UN warns over Lebanon displaced
Ynet and AFP
Published: 21.07.06, 02:58
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1. The food needed
A Gardener ,   Eden Prairie US   (07.21.06)
It is sad that both sides in Middle East war continue to chomp Eve’s apple. Both assume to be the judge of good and evil. When the ego assumes that role, it often appoints itself to be the dispenser of rewards and punishments. Both sides judge the other to be evil, and the destruction going on is the dispensing of mutual punishment. Both ignore God as Adam and Eve ignored Him. I suggest a change in diet. In Genesis, God does not forbid us from judging truth and beauty versus ignorance and ugliness. He permits this judgement because the ego tends to compassionately improve life by sharing knowledge and repairing ugliness. In Genesis and the Koran, Isaac and Ishmael were saved because Abraham continually listened to God. The two sons lived because Abraham heard God’s order to stay his knifed hand. Ironically, today the death of children goes unabated. Is it because today's fathers do not hear God's orders? I suggest both sides take their focus off of evil and switch it to ignorance and ugliness. I pray that will stop the destruction and commence the compassionate restoration of a land where all children may grow up in peace. Shalom
2. Liers!
Yidith ,   toronto   (07.21.06)
It's clear for the whole world to see that trucks are coming in from Syria; it's also clear for the whole world to see that if Lebanon really needed supplies Israel would allow ships to dock in Beirut habour. What a whiny bunch!! So? and how many supplies is the UN going to send to Northern Israel? Oh right; that's where Jews live; the UN doesn't "do" Jews.
3. To UN: The Lebamons do have food & no brain ! Liers !!
Eddie Shor ,   Ariel Israel   (07.21.06)
4. UN + EU = NWO
John ,   NZ   (07.21.06)
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