Nasrallah: Rocket attacks will continue despite ground operation
Associated Press
Published: 24.07.06, 08:00
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Ehud ,   Hiroshima, JAPAN   (07.24.06)
This is the only way to reach peace. This is the only way to allow our families to go out of the shelters. The war only brings death. More than 20 of our soldiers died in Maroun el Rass and the army is not saying anything about it... STOP WAR NOW!
3. Hizbullah propaganda
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (07.24.06)
Hizbullah has of course no interest in admitting the loss of over 47 of its " freedom fighters for allah!" The signs of accepting a possible negociation with the west is in itself a self admittance of a total loss on the military level. I Guess that in a few days, documents may be published showing in great details the implication of Iran which will come as an embrassment to both the Hizbullah and the Lebanese " Government " of a " sovereign land " which they have been unable to keep under control. The willful blindness of the Lebanese politician, along with the implication of Syria as a proxy for terror are both causes for the situation in Southern Lebanon.
4. see what IDF does in lebanon
Katrina   (07.24.06)
please open this site to see how liars are IDF and who are they killing
5. How about 72 virgins swap
John ,   NZ   (07.24.06)
Free one way ticket provided
6. Allah, start preparing those virgins
7. Ehud #1, Hiram #3, Katrina #4
Tahl ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
#1 - From your name it sounds like you're an Israeli. Despite your good intention, I think you are very naive and weak-spirited. This is a very necessary war, and stopping it now would be interepreted by Hizbollah as a loss, as an encouragement to kill and kidnap more Israelis, and shoot more rockets in the future, and as yet another winning proof of Nasarallah's "spider web" theory. I've already addressed this issue at length over here, response #34:,7340,L-3279496,00.html #3 - 47? The number is actually well over 100. Even the traditionally anti-Israel BBC has recently admitted that many of the Lebanese civilians killed, may very well be Hizbollah fighters, as these fighters pretend to be ordinary civilians. And two days ago, we have heard that at least 100 Hizbollah fighters have died in the fighting. "The weakness of the Israeli army" is nothing but cheap, baseless propeganda by Nasarallah. #4 - Yes, we've all seen this BS site long ago, as you Arabs keep pestering us with it over and over. Are you running out of fresh arguments here, or are you too lazy to come up with something original? And you know what? Israeli civilians die too in this war! The only difference being the fact that we respect and cherish our dead, instead of parading their deformed bodies for the world to see, to gain a few cheap propeganda points. Besides, 350 dead people (out of which, at least a third are armed Hizbollah terrorists) after 3000 sorties, and 2000 targets hit - I would say it's very considerate on our part. On the bottom line - don't blame us for your dead civilians, blame Hizbollah for putting themselves right in the midst of innocent civilians which serve as a human shield! If Hizbollah considers itself a true "army", "the defenders of Lebanon" - then how come it puts itself right in the middle of Beirut, inside a heavily-populated residential area, risking the lives of the people living there, and not in some isolated, well-defined military base?
8. pics
to no.4 ,   uk   (07.24.06)
Please tell me where there is proof that these pics are from Lebanon!!!!! Maybe they are from the land of Propaganda...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. how you can help soldiers
jonny ,   london   (07.24.06)
Send a message to israeli troops fighting for our freedom.
10. to Tahl
Mike ,   UK   (07.24.06)
Well said....couldn't have put it better myself... Katrina....wake up to reality and don't let yourself be brainwashed...
11. thoughts for nasaralla ,   manchester u.k.   (07.24.06)
A couple of thoughts to share with nasarallah. 1.Its mainly vermin that live underground. 2.the main difference between a tunnel and a grave is the depth.
12. American sponsored Israeli state terrorism should stop immed
Ahmed   (07.24.06)
13. occupied territories
Ahmed   (07.24.06)
Israel should withdraw from the occupied territories before they open their mouth to talk. If they want to expand their country. Expand by reclaiming the sea. Don’t steal other peoples land. Now they want Lebanese land… what country is next.
Shlomo Dahan ,   brussels   (07.24.06)
STOP this war our families in of the shelters. our soldiers die in lebanon. shame shame shame Ehud, stop now this bullshit
15. katrina u r absolutely right
nick ,   uk   (07.24.06)
the pics shown in that web sight are unfortunately taken in lebanon during this recent slaughter by the IDF, you do not need to prove this to anyone. the proof is shown on all international tv stations for those who are interested in watching anything else than what is shown on israeli tv.
