Israel building prison for Lebanese captives
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 22.07.06, 19:55
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61. Marcel #3
Rick S. ,   L.A.   (07.23.06)
Israel can not interrogate dead Arabs. They have to be alive to talk.
Eitan ,   USA   (07.23.06)
Put the prison in the most heavily shelled area by hezbolla to deter further shelling. Not that it would matter to those animals but then they could see what the use of a "human" shield was all about.
Talula ,   Israel   (07.23.06)
Don't we start to get just a little more smart about this. We don't NEED a compound to put these animals in. What for, to negotiate with the filth over them for more of our soldiers in the future? We just kill them. Kill ALL of them. We don't need any more Arab filth in our country, besides, if we don't have any prisoners at all, they'll stop kidnapping soldiers - because we won't have any bargaining chips. Hisbollocks will never never admit to us having captured any of its men because they want the world to believe that we have sustained all the loses and they have not lost one fighter. Interrogate them, shoot them, dump their bodies in South Lebanon. Come ON Israel, wake up!!
64. They better build more of them. Its a war against the people
Greenman ,   London Uk   (07.23.06)
To me, this whole thing looks like a land grabbing exercise by Israel and/or possible excuse to justify an attack on Seria and Iran by the US and UK. It doesnt matter if the ppl of Lebonon are Hizbullah or not. They are in the front line. And if this continues from months into years then the 'Hizbullah' title will become a conveniant way of oppressing any freedom fighter when and if, it comes to trial. (Welcome to Stalins show trials and golags) I want the lebanese ppl to remain strong and not be tempted by the twistspeak of western democracy and its media chums. Terms like terrorism are politicly contextulised for the powers own goals. Yet convieniantly placed to one side, as is the case in Palastine . So dont be fooled by it? UNITY THROUGH DIVERSITY! THE WILL TO POWER!
65. It's all part of the NEW WORLD ORDER--
Jamilla ,   USA   (07.25.06)
We are living in the END OF TIMES. One World Government. The Coming of the Anti Christ, etc.... World War III. There is nothing that we can do.
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