Report: US to deliver 'smart bombs' to Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 22.07.06, 08:45
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1. Israel have more than enough
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.22.06)
capabilitie to produce its own high tech weapons.Why didn't start this already?
2. United States Of Israel
NO2NEOCONS ,   ISRAEL   (07.22.06)
where would israel be without america ? There wouldnt be and israel.
3. US Policy & 1559
Tony R ,   NZ   (07.22.06)
From Press Conference US State Dept April 2006 MR. MCCORMACK: Again, that's part of -- the issue of Hezbollah is part of the 1559 and we have said again and again that how that issue gets resolved, the timing and the manner in which it gets resolved, is one for the Lebanese to decide. I know that Prime Minister Siniora and other members of his government have an interest in resolving that issue as it involves disbanding of all the militias, it involves the fundamental questions in a democracy where the state controls the security services. They have the responsibility for providing security in their whole territory. So that is an issue for the Lebanese people to resolve. I think Mr. Larsen's report underscores the importance of coming to some conclusion on that issue. We certainly support coming to a conclusion on that issue, as to other members of the Security Council. ******************* Now it seems to me that according to the UN Lebanon,Hezbolla and Syria were all in agreement that for 1559 to proceed then Israel would need to give up Sheba Farms. However the Israeli public seeing another withdrawal would not have reacted politically well to Kadima. Theres a saying that says "If it ain't broke don't fix it" Seems that 1559 was down the track of being implemented which perhaps was a worry for Israel.
4. US armaments
cline ,   pittsburgh, PA USA   (07.22.06)
For Israel, for freedom and for the good of all mankind. Let us hope the result for Hizbollah is like the old Pat Travers Band song - BOOM BOOM, out go the lights!
5. USA share the crime on the Lebanese people. Nothing new!
Palestinian   (07.22.06)
6. again ..
IDF is not fit for man to man fight!! Gee ...
7. Let's pray they are delivered ASAP
J ,   Newcastle, UK   (07.22.06)
but we should also remember that Hashem's love, not bombs, are Israel's best weapon.
8. the press
paulo ,   lisbon,portugal   (07.22.06)
new york times has joined the ranks of the arab camp. A few weeks ago NYT did report that the US had a secret program of monitoring bank account transfers. Now the new york times does reveal to the wholle world US is helping israel. Such journalists that in practice help extremist movements, deserve nothing but contempt and condemnation. If they want to mke the diference why dont they report about North Korea , or Chechnya ? They prefer to blast their own government because they know they can do it without suffer consequences because they live in free societies the very societies they are undermining with their work.
are needed
10. kol hakavod l'khel avir
11. israel vs. hezbollah
tom ,   toronto, canada   (07.22.06)
israel is ordering 100 high-precision bombs to AVOID civilian casualties (as compared to 10,000 rockets sent from iran to hezbollah, that are designed to MAXIMIZE civilian casualties). sure, i can see why the arabs would be upset by this...
12. While US is rushing to deliver smart bomb
John ,   NZ   (07.22.06)
Iran is rushing to finish Nuke bomb
13. 2 - if no iran & syria, there would be no hizbullah
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.22.06)
or hamas or islamic jihad. in fact, if there were no muslims there would be no terrorism and terrorists. if given the choice i'd rather have israel than islam. no question.
14. Thank you Israel
Raytheon ,   usa   (07.22.06)
And Condi Rice will win Israel enough time to use them.
15. 5 Palestinian: Shut up while you still can
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.22.06)
Brainwashed Idiot - look what your Islamic Jihad brings YOU your own destruction
16. Thank God for America
Art ,   Sydney Australia   (07.22.06)
Loyal and trusted friend to Israel and the jewish people. God bless America... and get those bombs to us QUICKLY.
17. Bunker Busters
Sam Olayan ,   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia   (07.22.06)
Israel does not need bunker busting guided missles! What they need is skull cap busting truth to realize that Israel is a losing proposition and that their zionist project against the native population and inspite of them will not pass. Justice for the native Palestinians only, will win the jews the peace and prosperity they seek in the Middel East.
