Report: Iranian soldiers join Hizbullah in fighting
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 24.07.06, 08:45
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1. It's all Dhimmi Carter's fault!!!
Drew ,   USA   (07.24.06)
2. WHAT?!
But I thought we only hit civilians! lies! vicious lies! :)
3. No use winning a battle but losing th war
Lemar ,   UK   (07.24.06)
Past history shows that unless you completely defeat an enemy he will try and try again. This is the last chance for Israel to defeat Hizbollah, Hamas and Iran else the enemy will eventually win. No use winning a battle but losing th war. No compromise but only complete victory. Irans nuclear capacity must be taken out and their 'Hitler reincarnation' assasinated
4. They have signed their own death warrant.
Talula ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
5. Nasrallah is only a puppet, even his soldiers can't fight
Dave, ,   Raanana   (07.24.06)
Nasrallah is the puppet in this war. He is such an egomaniac but he knows that his own fighters are crude, and he needs to act as a cover for the Iranian army. That's who the real fighters are in Lebanon. Most of the Lebonese fighters have run.
6. Why not..
Hanzala ,   Jerusalem-Palestine   (07.24.06)
I don't see any problem when Iran helps Hizbullah.... The USA help Israel too. !
7. I think it is repulsive
edital   (07.24.06)
I think it is repulsive how everytime I open the news and I only see the other side of the story. The world doesn't even know how we feel the Israeli nation. How we live in a fear! Kidnapping soldiers - Killing soldiers - Killing innocent people - Rockets, missile (whatever you want to call it) from the North to the South, and who knows if may be in the center of Israel (lets hope not). - Suicide bomb (explosion), and much much, more. - Also, young children are out there throwing big rocks on our Israeli soldiers at the Israeli border. They Israeli soldiers can't do anything, because the world is always on our neck. How would you feel? Excuse us if we are killing innocent people, after all they made the first move to Israel (bad move) and they sympathize with their own LEADER! How come the government let Hozballa enter the Lebanon country? Why the nation is helping the Hozballa? If anyone allows terrorists to operate within their country they can expect a war - surely? maybe you should take a look at this sites and show the world what people in Israel are going throw everyday Thank you, Edital
8. Irans Ultimate All or Nothing Game of Poker - Any comments?
C.S ,   London   (07.24.06)
More and more analysts are privately beginning to see Hezbollahs attack on Israel as just one part of a much bigger ambition where the stakes are much higher -culminating in a dramatic event on or near August 22nd 2006. The belief is that the Hezbollah attack was only designed as a diversionary tactic though the ferocious Israeli response was not anticipated. All this according to insiders may be leading to their coup de grace – an underground explosion of a nuclear device in Iran on or just before August 22nd the date of the Iranin response on the nuclear issue. This nuclear device in all likelihood would be a Korean, Pakistani or a Soviet made device. Once exploded Iran would fundamentally change. It would by implied threats of its use begin to make unprecedented demands from what it sees would be its new position as a global superpower and begin to roll out its territorial and imperialist and fundamentalist shia agenda worldwide. Iran has invested its entire destiny into this moment and is playing for absolutely enormous stakes. But will it carry the Iranian people with it on this all or nothing gamble of death.
9. Hanzala : the problem
Ana ,   Spain   (07.24.06)
Iran is supporting terrorist organization, Hizbollah and Hamas. US supports Israel, which is fighting against the terrorists. That's the difference.
mike ,   TA   (07.24.06)
11. to #6 "I don't see any problem when Iran helps Hizbullah"
Haim ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
No problem if Iran openly helps Hizbulla that means openly declars the state of war and expose itself to strike back (from both: Israel and its allies icluding US). It is nasty and coward behaviour to declare uninvolvement and strike from the territory of another sovereign country that didn't want this war.
12. Duh!
Teo Ping Siew ,   Johor, Malysia   (07.24.06)
"Israel: Hizbullah using Iranian missiles" Well, so what? "Rest of the World: Israel using American made missiles and phosphorous bombs."
13. #9,#10,#11
Hanzala ,   Jerusalem-Palestine   (07.24.06)
Hizbullah & co. are terrorists for you, it is your opinion, you think they would destroy Israel.... but for the other side ans mainly the Hizboullah, they are really heros who defend their country and they don't forget their prisoners.... It is the time to find a fair solution for this problem, you can't live alway with wars..... Regards
14. Nasrallah is in Syria !
Mike ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.24.06)
According to some of the news websites, they reckon that Nasrallah is in Syria. Apparently his last interview came from there.
