J’lem gay parade called off due to war
Published: 21.07.06, 23:25
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1. Kol Hakavod - the right thing to do
David ,   Galilee   (07.21.06)
There is a time and a place for everything and to hell with the Haredim and their muderous scum mail!
2. stop
sol ,   new york   (07.21.06)
stop this parades because we have enough already
3. Every grey cloud has a silver lining....
4. the only good thing who came out from this war.
stephane ,   france   (07.21.06)
5. Oh STOP. Spitting in people's faces will not win anything.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.22.06)
Mellow out, go about your lives, and people will not bother you and you will not bother them. You are NEVER going to win the respect of the Orthodox, you are only going to start a fight where no one wins. Parading in Jerusalem will only create hatred, cause a fight no one can win. Mellow out and live your life, Jerusalem is never going to welcome you, sometimes in life you don't get everything you demand.
6. Kol Hakavod - the right thing to do
The Lion of Juda ,   Sweden   (07.22.06)
You wrote: "There is a time and a place for everything and to hell with the Haredim and their muderous scum mail! " You are fully right. You and your equals can do what you want to do -even go to "hell", whenever you want to do it. But it's of corse most extremely exciting to do it in the holy town of Jerusalem. I can understand your thinkings, but you are perverted and of course PRIDE of that. Oh my g-d, let them go to the land of shadows! You have the right to do what you want to manage your life, but don't be pride - it's a question of shame! Shame-festival in Jerusalem would be the most suitable term of your outcomming life. Please get out of the holy town during this time of more important occurances in the state of Israel! Hopefully your time will come and godbye!!! Democracy the blind "pride" perverted cryed.
7. Are we asking for total destruction?
Willard Sage ,   Tel Aviv   (07.22.06)
Allowing these neo-Sodomites to install their horrific "culture" here in the Holy Land, is asking for total destruction. If this happens, I will not be here to say I told you so. This must mot stand and the Holy Land must be protected. Murder is NOT the solution. There are many non-voilent solutions to this most important problem. Most of the comments on this are from the US and Europe. One solution is to send these Sodomistic criminals who spit on the Torah to another land where they already spit on the Torah.
8. Anti-Israel gay parades
krispi ,   San Diego CA   (07.22.06)
Yes, I've seen lots of HATEFUL anti-Israel marchers at American gay pride parades. Why welcome that?
9. Obviously the terrorist have won
dumbass ,   US   (07.22.06)
10. Just as well
Kevin ,   Chicago, USA   (07.22.06)
Keep the bedroom out of government!
11. Gay Pride?
Eric ,   SP, USA   (07.22.06)
If someone is not ashamed to be gay that's fine. I don't see why would anyone be PROUD to be gay (or jewish or religious or anything). Homosexuality is either a birth defect or a bad habit, nothing to be proud of. Reserve the word PRIDE for your achievements not for your condition. I'm not interested in people's sexual preference. Gay or heterosexual, keep your sex life private, there's no good reason to march up and down to declare your preference. Most people don't hate gays, they hate the gay movement. Keep it down a little and you'll be ok. Gay parade in Jerusalem is in bad taste. I'm not religious, but I don't feel the urge to have an "Atheist Pride" march in Jerusalem (or anywhere else).
12. J’lem gay parade
Scott ,   Ok, USA   (07.22.06)
All I want to know is where do the stand. In a democracy, all are welcome. Even those on the fringe. In a Muslim society they would either have to hide who they are or lose their heads, literally. The Koran has no place for homosexuals. Well, actually they do but it is not a nice place. Think Simitar and neck and all that. So do the gays stand to defend Israel who permits these parades are do they side with the beheaders? Islam is very homophobic. That may answer a lot of peoples questions. Those who are guilty of an act seem to be the most vocal about it. So that means a lot of Muslims are.............
13. Thank you David
Hagai Elad   (07.22.06)
Thank you David now bend over.