18. Another 9/11
Jeremiah ,   USA   (07.22.06)
The U.S. is setting the stage for another 9/11. And then its people will wonder, "why are they doing this to us"?
19. Thanks Mr.Bush and the USA.I thing----
ERIC... ,   Israel   (07.22.06)
Weather you like Bush or not .He knows who his dealing with.The Arabs have caused soo much harm, pain and destuction in the world.On innocent people.Now Israel has had enough,we will take on Hizbullah and kick there butts.The western world better wake up .The Arabs is a world problem.
20. War on terror...
Yehuda ,   Jeru   (07.22.06)
This war on terror will only bring more terror. Why don't we take lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan where jihadists always win. Israel is used by the USA to fight terror by terrorising innocent lebanese people. It will never ever end until the Bush Administration and the zionists at the Pentagon leave the power to real diplomats like was Clinton or Carter.
21. Christian USA helping Israel...
George ,   Malta   (07.22.06)
Now that Jews receive once again help from the 98% Christian country USA, you can stop the discrimination against Christians in Israel as an exchange. 500'000 Russian-Christians are suffering the discrimination by law in Israel.
22. Eye glasses
Jack ,   Lebanon   (07.22.06)
There is no problem with USA delivering bombs to Israel. They always did that. The problem is that Israel is using these bombs to destroy Lebanon and not only Hezbollah. Last week they lauched smart missiles on old trucks in a residential area, and today they are targeting oil refineries, bridges and cellular phones antenas, and doing more civilian casualities. Well, USA should deliver eye glasses to IAF instead of smart bombs.
24. # 8 with a skewed view
Stacie ,   Canada   (07.22.06)
The New York Times and a whole slew of media absolutely does report on North Korea. But you see 21st century United States only engages countries armed with peasants throwing stones. They went to Iraq on a suspicion of WMDs, but let North Korea develop nukes while openly flaunting it. The excuse now is that they went to Iraq to 'liberate' its people, but North Korea's people have been crawling sacks of bones reminiscent of Holocaust Jews for decades. Israel is sending its sons and daughters to die because the USA won't set foot in Iran. You are becoming what the Taliban was for the USA when they were fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. Just another American proxy war.
25. #5
HS ,   USA   (07.22.06)
The real criminals in this are those fundamental terrorists who have stolen the possibilities of peace, hid behind the innocent and have managed to destroy the logic and rational thinking of people like yourself. Open your eyes, and you will soon appreciate what the USA an Israel are doing for you.
26. #2 And where would the Arab world be without oil?
Mitch ,   Coral Springs, FL   (07.22.06)
Maybe you should first learn how to construct a sentence. Then look at the facts. The Arab world receives billions in oil profits that they did nothing to earn. The Israelis receive a small fraction of this money, to help offset the advantage posed by the Arabs because of their oil wealth. Beyond that, Israel has a growning, high tech economy larger than the economies of all Arab countries combined (not counting oil). Without oil, their combined GNP is roughly equivalent to the GNP of Norway. Mitch
27. Not Eyeglasses...Thinking Caps!
RLD ,   Houston, TX   (07.22.06)
Hit the road, Jack! Your Lebanese govt. should've run these Hezbollah thugs outts your country when UN 1559 was passed. Blame your countrymen who welcome these vermin among your citizenry so that you morons become cannon fodder as human shields, then cry about Israeli bombs falling among you. Your countrymen are responsible for making Lebanon a Hezbollah garrison - not Israel!
28. Art, thank God for Australia!
Mitch ,   Coral Springs, FL   (07.22.06)
You may not be in the news often or constantly on our minds, but we know who are friends are, sir, and we know that we can count on each other when danger presents itself. Mitch
VA. USA   (07.22.06)
30. to 21
tFighterPilot   (07.22.06)
The russians aren't discriminated at all. The only reason for their problem is that some of them refuse to learn hebrew. Imagine that a Jew in the USA refused to speak english.
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