Tel Aviv: Thousands rally against war
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 22.07.06, 21:41
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1. Demostraions in Haifa every day
Jens ,   Israel, Tel Aviv   (07.22.06)
Info to those who think otherwise. there are demostratons in Haifa every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Move them to Safed.
Albert   (07.22.06)
Move them to Safed.
3. Disgusting but illuminating
sk ,   USA   (07.22.06)
(1) Hammer & sickle shirts and flags. Of course, the action was underwritten by the commies. This is true in the US as well, but our commies hide it a bit better. (2) Large Swat and police units to secure the event. However, for World Pride, somehow there were not enough resources to secure it. Hm. Now, I grant that Tel Aviv is not Jerusalem, but, regardless of the leftism of the World Pride organizers, they were not marching directly in opposition to a necessary and defensive war. Well, we all have our priorities.
4. traitors
5. We HOPE they're simply traitors
Haifa, Israel   (07.22.06)
At least that might mean they believe in something. Unfortunately, I think it's safe to say plenty are simply draft-dodgers.
6. Avneiri the
traitor always present
7. thousands! B.S. 10's at most! lefties go live with Arabs
then we'll see how ,   liberal they are   (07.22.06)
8. most traitors r jews
haim ,   mtl canada   (07.22.06)
shame on u pp when we r fighting for our rights to have peace and our freedom shame on u again but israel will win cause we cant afford to loose
9. just this once
oferdesade ,   israel   (07.22.06)
i know your headline reads"Comments containing incitement, slander and inappropriate language deemed to violate our terms of use won't be published." but can't we make an exception just this once? please?
10. #2 To the border,
Claudia ,   Tampa, FL USA   (07.22.06)
but no, they do their publicity seeking in the relative safety of Tel Aviv. Really putting their butts on the line. Sad, sad, sad.
11. solution and remedy for Lefty's Rally
Yardena Anat Even   (07.22.06)
seeing such scenarios at this time makes one preclude that every single Arab political party in Israel must be declared illegal. Ahmed Tibi and Azmi Bashara and the rest of the Arab Knesset fascist menagerie will be placed behind bars. So will the Jewish communists who march with and support them. Uri Avnery, clearly recognizable in the photo be put into solitary, along with scores of Tenured Traitors from the Israeli universities. Meretz-Yachad is likely to be declared illegal as well and it goes without saying that nearly all the employees at Haaretz newspaper will be sent to the chain gang.
12. Too much pot, to many years, and now look! It is too late.
Aida S. ,   Winnipeg, Canada   (07.22.06)
13. dirty commies
Sean ,   Israel   (07.22.06)
14. Traitors waving PLO flags should be expelled from country!
Dudu ,   Kfar Sava   (07.22.06)
15. Reasonable Peacful People, THEY ARE GREAT!
16. Leftist Traitors
Brod ,   USA   (07.22.06)
The Leftist protesters are more concerned with the enemies of Israel that are trying to destroy Israel than the national security and sovereignity of Israel. They are traitors and should be jailed or banned from demonstrating at a time when Israeli cities are being attacked with Kayushas by Islamist-Jihadist terrorist savages.
17. Prisonners swap
Francois ,   Paris & Montréal   (07.22.06)
Let swap them for our 3 soldiers.
18. Is this a joke? I live near Rabin square, saw maybe 50
Efi ,   Tel Aviv, srael   (07.22.06)
40 or 50 of them waving Soviet flags at the most. The stupidest thing I've ever seen.
19. Uri Avnery and the Communists
Bill Pearlman ,   Chicago, USA   (07.22.06)
Uri Avnery has ceased to be a source of comic amusement and has become a true treat to national security. The government has been pretty liberal in their use of preventive detention and charges of incitement. He is a prime candidate for prosecution and detention under existing laws. Can anybody refute that. Secondly, I really can't believe there are still communists out there. However, somebody should check the military status of those two guys wearing the hammer and the sickle. Perhaps a deportation to N Korea would be in order. Lastly, the Arabs in Israel are a 5th column in the classic sense. They are disloyal and a security threat. How many university spots do they take from discharged soldiers. Who pays for their tuition. How much does the Arab sector pay in taxes and how much do they collect in welfare. How many resources does the security services devote to watching a very real threat and how many bombings might have been prevented if that wasn't necessary. How many Arab MK's have aligned themselves with Hezbollah and Hamas. And before anybody calls me a racist I'd like to point out a salient fact. In every country where Jews have been they have been a plus in every sphere and always trying to prove their patriotism. Their have been Jews in every army in Europe and a lot of Asia. Can anybody say that about the Arabs in Israel. They are a detriment to the country and need to be expunged
20. So disgusting...
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.22.06)
It is not easy for the true Israel to endure such a stupidity,I am sure... I am curious to know the number of Jews and arabs on it. About arabs,I keep insisting that their place is not Israel,at all!
21. Israel - The Rogue State
Gabe1   (07.22.06)
We know what the Olmert regime is planning to do - annexation of southern Lebanon - part of the dream of a "Greater Israel" envisioned by the Zionist founders over 85 years ago. The IDF is displacing hundreds of thousands of Lebanese civilians and systematically destroying their towns and villages. This act of barbarism will not stand.
22. Idiots. GO TO HELL!!!
Michael Steiner   (07.22.06)
I was convinced that we could coexist peacefully with the Palestinians. The events of the past ten months, and ten days in particular, have shown me we cannot. Even once the Hitkonsut plan is carried out, the conflict will not stop. They will keep attacking us for a long, long time to come, regardless of what we do. It is VITAL we respond with massive force and vanquish them totally after every provocation. If you cannot see that, then you're frankly morons and should eff off to France.
23. beyond idiots
yonatan ,   nyc   (07.22.06)
these people are beyond idiots. i don't even know what to say. i'm sure they would have liked living in the soviet union also. shame on them
24. so dumb...
David ,   Brooklyn   (07.22.06)
rally against the war? if the IDf actually listened do you think the agression towards Israel will stop? wake up!
25. The communists were against the war with Hitlerin 1939, too.
AK   (07.22.06)
The new orders from Moscow had changed their stand in June 1941. Those people never learn and keep taking orders from the wrong people and following like mindless sheep.
26. Strange self-destruction instinct.
Roberto Gutierrez ,   Madrid, Spain   (07.22.06)
This demostration shows that Israel is a democracy where a wide variety of points of view can be expressed, but it´s strange to see this people protesting against their own survival. IDF is doing part of the work that hasn´t been done by the Lebanese government: expelling Hezbollah from South Lebanon. And this should be supported by anyone who believes in Israel. All my support for IDF, all my support for Israel in these difficult moments.
27. Stupid wana be commies, try living in Cuba, N. Korea...
Jay N. ,   Jerusalem   (07.22.06)
or China and see how you like it. In all three countries people are risking their lives trying to escape. These ultra-lefties... what a bunch of dumb asses. The practice of communism is a hell of a lot different than the theory.
28. "Peace" rally in Tel Aviv
Christine ,   Fort Myers, USA   (07.23.06)
What public's reaction against the Lebanon operation?? Communists are useless braindead jackasses.
29. peace rally in Israel
Mary ,   Cape Coral, US   (07.23.06)
Over 80% of Israelis support the action in Lebanon. What the hell is this dumbass encouraged by exactly?
30. #8 But we are fighting for 58 years
Dave ,   Jerusalem   (07.22.06)
Fighting, killing and winning for more than 58 years now, while you having a good time in Canada, we should destroy lebanon , after we destroye PA and Gaza and everything around us, but what next , don't these people need some peace?
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