ICJ: Israel, Hizbullah committing war crimes
Published: 21.07.06, 23:09
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1. you have got to be kidding!!!!
lee ,   israel   (07.21.06)
go and sleep on your nose. mind your own business.
2. Are You Kidding?!?
Odawg ,   Brooklyn, NY   (07.21.06)
Where do these organizations come from, and what makes them think that they have a right to judge Israel's actions before the true death tolls are revealed? These numbers are lies, and they don't count the 100+ dead Hezbians. One day the world will praise Israel's bravery, when the truth comes out.
3. To Mr. Andreu-Guzman cut the crap!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (07.21.06)
Go poke your nose into the real suffering in Darfur! What would you do if your country was bombed and your soldiers kidnapped by terrorists hidden and sheltered by goverments calling for the destruction of all your people? Mr. Andreu-Guzman, the world stood by while 6 milliuon Jews were butchered. Never again!!! Stop bashing Israel and bash the murderers of our children Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Syria, Iran and so on!
4. Put up or shut up & let the IDF do it's job.
Jane ,   UK   (07.21.06)
Terrorists dictate their own perverse rules of engagement hiding in civilian areas using their own people as "human shields", knowing that other "shields" are there to protect them in the media, "human rights" groups and so called "international jurists". These entities respond with a thunderous silence when terrorists are attacking the Jewish state & killing Israeli civilians. Then when Israel retaliates they emerge from their holes and go around screaming the loudest. I would respectfully suggest these "entities" channel their energies into finding a better way of dealing with terrorists who use human shields in such a way. If they know better let them go in and disarm Hizbullah, release the Israeli soldiers and bring about a ceasefire. Surely they have the answer or they wouldn't be hyprocritically condemning those in harm's way. Come on you jurists, get off your comfy seats and do the job that you are condemning the IDF for trying to do. Put up or shut up !!!
5. Hidden compliment?
Sharon ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.21.06)
Clearly these folks are holding us to a higher standard, and we thank you for noticing that we deserve it. Never mind that our opponents' modus operandi is collective punishment, we understand it is easiest to go after groups with fundamental integrity.
6. "jurrors"? or just "good ol'" INQUISITION? COLOSEUM?
Nebojsa Yitzchak M ,   Toronto   (07.21.06)
It is just a orgy of arrogant nazizoids remnence of what Jews fled from and good reminder why Jews should defend that peace land where JUSTICE HAS THE CHANCE. EURO-INQUISITION had its spiel for the last 2000 years burning the Jews at the stake, those "jurrors" are trying again to burn Jews for their fancy .. it has nothing to do with Justice and everything to do with DEEP SEEDED HATE for no apparent reason but arrogance. It is "NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN"... BUT ISRAEL! Jewish people should learn from such a display of "justice" from EUROPEN "newly found"-INQUISITION. It is the same old circus where Jews were only invited for their goulish entertainment and such is their justice from the time imemorial. If one old German lady got killed by the Turk, this guy would be hunted all over the world. If ane German child was killed by some "religious" freak... even if he is the Ayatolah himself he would be fetched from anywhere and brought to justice. If Czchekoslovakians start lobying 100 rocket at the Germany, Germans would excersize "restraint". Or any other EURO-NATION would tolerate a WANTON MURDER of common criminals? EUR-"justice" spoke to the hate... so they are just honest about it ... AGAIN!
Nebojsa Yitzchak M ,   Toronto   (07.21.06)
8. noting new
Hassan ,   Saudi Arabia   (07.22.06)
All of the world knows who is the killer.
