Israel building prison for Lebanese captives
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 22.07.06, 19:55
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1. Shouldn't such info be secret?
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (07.22.06)
2. A response to Abdullah from Kuwait
Kate ,   London, UK   (07.22.06)
"Shouldn't such info be secret?" Why? Had Israel been an Islamofascist state like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or Syria I'd agree, but as it is a strong and vibrant democracy I really see no need.
3. hezbollah need paradise
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.22.06)
Wouldn't it be better to allow them to go to their reward ? Why let them live to fight anoither day ? These are not you average prisoners but trained by the Iran to wage never ending jihad against Israel. Don't give them an opportunity to fight another day. Give them opportunity to fall on their own sword.
4. Gitmo East?
Kevo ,   Miami, USA   (07.22.06)
Why not wall in So. Lebanon and make a giant open air prison like you did in Gaza?
5. #1, Abdullah
I guess they expect a lot of Hizbullah to surrender based on the past 60 years of war experience.
6. And now hte 4 Lebanese soldiers Israel has will turn into400
Christopher   (07.22.06)
Good going you Jihadi moron!. We know you didn';t launch the war to get the 4 Lebanese back but it is good to know there will be more of your jihadis behind bars now where they belong.
7. Hezballah survivers will arive in Israel-but in chains
Alan ,   SA   (07.22.06)
8. Abdullah now we know why Saddam fought Iran.
10. Another Khiam prison in the works I see...
Tony J ,   Lebanon   (07.22.06)
The world has alrewady seen what such prisons look like, and I doubt that Hizbollah captives will be held because there is no such thing. Instead the IDF will round up some villagers most likely above 60 years old, then label them as Hizbollah guerillas. I think they will find that such a place will more likely attract UN Humanitarian investigations. Theres no room for another guantanamo prison here.
11. Gitmo East
Tom ,   Houston, USA   (07.22.06)
A resort to unwind from the stressful life of a Terrorist.
12. In your Dreams
Jhonny ,   Canada   (07.22.06)
Haven't you learned anthything from previous experiences? I think you will this time!! you fight and you are scared to die, they fight and they welcome death.
13. We've organized accomodation, now lets chose the underpants
Alan ,   SA   (07.22.06)
14. Hizbullah members : Disarm or Die
MARK ,   USA   (07.22.06)
#9 Ask Lebanon to disarm all Hizbullah members or you will see much worse. The Lebanese caused this entire war and expect pity. They welcomed Hizbullah members to control their country. What did they expect? peace and love
15.'s a joke right?!...
freedom   (07.22.06)
16. # 13 lol
Kissel   (07.22.06)
They want that underpants guy back real bad. So bad they captured an Israeli soldier. Blessings to Gilad Shalit. If a prisoner exchange does happen, the underpants brigade will surely be involved in the deal. What a tradgety.
17. #9 Ask Hizbullah members to leave.
Mark ,   USA   (07.22.06)
If you do not ask them to disarm, you must want to have destruction. The Lebanese must take full responsibility for welcoming terrorists run their country.
18. GOOD IDEA #4!!!!
or ,   usa   (07.22.06)
19. I suggest that you build a hospital instead!
Ralf ,   NY, US   (07.22.06)
To be able to give good medial services to many many Israeli soldiers who will be wounded and killed in this ground invasion *sigh* It seems that Israeli soldiers can’t fight like real men on ground like Americans, yesterday, I saw a video on Al Arabiyya channel I think (maybe other channel not sure) showing an Israeli soldier escaping for the face-to-face battle like a chicken and throwing his stuff all the way while escaping… Additionally, some people in this site commented that Hezbullah use bunkers and hide behind homes...etc. well! What’s wrong with that, they don't have Merkava Tanks or air force or smart bomb or night vision equipments...etc. (sadly, all these provided to IDF by my government), GET IT or should I explain further? It seems that I have to explain, simply, if you want real face to face battle, then IDF should get off their tanks, use the same weapons Hizbullah is using and then I promise you Israelis that Hezbullah will not hide, you have my word on that one...
