4 soldiers killed on Lebanese border
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 21.07.06, 10:08
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1. interesting report???
Binyamin ,   Kansas City, MO, USA   (07.21.06)
I found it interesting that the murderous thugs hide in their buildings making it extremely dangerous for the brave IDF to make progress in the area.....why not use the air assault to level the area before sending in the troops.....nowhere to run, nowhere to hide......
2. Hashem Yinokem Damo
someone ,   israel   (07.21.06)
May Hashem avenge their blood
4. #1
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (07.21.06)
Your breav US Soliders are doing the same thing in Iraq, to be added to Abu Ghraib, Haditha and Almahmoudia torture, violence and killling of civilains including children, something of which you dirty US Yankees are proud off, as this is the great middle east you are willing to teach us and the democracy & human rights which we seam to need. Long Live BUSH & mission accomplished ... (in your dreams)
5. #2
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (07.21.06)
Maybe your Hashem is not hungry for Arabic blood these days, as he had a big meal of more then 300 Lebanese civilains (including children) that you call terrorists ...
6. to binyamin
jim ,   sta fe nm usa   (07.21.06)
Actually if the IDF pummels beirut the practitioners of the religion of pieces will make better hide outs out of the rubble, remember Monte Cassinno? The best option is to lure Hizbullah into an attrition war, first the IDF must destroy their missiles and cutt off their supplies, starve them out and kill their leadership. The arabs will try to lure you into a quagmire, this you must avoid.
7. to 1
do u believe this bs? pathetic!
8. Punishment is futile
A Poet ,   Terra Firma   (07.21.06)
It is sad that both sides in Middle East war continue to chomp Eve’s apple. Both assume to be the judge of good and evil. When the ego assumes that role, it often appoints itself to be the dispenser of rewards and punishments. Both sides judge the other to be evil, and the destruction going on is the dispensing of mutual punishment. Both ignore God as Adam and Eve ignored Him. I suggest a change in diet. In Genesis, God does not forbid us from judging truth and beauty versus ignorance and ugliness. He permits this judgement because the ego tends to compassionately improve life by sharing knowledge and repairing ugliness. In Genesis and the Koran, Isaac and Ishmael were saved because Abraham continually listened to God. The two sons lived because Abraham heard God’s order to stay his knifed hand. Ironically, today the death of children goes unabated. Is it because today's fathers do not hear God's orders? I suggest both sides take their focus off of evil and switch it to ignorance and ugliness. I pray that will stop the destruction and commence the compassionate restoration of a land where all children may grow up in peace. Shalom.
9. Defeating Hezbollah
Ale ,   Buenos Aires   (07.21.06)
IDF should launch air/fuel devices to the areas in where Hezbollah is operating before extensive ground operation starts up.
10. Black humor
Manny ,   NY, USA   (07.21.06)
Olmert: "My dear Peretz, your IDF tactics are perfect! Peretz: "Ah, only because your overall strategy is so perfect". Halutz: "Hey guys, don`t forget me, my use of airpower will perfectly win this whole thing". Olmert: "Well then, it`s agreed, we are brilliant. Hey, Shimon Peres called, he`s got tickets for the circus for all of us...let`s go see the clowns". Chief of Military Intelligence: "Hey, wait for me, I wanna see the monkeys!" Wails of sirens in background. Incoming missiles.
11. Re # 6 Jim
Observer   (07.21.06)
Your soliders are shield behind tanks, try to get to the ground and see what ur guys gonna do, beleive or not 10 of ur soliders = ONE from Hizballah. Hence, it is your dream to sabotage their cabability to fight U.
12. Another mission failure
IDF briefing   (07.21.06)
We encounted heavy fire and were suprised once again about their strength and resiliance of their fighters (sorry terror cells). We don't know how many we killed, but they inflicted another heavy toll on us, with 4 dead and many injured. We are expecting many more causualties as this goes on. Maybe we should not have acted so tough, and exchanged prisoners, we have lost 20 odd soldiers with more to come, over two soldiers who are held up in a 5 star hotel in Beirut, gee I wish I was them. IDF briefing team
13. My Condolence...
Happy ,   Tokyo   (07.21.06)
to all Arab mothers and fathers and families who lost their beloved sons in the battle against the sinister evil, whose end is near !