Nebojsa Yitzchak M ,   Toronto   (07.22.06)
TRADING WITH THE TERRORISTS MAKES ONE PARTNER IN CRIME! How? “MEASURED” RESPONSE is politically correct term for “just” to CAPITULATE. Threats to bring Israel to the court of “law” on account of its sovereign responsibility to defend itself shows volumes where this “kind of justice is coming from”? Centuries of INQUISITION, ghoulish entertainment of COLOSEUMS, holocausts, and of course all time favorite public Jew-burning for the entertainment sake call it INQUISITION, or HAIG “justice” “jurors”, “junkers” “Stormy troupers” etc. same scenario and the very same crowd. BIZZARE? Israel have to deduce that LANGUAGE OF PEACE IS JUSTICE A TRUE JUSTICE where the VICTIM ACCUSES and the VICTIMISER is prosecuted. EURO-“justice” had its turn for the last 2000 years and it failed MISERABLY AS WE CAN SEE. People are only united if they share the same values, the VALUES are cohesive force that unites the nation, fear or luck of it depends on the MORAL - STRONG - VALUES. JUSTICE IS THE LANGUAGE OF PEACE! Justice is DNA of all values that hold any civilized society together. Nation under the treat of anarchy, mass murder of civilians for only one reason ..because they are JEWS... has to defend itself ONLY BY USING THE JUSTICE not political COWARDICE -"expedience"? Paying the kidnapers with ANYTHING then EVERY JEW BECOMES A COMMODITY OF FUTURE KIDNAPING. In Beirut in the late 1970's everyone was a target of kidnapping, Germans, Swiss, Americans, French many nations paid dearly a large sum of moneys to liberate their nationals, some of them succeeded some of them did not.. but then TWO of Russian mid-ranking KGB “officials” (diplomatic staff of course..) got kidnapped mamesh early NEXT MORNING two high ranking Hizbalah goons were thrown from the fast moving car in the midst of the big MUSLIM market square naked with their testicles in their mouths.. at the NOON THE SAME DAY Hizbalah learned of their mistakes and were “more than happy” to liberate those two Russian “diplomats” unharmed (of course). When in Peking you will not speak to the local crowd in Yiddish? You will speak Chinese or use the one who knows the language so.. Russians seem to strike the “chord” in communication with “local” goons better than anyone else did so far. JEWS SHOULD NOT BE A CURRENCY for the murderous thugs COST OF JEWISH LIFVES SHOULD BE TO EXPENSIVE FOR THE THUGS TO PLAY WITH. Retribution for the loss of one Jewish life should be EXACTING on EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, and FOREVER. If Iranian freak or any other nazi-freak had a “wet dream” and wanted to kill a Jew for a “kicks” (religious or otherwise) he should know WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that he will be brought to JUSTICE. Iranian freak might think that perhaps he is safe, at his dinner table in his dinning room, he should receive Israeli cruise missile as a token of Israeli JUSTICE. Murderer at whatever capacity or whatever place should EXPECT for certain that there would be a cost perhaps a heavy cost to the EVERY-single Jewish life. If Israel would value lives of its people so should nations, if Israel is treating Jewish lives as commodity other nations will do the same.
10. Let' s do what we have to do to protect our coutry.
Eliane Israel ,   Belem/Brazil   (07.22.06)
We all know what is justice to europeans when it refers to jews. Enought is enought! No more"! And we, israelis, we know that IDF has the best moral values in the world. The onus of the israelis and lebanese civilians death is of Hezbollah and his supporters.
11. ICJ are fools
Anne ,   Sydney, Australia   (07.22.06)
They show no insight into military affairs. This is, after all, a mere opinion based on scraps of media information. It is not the result of a proper war crimes investigation. It is hot air, puffed out by fools.
12. What gives them the right!
Diane ,   Brussels, Belgium   (07.22.06)
What are they talking about???? Don't they realise that not defending themself is an even bigger crime. A crime against all Israeli. I can't believe my eyses reading something like this, let those laisy judges and other "wise" people get out of their chairs and see for themselves instead of judging something they only understand half!
13. 2 wrongs doesn't mean ICJ is right
John ,   NZ   (07.22.06)
The jurists failed to recognise who is the instigator of this crime. And if Israel had used dispropotionate force, Hizbulla would have surrendered by now. The truth is, not enuf force is used. UNHC Human Rights? What the hell was that? The only rights Hizbullah has is their entitlement to 72 virgins. Case closed.
14. To #9
Pat ,   Atlanta, USA   (07.22.06)
Dude? Can I quote you? A brilliant, positively brilliant, illucidation.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.22.06)
HYPOCRITES! HIZBALLAH Repeats VOW of DEATH TO ISRAELIS HIZBALLAH REPEATS VOW OF DEATH TO ISRAELIS, AS PALESTINIAN AND SOME PAN-ARAB MEDIA ECHO HIZBALLAH'S VOICE By Michael Widlanski 19 July 2006 Hizballah's propaganda machine continues to threaten death and destruction to all Israelis in its regular radio, television and internet shows, and this message is being echoed by some of the most important Arab media... "Al-Mawt le-Isra'il"-"Death to Israel" chants Sheikh Hassan Nasserallah repeatedly in a montage television film shown many times daily on Hizballah's Al-Manar television station... "Nastarjiu Khaybar"-"We will return to Khaybar" declares a sonorous narrator, recalling the oasis of Khaybar where Muhammad slaughtered all the local Jews who opposed his views and leadership 1400 years ago... Several times an hour, Al-Manar television places a bull-eye on the name of different Israeli cities on a map, followed by explosions signaling the fate in store for the people living there...
16. What About World War 2 War Crimes?
Adam Bloomburg ,   Hafia   (07.22.06)
If this is true, then why wasn't the UK, USA, Free French, USSR, and the other allies tried for their collective punishment against Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Poland, etc.???? Believe me, uncounted times more civilians died from a VERY VERY VERY disproportionate and indiscriminate attacks against Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Poland, etc. (WHICH ENDED THAT WAR)!
17. "ICJ" = International Court of Justice.
