Report: US to deliver 'smart bombs' to Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 22.07.06, 08:45
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61. Randy # 54
Al ,   Canada   (07.26.06)
Hopefully you won't make fun of me too because I'm from Canada but what you've written is racist and ignorant. Seriously, your assumptions and comments are infuriatingly, for a lack of a better word, stupid.
BUSHISSCUM ,   CANADA   (07.26.06)
These laser-guided bombs ( GBU 28) contain highly radioactive depleted uranium. If used, these will render the land of Lebanon (and probably Israel) RADIOACTIVE for many years. Of course, neither the US or Israeli media will admit to this - so now you know.
63. Radio Active Warheads II -
Sammy ,   France   (07.27.06)
This is far worse and dangerous for Israel do google "Depleted Uranium" or see what ONE MOLECULEcan do
64. terrorist?
Naheed ,   Ulm Germany   (08.02.06)
if a terrorist won't help the other than whoelse would help him.
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