14. Israel will Prevail
RA   (07.21.06)
Israel may have lost 4 soldiers, but Hizbullah lost 30-40 in addittion to other terrorists and armaments they lost in Israeli strikes. Casualties are to be expected in war and Israel is winning nonetheless.
15. to # 9Smarty Military Planner
Egal ,   USA   (07.21.06)
Hi Ale fro Buenos Aires, We, at the IDF, would like to thank you very much for your smart and genius tactic to win this aggression against Hizbullah. We will advise our soldiers to do exactly as you recommended. We highly appreciate you help, and keep up the good work. Regards IDF Chief of Idiots. ============= As if that is gonna work. it did not work in viet nam, it did not work in Iraq, and it will not work in Lebanon... Egal
16. Message from the front
Hezbollah fighter ,   Lebanon   (07.21.06)
The news is terrible. Much of Beirut lies in ruin. Thousands of our rockets have been destroyed. The Israelis have lost only a handful of soldiers whereas we have lost many hundreds of our brave fighters. We cannot be resupplied from Syria as the roads have been obliterated. Tens of thousands of Israeli soldiers have poured across the frontier and are destroying our positions in the South. Hezbollah families and homes have been directly targeted. I am afraid that none of us have long to live. I am sorry to say that the arrogance of our leader has brought nothing but the destruction of Lebanon and Hezbollah. Will we Arabs never learn? Please pray for us.
17. Israelis.. Be proud!
Lebanese ,   Beirut   (07.21.06)
Get real.. at least you have someone who is standing ground and fighting like a man.. you should be proud of fighting real opponents and not weenies from previous arab so called armies (if you can call them) from Egypt, Syria and Jordan. Hezballah are an army and organization that any army in the world would dream of, they are well organized, mobile, agile, have the guts to fight and autonomous.. This is what I see.. and Labelling them as terrorists won't weaken them.. it is currently the trend for current empires to label their ennemies as terrorists as much as in the middle ages ennemies were labeled as "Heretics", common.. this is war and in war you do not "Kidnap" soldiers.. besides .. what are those soldiers? gold plated and incrusted with diamonds? to loose 30+ lives for them between civilians and soldiers? and kill over 350 innocents? and don't tell me hezballah fighters are using civilians as shields.. look at the images on the net.. and you will deduct .. the world has changed.. the internet is a dual edged sword.. now it works in favor of the weakened.. and CNN is not anymore the main resource of info for people around the world.. truth can't be hidden anymore.. I see Hezballah a threat for me living in Lebanon as a christian more than it is for you, but in Lebanon we have a common proverb that says: Me and my brother against my neighbor.. Lebanese Shiites are our brothers.. your are our neighbor.. I support them as much as Israeli christians support you.. Regards
18. 17
Aziz   (07.21.06)
I hope you have a canadian visa. after your brother is finished with the jews, the christians will be thrown to the shiite lions. careful when you go out today if you really are from lebanon.
19. to # 16
IDF ,   israel   (07.21.06)
If you keep telling and believing such shit, then the fellow israeli people will believe you, and you know what they say about idiots ---they believe anything, They would be so disappointed to finally know that it was all crap.
20. time is running out
Mina ,   Egypt   (07.21.06)
many people understood why you began this fight, but time is running out as much as hizbullah is concerned the fight can go for months, but the civilian on both sides suffer, and people whom were understanding the 1st isreali re-action will not keep up with why its still going on for so long & such civilian losses, especially its not working out hizbullah must be tackled leave it to lebonan army, of UN forces, don't make the US mistake in iraq
21. #6 you know,
Maxatomb ,   ISR   (07.21.06)
Holding missiles and shooting at civilians from hideouts makes you a terrorist no matter what you're dressed like. Its time for you to admit that in war innocents die, and to start seeking for another solution other than war. You're so brave always telling us that you have a quantity advantage and that you'll do anything to kick us out of here and that you have time... Let me tell you that you can't kick us, because we're stronger and smarter, now and forever. Best solution for both sides will be to sign a peace treaty, but as long as you believe the fairy tale that we can be kicked, you'll keep fighting us and keep being responsible for the death's of your own civilians, because this time, like always, you were the first ones to shoot at civilians.