14. Wow such negative feedback
Jeff Coombs ,   San Diego, USA   (07.22.06)
Wow, you think with a war and all people would stop bashing gays and focus on something important... apparently thats not the case.
15. Open House? Remember Lot. Those who love
anal sex are determined to fight for their right to march in the city from which the Messiah will reign. To the Homosexual: The L_rd forgives the vilest of sinners, theif, murderer, adulterer and pervert. Why haven't you dared to ask the L_rd's forgiveness so that you can live with Him one day in total peace?
16. Baruch atah Adonai - Keep Jerusalem Holy
Paula Patterson ,   Kemp U.S.A.   (07.22.06)
It's a start in the right direction. May Your holy people be refined.
17. a pity
hanina ,   usa   (07.22.06)
The two headed people parade was cancelled too, don't feel too bad.
18. Abomination-Holy Place?
Tree of life sword ,   NY   (07.22.06)
Thanks be to God they canceled that. A huge gay event was supposed to happen in New Orleans but Katrina (which means purity) canceled THAT. Hurricane Rita canceled ANOTHER one last year in the Florida Keys. Since scripture refers to homosexuality as an abomination, I was wondering if this would be the modern day abomination in the Holy place warned about in apocalyptic scripture...
19. we don't need a rear offensive
20. Good decision
They have a right to exercise their human rights, but the timing is all wrong. Good decision boys. You can march when this is all over.
21. Awesome!!
David Joseph ,   Orlando Floridia   (07.22.06)
22. # 7 Willard
Marcus ,   Ottawa Canada   (07.22.06)
Are you suggesting force deportations? How very appropriate of you. Perhaps you could do it with cattlecars. I am shocked that you people do not see the irony and danger in your words, intent and actions. Shame.
23. good!
Student ,   abroad   (07.22.06)
As much as Israel is democratic and open, the could hold this parade in Tel-Aviv or in other places. Why do they insist to do it in the holy city of Jerusalem? It's the only issue which brought the Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders in the city together - opposining this parade. After this war, too - hold this in Tel-Aviv, Eilat, Haifa... Just not Jerusalem, too sensitive!!!
24. Stupid Tree of life sword (18)
sk ,   USA   (07.22.06)
Of course it's absurd to argue with an epsilon, but it is worth noting that "Southern Decadence," to which the phallic Tree of life sword refers, occurs in the French Quarter. And what part of New Orleans was miraculously spared by Katrina? Well, the French Quarter. The hetero familes were decimated. Don't know about the Keys, except that it has never been LESS of a gay destination. Of course, one cannot expect much from a dull sword.
25. Best news all day.
Jay ,   US   (07.22.06)
It's a shame they allow such blasphemy at all.
26. A Point to Ponder
Ray ,   Texas, USA   (07.22.06)
Have you ever wondered why this perverted movement adopted the rainbow as its standard? Out of ignorance of course. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob refer to the lying of men together or woman to together as an abomination of sin. Yet it was God who promised Noah with the sign of the rainbow that He would never again flood the earth. It is the evil spirit that existed in the day of Sodom and Gomorra that led to the flooding of the earth as to eradicate this and other rebellion to God problems. Out of ignorance are the children of God accepting this perverted sinful lifestyle? Out of this same ignorance does the movement of this life style place the Rainbow as its seal? Imagine the seal that entombed the sin has been raised up to represent this movement. May the City of David remain pure til the coming of our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.
27. What the?
JJ ,   Kentucky   (07.22.06)
They have gay pride parades in Israel? The jihadist can't like that.
28. Not Cancelled - Just Moved
Ferd Berpel ,   Redstone, Michigan   (07.22.06)
The gay parade is instead going to be held in the more gay tolerant town of Beruit.
29. fabulous
they certainly can't have the war detracting from their fabulousness can they?
30. "Gay" Pride Jerusalem
Carol Blackmon ,   Dallas, USA   (07.22.06)
G-d forbid that such an abomination should be allowed to defile the Holy City. Surely the Rabbis and the righteous will rise up to prevent this travesty of His law.
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