Rally: All of California stands with Israel
Eitan Gilboa
Published: 24.07.06, 12:04
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1. Arnie, I LOVE YOU
Alex ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
MY DEAR TERMINATOR :) Seriously, thanks a lot people!
2. LosT Angeles? that............
mike ,   rishon le zion   (07.24.06)
.....a Freudian slip perhaps? Kol ha kavod to the exterminator........
3. Bravo!
Gerd Schulz ,   Germany   (07.24.06)
4. Shalom California
Jennifer Teff ,   Nahariya Israel   (07.24.06)
I was born in California and lived then until I moved to Israel. Nice to hear from you guys in California!!!
5. Typical American
Mohammad Ahmad ,   London, UK   (07.24.06)
You don't have to be governor over dead bodies. No body likes violence and blood. You don't represent all california. I know that for sure.
6. No wonder
atmawi ,   Historic Palestine   (07.24.06)
This kind of Injustice, This kind of blindness, this kind of ignorance, and much more is due to the jungle Laws applies those days to the whole world. The governer did not mention a word of innocent Palestinians been killed for no reason, did not clarify how the destruction of bridges may help Israel defending itself. And Who said that Israel has the right to defend itself, and others don't?. What kind of world we are living nowadays?
7. Even if GOD stand with Israel...We Will crush him ,   Palestine   (07.24.06)
8. Schwarzenegger! What a head
A.C   (07.24.06)
He knows nothing about the middle east conflict He knows nothing about the history or the geography of the region He knows nothing about the cause of this crises He knows nothing about anything So how smart this potato head can be
9. Thank you!
nul ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
People, I only hope you realize what your support means to us. THANK YOU!
10. Bravo!!! Israel receive support only from such nuts
Agop ,   Yerevan   (07.24.06)
Some war monger Israelis could be happy to receive support such nuts. Bravo Arnie
11. Schwarzenegger MORON TERMINATOR can you save israel?
12. Kol HaKavod!
Faith ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
You rock, LA!!! True solidarity. Hope the rest of the American Jews take your example.
13. So you
Jad ,   Paris - France   (07.24.06)
"Police prevent pro-Hizbullah Arab protesters" : so people who demonstrate against violences inflicted to lebanese civilians are 'pro-Hizbullah arab protesters' ? You are such a shame to Humanity. The fact that you have a governor such as mr schwarzie a.k.a Terminator and the dumbest president on earth tells a lot about who you are. I feel no hate, just despise
14. Barbarians stick together !
Conan ,   Lebanon   (07.24.06)
You couldnt have chosen a worse person to justify your cause How is this thick-headed retard on steroids supppose to help Israel's cause? Ahahahah Its nooot a toooma! The whole of Europe and the United nations, and Humanitarian agencies around the world have condemned Israel. And the best you have to show for it is Conan the barbarian? that makes sense.
15. # 8
Faith ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
Smart enough to be governor of California, and that's good enough for me. What the hell is the difference how much he knows about our history, geography, cause of crisis, etc? Who cares? How much does the average American really know about the Mid-East conflict, except for Iraq? Try and see the positive side here, instead of complaining. Israel needs this support, and it doesn't matter to most of us how educated the supporters are.
16. All of California?
Jeremiah ,   USA   (07.24.06)
All of California? There's not one thinking person in the whole state? They're all like Der Gropeinator? I find that hard to believe. The pandering, I don't.
17. We'll be back
Khaled ,   Gaza   (07.24.06)
Nevertheless, we'll be back
18. # 7 - Hasta la Vista, Baby!
Lauren ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
Crush God?? What a marroon! Oy, you terrorists are so funny! My kishkes are splitting from such laughter! So how you gonna' crush him?
19. # 13
Lauren ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
You are full of merde! Your comments drip hateful sentiments and it is clear that that the French never have and never will be Jew or Israel lovers. But then, most of us have no great love of the French either. You deserve all the terrorists that have taken over Paris and much of your crummy little country. Now stick that in your bagette and smoke it.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.24.06)
Lebanon was a Christian country until Muslims achieved a majority through an extremely high birthrate. The jihad against Lebanon's Christians was savage and barbaric. The IDF was the only hope for the embattled Christians. Click on Photo gallery: 20,000 Christians handicapped by PLO atrocities. PLO terrorists were rewarded for their savagery and mass murder of Christians by implanting them into Israel as TERRORIST "peace" partners through Oslo to continue the jihad. The Christians of Damour, Lebanon treated Muslims from surrounding areas free of charge in their hospital. The PLO and other terrorists repaid the Christian kindness with barbaric savagery: The Massacre and Destruction of Damour 'The attack took place from the mountain behind. It was an apocalypse. They were coming, thousands and thousands, shouting 'Allahu Akbar! God is great! Let us attack them for the Arabs, let us offer a holocaust to Mohammad 'And they were slaughtering everyone in their path, men, women and children.' Whole families were killed in their homes. Many women were gang-raped..." Satanic acts were perpetrated on Damour Christians.
21. #14 Time to separate Hollywood from Reality
Talula ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
REALITY CHECK: Arnold is no longer an actor. He supports us, the State of Israel, as the Governor of California and so does most of the world. SO, GET OVER IT!!! And after you have gotten over it, maybe you'd like to clean up your government.
22. #17 Yep, like a bad dose of diarrhea.
Talula ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
And we'll be waiting for you with the cure.
23. movie
This idiot thinks that he is playing A MOVIE. coward this is war and children are being muredered every day scum.
24. Way to go, California!!
David ,   Los Angeles, USA   (07.24.06)
I'm an expat from California, now living in Tel Aviv. 3 years ago I voted in California for Arnie to take office and then two weeks later I left for aliyah to Israel. I've always been a proud Califonian, and now a proud Israeli.
25. To All those Arabs here: Your own don't agree with YOU
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.24.06)
FACTS: Open letter to Olmert from the Lebanese Foundation for Peace.;_ylc=X3oDMTJydXNmNnUwBF9TAzk3MzU5NzE1BGdycElkAzI1ODEyMzUEZ3Jwc3BJZAMxNjAxMTQ0Nzc3BG1zZ0lkAzE2MjE3BHNlYwNkbXNnBHNsawN2bXNnBHN0aW1lAzExNTI5MzgzODE- More facts: More facts from Brigitte Gabriel A Lebanese Arabs for Israel The divided loyalties of Lebanon THANK YOU, ISRAEL!" -- Exiled Lebanese Christians Speak Out From The Diaspora By Brigitte Gabriel <<<<< scroll down for article Brigitte Gabriel Discusses Pro-Israel Policies on CNN
26. Last Wednesday several hundred crazy supporters of
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.24.06)
hez-bull-ah demonstrated for the terrorists and they were met with an equal number of Jews that took the afternoon off to counter the scum of the earth. The losers keep making threats while Israel kills more and more hez-bull-ah. It is not bravery from where the friends of the terrorists talk, it is from fear and disappointment. This time hez-bull-ah can't take its ball home and start over, this time they die. Game over.
27. #11 MORON can you be stupider??
28. #18
29. #19
30. # 17 To hell will return soon
Val Cogan ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
hey you feel well to see your children and women die? Stop this shit you began , First of all, you must learn to love your own people Your people suffer because of your unhuman, barbaric, stupid goventment. Who can protect them or want really to do it in practice
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