15. Duh-Duh!
Haim ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
There are different levels of involvement: 1. Moral support: press, demonstrations, whatever. No direct consequences - just bad relations with the targeted state. 2. Supplying arms. The consequences depend on interpretationl. E.g ., Russia is supplying weapons to all evil in the world and nothing happens, but it can be interpreted as aggression and you pay the price. 3. Your militaries are taking part in action. No interpretation - this is the act of war. _____________ Congratilations to Iran. Now it is a legitmate target of Israel and its allies.
16. Seriously!
Amazed   (07.24.06)
Trust in me if you follow jounmblat's & co sources y'll be defeated sooner than you ca believe!
17. what in that !!! Americans fight with IDF ,   Palestine   (07.24.06)
Scott ,   Auckland, NZ   (07.24.06)
Who uses whose weapons is not the issue - Iran's Mad Monkey has said continually that there is NO Iranian weapons or personnel in Lebanon. Just lies. They will pay.
19. Maybe Rice will give iran to Israel. A sound trashing in an
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.24.06)
aerial war and there can be a pipeline to Israel for all the oil Israel wants. The iranians elected a loser, a big mouth loser. He will look cute in his coffin, I'll buy an 8x10 and a dozen wallet pictures.
20. Iran and Hizbullah
BS meter ,   Canada   (07.24.06)
So what else is new? Hizbullah was formed out of Revolutionary Gaurd soldiers. It did not begin as an indigenous Lebanese movement, in spite of the BS its defenders like to spin.
21. Enough!
Drew ,   Illinois   (07.24.06)
Enough he said, she said. Enough history lessons. Create new history! Eliminate hzbla and all who support them in Leb. Then onto Syria while the US gets rid of Irans nuclear ambitions. These idiots won't go away so they must be put away for civilization to move forward.
22. The best job in the world.
Wal   (07.24.06)
The so called UN peace keepers were told when hired, to follow 3 rules: Rule # 1 You see nothing. Rule # 2 You hear nothing. And rule # 3 the most important rule, you do nothing. This way you are guaranteed a job for 25 years. These semi illiteterate men wearing the blue helmets are all failures in their own countries from where they come. The UN job is a heaven for such individulals who despise real work for a living. The US taxpayers are paying partially for their luxurious 25 year vacation in Lebanon.
23. #18 good for you, u r right
24. To #12 Dun
jas   (07.25.06)
Hizbullah is a terrorist organisation. Anyone support by supplying weapon, money to such a group is wrong. Do you want your country to have such a organisation? Or if you if Israel is wrong, why not joint in the fight with the terrorist!
25. Suicide bombers from Iran
Muriel Efron ,   West Palm Beach, USA   (07.26.06)
This shows again how evil Iran and other Muslim countries are - to send their young people to die in order to kill Jews! We teach our young people the value of each life. They only think of death and destruction. It is truly hearbreaking.
26. No comment
BHunter ,   Cinc., US   (07.26.06)
Ignorance, bold lies... You can find such lies only here ***The ennemy of humanity is israel and its supporters***
27. Hanzala i see 9,10,and 11 are right about you
Mike ,   Israel   (07.26.06)
YOu call your heros that destroy your brothers in lebanon that makes you sick. You say they defend their country, hmmm seems like there real screwing up at that. But your right about the last thing they dont forget about there "prisoners" key word prisoners, they comited crimes in Israel, its called Murder in most parts of the world but in your world you hand candies for murders. Your an Idiot Hanzala thats why you people keep dying. There is no use in talking to you and your people.
28. iranian soldiers
jazaïri ,   France   (07.26.06)
Exlusive, according to sources I can't disclose, the so called IDF use bombs and planes made in USA. This so called IDF was also grnated freely submarines from Germany. Frande did provide soldiers like Arno Klarsfeld or the corporal Gilad Shalit.
29. YES
30. Iranian Soldiers
Jon kagtz ,   Los Angeles, Califor   (07.27.06)
Why doesn't the cowardly Iran put on their gloves and declare war against Israel and America. I for one would love to take them up on it. But their cowardly way of fighting thru another country as disturbing as it is exemplifies the kind of people they really are!! Come on Iran, let's get it on!! We're ready for you. Regards, Israel and America
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