22. Aziz..
Lebanese ,   Beirut   (07.21.06)
Well this is another story, we fought for 15 years each others.. and if we will fight each other later it will be our matter.. the important part is not to fight each other for the sake of our neighbor ;o) don't yo think so? and lebanese are mature enough now thanks to previous experience.
23. #1: Absolutely right!
Michael Steiner   (07.21.06)
The population was warned a long time ago so there should be no civilians left in the area. Level the area completely and THEN launch a ground assault. Why the hell risk our soldiers' lives???
24. To #12
Francois ,   Paris & Montréal   (07.21.06)
Once again, repulsive Israeli Leftists are trying to prevent Israel from being strong against Arab criminals by using blatant lies. Israel must win this war because if she doesn't, Hizballah will be considered as a winner and more terror will come. Leftists favor appeasement which proved to be a major failure and will prove to be again and again because it's not an option with genocidal and extremist opponents. A prisoner swap must not be an option since it will encourage terrorists to kidnap soldiers again and again. Israel must no accept Arab criminal rules but must force Arabs to accept her rules by using ruthless strength.
25. A Message from the Same Front
Sean Higgins ,   El Paso, USA   (07.21.06)
After 9 days of relentless, incessant aerial and surface bombardment, the truth is we haven’t made the slightest dent in Hizbulla’s capabilities, its will to fight and retaliatory ability. Nor have we demoralized the Lebanese populace, quite to the contrary it seems. In fact, the IDF hunter became the hunted, we lost 8 merkavas, ~ 30 IDF dead, 10 of which within the last 24 hours, 2 POWs, one naval destroyer, 3 Apaches due to enemy fire, mediocre pilots and poor training. And all this to supposed village Neanderthals. Imagine if we engage Iran, Syria, or the DPRK, we’ll be toast. Olmert is using us as pawns for sinister, cryptic ends; we’re being sent to our death for a battle of egos and machismo. Our biggest nightmare? Hizbullah and a meet grinder ground offensive. Mayday, mayday, mayday, please don’t make us go, we don’t wanna die, we don’t wanna die. IDF Defeat Operations HQ
26. A response to Sean Higgins
Kate ,   London, UK   (07.21.06)
Even if everything you say is correct, which of course it isn't, compared to the laughably incompetent Brits (think, Boer War, World War I and II etc.) and Americans (think Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq) we are military geniuses.
27. Of mice and men
Hizbullah are always the winners The Holy Qur'an
28. To #25
Francois ,   Paris & Montréal   (07.21.06)
Sean, you are a major moron. War is not a barbecue party, that's why some brave Jewish soldiers died. Because of your corrupted Leftist mindset, you are not able to understand that this is not about machismo or ego but about Israel safety. Letfism is a mental disease.
29. Simple way to destroy bunkers
Avi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.21.06)
From the appearance of the photo in your article, it seems that the easiest way to destroy the bunkers might be to empty a gasoline tanker into them. Building the bunkers in the first place was an obvious mistake for Hizbullah, since guerillas cannot afford to "dig in." It gives them strong points which become vulnerable.
30. #26 Military Geniuses? I think not!
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.21.06)
Quoting your statement. "Even if everything you say is correct, which of course it isn't, compared to the laughably incompetent Brits (think, Boer War, World War I and II etc.) and Americans (think Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq) we are military geniuses." Sorry Kate but the backers of Israel (you included) are beginning to believe their own propaganda. Yes Israel has won some tactical battles in the last 60 years but strategically the leaders of Israel have backed it into a corner that may have no escape. They have systematically alienated so much of the world's population that most consider Israel a pariah state. A nation can live in a vacuum but it is not pleasant. Consider North Korea as an example. Remember one thing, right now Israel has a tremendous advantage in military might paid for in full by the United States. But the United States is, for all practical purposes, a bankrupt nation. Through Viet Nam, Kosovo, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq I and Iraq II they have squandered vast amounts of blood and treasure. And whether or not they agree with what Israel is doing to the people of Lebanon or not there will come a time when the people of America say, "Enough is enough!" When that time comes Israel will be brought to her knees. The time is now to negotiate in good faith a viable, continuous Palestinian state that encompasses the entire West Bank and Gaza. Israel should leave the Sheba Farms area of Lebanon and negotiate a peace treaty with Syria that includes withdrawal from the Golan Heights. There will be no peace until Israel stops its aggressive behavior towards its immediate neighbors and give justice to the Palestinians.
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