Peretz: We've reached significant stage in war
Vered Luvitch
Published: 24.07.06, 18:13
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1. It's Palestine !!!
Yafa ,   Amman-Jordan   (07.24.06)
Why Zinosist making poor jews people suffer ... dont be btwn North front or South Front... SIMPLE thing to do : Leave Out palestine... to poland,russia,moroco..etc. IT IS PALESTINE... am sure u r not going to broducat what i wrote:)
2. It was never a country
Al ,   Atlanta, US   (07.24.06)
Palestine, what language did they have, what government, where was their flag, the constitution? No country named Palestine ever existed. Their were only loose groups of people living in the land after the Jews were forced to leave what God had given them.
3. Israel is strong, it would be stronger without Kadima.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (07.24.06)
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