!!!!
23. To #17, Listen to yourself!
Jeff ,   Salt Lake City, USA   (07.21.06)
To all israelis/europeans/americans? Isn't that like, half the world? I think you fundamentalist supporters are the one's digging yourself into a pit. Nobody respects you, other countries have adopted a policy of appeasement because they know when the crap hits the fan we'll be there to fix it, but really, nobody trusts you guys, you're a bunch of liars and murderers. Your dream of one state is only that, a dream. Study history, you'll see the Arabs were vehemently opposed to Jews MIGRATING to palestine, before the state was ever formed. The Jewish state was an attempt at solving the violence.
24. Listen to the guy?
James ,   Santa Cruz, Calif US   (07.21.06)
Jewish people have just as much right to be in the middle east as Arabs do. If a world leader wants to deny jewish deaths at the hands of Hitler, and states he wants to eliminate Isreal or jewish people, there is a major problem there. I dont think the leader of Tehran is looking for a peaceful solution. One last point.... Why is the leader of Hizbollah (spelling?) hiding out in secrecy if the belief is that martyrs, and soldiers of Allah go to Heaven and are given virgins? Should'nt he be out there trying to blow up isreali tanks.
25. Jews have owned all of Israel for 3000 years, ever since G-d
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.21.06)
gave it to the Jews. True, some land thieves came along, but the Jews still hold the deed in the biblical records. This ahmadumbhead is a common meglomaniac you find in mental facilities all over the world. Other countries lock them up, the insane iranians make him president. Truly, the inmates are running the asylum.
26. Never forget the holocaust... oh wait...
Scott ,   Dallas, USA   (07.21.06)
...I think too many people already have. God bless Israel.
27. To#70
Tom ,   Bsas,ARGENTINA   (07.21.06)
Atrocities for 100 years? JA! Israel got, fight, and surived! for its INDEPENDENCE in 1948,WON THE WAR IMPOSED ON ISRAEL in 67 and 73. yes, occupation is wrong, killing civilians is wrong. They left Gaza in 2005 and Lebanon border in 2000 what did they do? INCURSIONS. Did they build the economy,the infraestructure ? where is the money the PA has? Where is the Arab League? Why don´t you instead of buying weapons, why don´t you build rodes, houses, infraestcure? ´cos you don´t want that. you use the Pals as a puppet for all the ¨ Resistance¨ the Pals where kicked out?? Yes, they were 800.000 yes, but hey! why would ALL ARAB STATES rejected the UN 1947 THE 2 STATES??? why the 3 NO by Arab countries? in every war are displaced people!!!! Why the the antisemitic culture you have in the arab states? just beacause of occupation of West bank?? Why do you have a culture of HATE, MURDER,etc? Yes I believe in two states solution,but Israel must stop its agression agains civilians, and Pals must stop HAMAS, not vote for them!, NO MORE MEIN KAMPF READING, NO MORE HATRED, NO MORE TEACHING CHILDREN TO HATE, LEAVE TOYS, PICK AK47´S! The Truth is that you Pals don´t do a damn, and you in Lebanon don´t do a damn either with Hezbollashit and care nothing for Pals. REMEMBER BLACK SEPTEMBER IN JORDAN??? HEZBOLLA SHIT, COMMITED 2 SUICDES BOMBINGS IN 1992 IN ISRAELI EMBASSY AND IN 1994 IN AMIA HERE IN ARGENTINA. ARE YOU HAPPY? I´M SURE YOU ARE ALL BASTARDS Hope they get rid of them. AND YOU FADI,LEBANONM, DON´T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO ERASE HEZBOLLASHIT BECAUSE YOU USE THEM AS A WEAPON OF ¨ RESISTANCE¨ IF ISRAEL YOU SAY, IS A PUPPET OF US, THEN YOU LEBANON ARE A PUPPET OF SYRIA AND IRAN. YOU SAY IN THE PRESS THAT ISRAEL BOMBS YOU WITH US WEAPONS? HAVE YOU HEARD OF IMI(ISRAEL MILITARY INDUSTRIES) YOU, BACK IN 1947,56,67,73, YOU WERE AND ARE ARMED FROM THE RUSSIANS?? SO...??? You could get rid of the Syrian influence, and Iran in Lebanon, and should sign peace with Israel and work together to eradicate and control the border and get rid of Hezbolla AJMADJINEJADJAJDSILLYBLOODYBASTARD, DAMN HIM, IGNORANT OF HISTORY, YOU WILL FALL I only regret the loss of civilians. Long Live Israel.
28. Re: #18
Canucklehead ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.21.06)
Is Muslims would just read their Koran, then they would understand that God gave the Land Of Israel to the Jews.
29. Monkey boy needs mental help!
Daisy ,   USA   (07.21.06)
30. # 17 the world belongs to you
the rest of us ,   pennsylvania usa   (07.21.06)
fadi, the world, as you put it, does not hate us. you hate us. ahmendenejad's rhetoric mimics hitlers rhetoric and you are buying into it in the same way the germans did during those 12 years. when all else fails, of course, BLAME THE JEWS!! his diatribe of vitriol and hate mirrors the arab street mentality fostered by years of hateful jew bating and anti semitism. i feel bad for you. i do. you bought the bull*&* and now you try to explain it as reasonable. try this: make the same argument, only substitute the word lebanese for jews, or druse for jews, or armenian for jews or these days christians for jews or yourself for jews. doesnt it sound fanatical to you? IF ONLY THE WORLD WERE WITHOUT THIS GROUP OR THAT GROUP OR THIS PERSON OR THAT PERSON, WOULDNT IT ALL BE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PLACE? i wish you nothing but peace my friend. atrocities are a two way street and always have been. that israel armed itself to the teeth in the face of overwhelming pressure from all sides is a consequence of the pure hatred that existed against it first from germany, and then from arabs. i too believe that arabs and jews should live together in peace and harmony. and also with christians or atheists or agnostics or anyone else who has a pulse and is simply trying to live on this small and beautiful planet with everyone else. hey i have an idea: lets call a moratorium on hate. declare peace has broken out. everyone make peace with israel. bring the jews back into the family, treat them as you want to be treated. teach your children that hate as a political concept is wrong and illusory. then perhaps the climate will be right to bring peace to your region. the hate is not working my friend. try being nicer to the jews and see how that works. terribly insensitve letters sent by a fanatical anti semite to a chancellor of a country that has a recent history of persecuting jews only validates the argument that holocaust occurred. he seemed to know where to go to help find another "final solution". the solution is in getting along. look deep and hard into your children's eyes. is this the world you want?
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