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (07.22.06)
You want to avoid using the acronym in your headlines, I think. The "real" ICJ has not accused either side of war crimes, because it is not empowered to make accusations. It hears cases. Be more careful please.
18. They are assuming that the IDF is punishing civilians
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (07.22.06)
What is happening in Lebanon is that the IDF is fighting a military campaign against a bunch of guys launching rockets from civilian areas. Israel and Israeli news sources has been quite poor at providing clear evidence of this situation to people around the world. Most jurists should know better than to utter idiotic statements before actually seeking evidence.
19. We are not
Egal ,   Haifa   (07.22.06)
IDF is not criminal. IDF is defending Israel.... just go this website to see the truth!: Killer!
20. Hypocrites
Ed ,   USA   (07.22.06)
Where were you when 6 million Jews were killed, where are you when the killing in Darfur is still going on? But of course it's different when Jews have the audacity to defend themselves. Of course that can not be tolerated, you will show these Jews by making them War Criminals. We of course are the one's that decide who are War Criminals, right? Well Mr. nose in the are Louis Arbour, should you ever try your stunt, I am sure that you will regret the day you oppened your hypocritic mouth.
21. Good old anti-semites...
Semite   (07.22.06)
Wow! What a surprise! The Europeans dont really care about the arabs.They just want somebody to finish off the jews! Stupid assholes!
22. All the Jew-Hater clubs are out in full force I see
Jenny   (07.22.06)
Good to see things haven't changed in a millenium or 2. They have always hated us and always will.
23. Icj says guilty of war crimes
Mick Roberts ,   Warrington England   (07.22.06)
If Hizbollah terrorists get a criminal record for these crimes are they still allowed into paradise?
24. Why so many judges decisions are wrong
Lemar ,   uk   (07.22.06)
Every legal case can have one choice where it is obvious or 1000 different possibilities for a complex case. Because of the complex cases a judge can’t look in a book as there are just too many options so it is up to the judge’s interpretation. Unfortunately most judges make decisions on what they think are legal precedents but judges lack common sense so make many errors in decisions that ordinary people would easily decide the correct decision. In other words this judge’s forum decision is made up from of a collection of just about the least people with common sense on the planet.
25. Bizarre
Haifa, Israel   (07.22.06)
I just check out this group's website. Al-Jazeera is more anti-terrorism than they are. Thankfully, ICJ is quite a useless and self-congratulatory collective blow-hard.
26. When I hear the words "collective punishment".........
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (07.22.06)
..............I reach for a bucket to puke into, because these words are invariably used by terror apologists to argue that Israel must passively allow its people to be murdered.
27. There are no civilians
JH ,   Orlando,Fl   (07.22.06)
It's time to face reality, and make clear to terrorist entities and their supporters that we will play by the same rules. There are no civilians. We must all take responsibility for those we vote for, support financially and tolerate in our midst. The sooner we make clear to our enemies that we will play by their rules, and the sooner their public learn that they are responsible for those whom they facilitate in their midst, the sooner we can defeat our enemies at their own game.
28. Pathetic
Seabiscuit ,   San Diego, USA   (07.22.06)
Blowing up entire neighborhoods just because you can claim in some news outlet that you suspect there's some "bad guy" there, blowing up civilian electrical, water, and gas supplies, are WAR CRIMES in *any* conflict, you IDIOTS! What's wrong with you??? The Lebanese government isn't behind Hezbollah's actions in kidnapping two Israeli soldiers, and the ICJ is absolutely right in condemning both Israel and Hezbollah of war crimes.
29. CNN Poll: Vote for Israel
Vera ,   USA   (07.22.06)
CNN Poll: Vote for Israel Posted by: "Sasha F." Fri Jul 21, 2006 4:00 pm (PST) Please read and continue to forward this message* CNN is holding a vote online to determine if people believe that Israel 's actions are just or unjust. Last night, the vote was strongly in Israel 's favor...this morning, the gap was closing. Tonight, the vote is swinging against Israel . Please....take a minute and vote and stand with Israel in this struggle for her security. Please pass this along to everyone on your list." Thank you......................... 1. The web address is below. 2. It takes 2 seconds for vote that Israel 's actions ARE justified 3. Do the right thing. vote YES. (SCROLL DOWN WHEN YOU GET TO THE PAGE AND YOU WILL FIND A BOX THAT SAYS "QUICKVOTE"
30. # 29 CNN Poll
Deborah ,   Perris, USA   (07.22.06)
Dear Sasha; You know CNN has a nick name...Communist News Network. CNN is salavating over the opportunity to take swipes at Israel. I'm sure they will rig this little poll, to justify upcoming propaganda attacks against Israel. After all, they cant align themselves with Hezbolla, so the left wing nuts are seeking other avenues for attack. I voted anyways though, but I'm warning ya, the poll rigged. Mostly insiders.
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