20. #14
we rathar die. but we won't disarm or die WE WILL WIN
DANIEL ,   ISRAEL   (07.22.06)
22. www.Terrorists Elected to Government in Lebanon. net
Vote for Terror ,   Lebanon   (07.22.06)
They must have ran a good campain - "Vote for us and we promise to destroy the country!!"
23. To #12 Jhonny from canada
Mike ,   Toronto, CA   (07.22.06)
"they fight and they welcome death" well Son Israel is just aranging a welcome mat for them cant you see all the virgins just waiting to greet the Hezbullah studs??
24. thats a a gross violation
joe ,   USA   (07.22.06)
of human rights and the geneva conventions. Israel cannot take its kidnapped peiople accross the border
25. Build a Hugh hefner playboy mansion with 72 virgins instead
that should make the pows feel at home and refuse a prisoner exchange.
26. a Lebanese opinion
Chadi ,   france   (07.22.06)
well, thank you hizbullah and thank you Israel for interrupting my vacation....for destroying my dreams.... thank you for destroying Lebanon....for obliging me to leave my family and return back to France in very humiliating conditions...... Well since ever, i hated Hezbullah and wished they will be disarmed, and i think that what they did is not correct; Concerning Israel, i know that there are good people and there are also integrsists...I did not hate them (neither respect them)....till now...i don't know why they are reacting this way....Hezbullah is not Lebanese people...after this operation, it is obvious that Israel hate Lebanon, they hate Lebanese people, they are destructing all what we built after civil war....i just feel that something began to change inside me...there is a great anger inside me, i cannot controle it....i began to respect Hezbullah (just in this war more...I hate syria and Iran), and i hate Israel....i respect Jewish people but All what is related to Israel i feel i like to destroy it.....hope there is someone who can change my mind or at least extinguish my anger.....for Mark who says that Lebanese have welcomed Hizbullah....i will not answer you because it is obvious that you know nothing about Lebanon....
27. to Chadi # 26
salomoni ,   Montreal/Canada   (07.23.06)
My friend, Israel is removing the cancer that invaded Lebanon's body and to extracted it, a sizable piece must be severed in terms to avoid the death of the body. Soit patient mon ami!
28. To Ralf,NY
Mike Rice ,   Post Falls, Id. USA   (07.23.06)
You sound just like Sodom Hussein and all the other blowhard Islamic leaders. "We will mop up the world with you etc." Talk about chickens**t ways of fighting. They all hide behind innocents and in churches etc. firing long range rockets at innocents, and then accuse the Israelis of picking on innocents. They, and most certainly you too, are the real cowards. I can't beleive we let pieces of garbage like you stay in this country.
29. answer to #26
NiceGuy ,   World   (07.23.06)
I heard this claim for non-responsibility from many Lebanese (some work with me). All saying they were not Hezbollah supporters and they don’t understand how Israel can destroy their country. I find this claim strange. Hizbollah, operates in Lebanon, drives on Lebanese roads, uses Lebanese resources, eats Lebanese bread, drinks Libanease water, hides in Lebanese houses, crosses Lebanese bridges and attacks from Lebanese ground. How can one attack Hizbollah without Lebabnon. Willing or not, Lebanon hosts the Hizbollah. I heard my Lebanese friends also claiming, that one needs to understand the situation in Lebanon, and I answer them: Why? Should Israel care that you are impotent against your own countrymen? Should they suffer because of that? It is said not to judge a man at the time of his sorrow, but your claim doesn’t make any sense. I do feel for your suffer as an innocent. I cry for every killed or injured child and I wish it will end soon. But I do that for all the children of the world, including the Israeli children who are living next to a border controlled by Shiite fanatic terrorists.
30. #24 "across the border" u sd, Which border pliz?
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