16. #8 & #10 how could we tell ? i'll tell you how
diala ,   Beirut Lebanon   (07.24.06)
I'm from there, and how could these photos be from propaganda land, and we see LIVE on media how the rockets are hitting civilians and directly you can see those pictures .... don't worry we are a free country and we can bring you reality and believe me those pictures are 100% true
17. Deaf, dumb and blind people
Talula ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
No-one in Israel is denying responsibility for the state of Lebanon. No-one is lying about anything. The fact is, the Lebanese allowed Hezbollah to course through its veins over the last six years. It allowed them to fuse its evil aims and the Lebanese people together. You have to understand that we are doing our best to pinpoint the Hezbollah infrastructures to take out their ability to fire rockets at our country. Israel is not to blame if Hezbollah uses civilian infrastructures to hide behind. We have to eliminate the threat that is constantly posed by them. We are also a small country who has had to fight battle after battle. We are a nation who has lost MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Jews, we will not sit back and let Hezbollah or Hamas think that they can kill a few more. It's a sad fact that no Lebanese citizen wants to acknowledge that it is indeed your own government who should be held 100% accountable for allowing this to happen in the first place. They hold equal blame with Hezbollah for allowing them to proliferate themselves amongst civilians. The IDF keep telling innocent people (and by the way, not so innocent civilians) to leave the area. As reported on: SKY CNN FOX BBC The calling card for what has happened in Lebanon (again) has Nasrallah's and Assad's name on. Not Israel. It's just that you are too scared to point the finger at your own government.
18. #1 and #14
Adam ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.24.06)
Why don't the two of you come back to Israel and live here like the rest of us instead running away and being armchair Israelis. You are worse than the jew haters... You want to stop the deaths of Israelis? Come home and stand tall with your people!
19. No.15
mike ,   UK   (07.24.06)
War is war and as you know from history, civilians are always caught up. But I have to protest your use of the word "slaughter". The IDF are unlike Hizbollah or Hamas. They do not purposely go out to kill civilians. A suicide bomber in a cafe or a Katyusha purposely aimed at civilian towns is SLAUGHTER !!!!!!
20. Nasrallah - The sheer arrogance of that bumbling buffoon!
John Evans ,   Cardiff   (07.24.06)
The sheer arrogance of that bumbling buffoon! Purporting to be the leader of Lebanon he has hijacked the sovereignity of an entire country. Hes bringing Lebanon down with him like a pack of cards whilst his fanatic followers still dance and sing his praises! We need to wake up as the Italians did to their traitor Mussolini. The Lebanese people need to unite to capture him and string him up and make him history. Nasrallah has betrayed Lebanon and his hands are dripping with the blood of the Lebanese people. And whats his latest response? A fight to the end - a fight to the last Lebanese while hes bunkered in the stench of his underground rat hole losing all sight of reality.
21. #17 To Talula , very smart guy lol
diala ,   Beirut Lebanon   (07.24.06)
You are right that no one can point his finger to any of the arab leader or gov. but for your info , Lebanon is the only free arab country in the arab world , we can kick a gov. out don't worry about that.... What you are not being able to believe or even think about is something called resistence, you always don't get it or understand thats because u are occupying lands ... for you to understand i'll give you an easier example... Let's say the american army goes and occupies england, and the english people create an armed resistance to kick the americans out, you consider this resistence Terrorists ???? this example must make most of you in israel understand what is happening in lebanon, without forgetting the prisoner in israel who's been there for 30 years .... If you don't get it yet well unfrotunatly you need a shrink lol
22. Olmert: Air and ground strikes will continue
Haifa, Israel   (07.24.06)
23. Shia prefer boy virgins
Aaron ,   OZ   (07.24.06)
24. #21 Talula - very smart woman (Opps. Your first mistake)
Talula ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
Here is a bit of history for you about Lebanon and the 'resistance' you so proudly love to talk about - read and enjoy: In June, 1976 Syria sent 40,000 troops into Lebanon to prevent the Maronite militias from being overrun by Palestinian forces. Together the Syrians and Maronites pushed the Palestinians out of Beirut and into southern Lebanon. Over the next few years, shifting political climates resulted in Syria being allied with the Palestinians and some of the Maronites allied with Israel. Syrian forces remained in Lebanon, effectively dominating its government until 2005. Where was your 'resistance'? Oh my god you are sooo stupid! why don't you run along and read up facts about your weak and feeble government. WHAT A LOOZAH YOU ARE!
25. to Diala Beirut no.21
mike ,   UK   (07.24.06)
I do belive that Israel withdrew from Lebanon and the UN agrred to the Blue line border. Therefore it was accepted by the world that Israel is not occupying any Lebanese soil. So why should there have remained a resistance if no land was occupied.
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