Hizbullah: War on Israel to widen
Associated Press
Published: 24.07.06, 17:23
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1. Why Is U.S. rushing Israel ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.24.06)
Something ignored by everyone is that the U.S. has not alowed itself to be rushed in their Sunni,Shiite blood stew in Iraq.One of this presidents often quoted lines is,' We will complete the mission ' on a battlefield of failure four years old and getting worse in Iraq. And yet ,from the beginning Mr. Bush has put a short short timetable of days on Israel. Te hypocrite pressure Israel to finish the job of not quite destroying Hezbollah.Once again a sound IDF victory is not allowed and the Ilsamic terrorists are only to be moved north so they can regroup and re attack Israel at a time of their choosing. Those deceieved into believing the U.S. is helping Israel are card carrying member of the Useful Idiot's Society. I am sure that God see's this evil hypocrisy of the U.S. against Israel and he is already responding. I think if Condi again screws Israel under orders from President Bush's Saudi boyfriend,the U.S. will suffer servere wrath from Israel's God.
2. Maybe Beilin can appease them by giving them half the Galil?
Neville Chamberlain ,   London UK   (07.24.06)
3. Why Is Israel Holding Back?
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (07.24.06)
Perhaps someone can answer this easy question, why is Israel holding back? Let me explain. Israel has rockets too, in fact thousands of them. They are called Popeyes and Jerichos. Israel could unlease the real arsenal it holds...and let us not forget Cruise and nuclear tipped canon, intermediate range and your average run of the mill nuke. Where are these guys in Hezbollah coming from? Don't they understand that, just as they can fire into Israel, Israel can fire into them? So far, only 155mm shells have been used, and 1 or 2 bunker busters. Israel has thousands of these. As far as leaving Israel, I should hope that 500,000 former Israelis will return to aid their brethren. Bottom line: Hezbollah, you played your cards and lost.
4. war to widen? so be it.
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.24.06)
now let's fight them like we're really at war. for once.
5. What goes around comes around
Lina ,   USA   (07.24.06)
Iran is already unsafe for Iranians. These comments and sentiment only make it worse for Iran. In a way, he is like a pimple that pops.
andrew ,   miami,fl   (07.24.06)
7. Alya ..... to Poland and Canada
Ahmad Abouali ,   nablus   (07.24.06)
back to where you all came, to Poland, Russia, and the USA...this land is not yours, so , ship out
8. IAF YOU NEED NOW FAE bombs NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AVINU   (07.24.06)
FAE bombs NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAE bombs !!!!!!!!! NOOOOWWWWW !!!!!
9. The War for Redemption
J ,   Newcastle, UK   (07.24.06)
What does the future hold in store? Scenario #1 - the USA wants to draw Iran and Syria into the war with Israel to give the USA an excuse to level Iran. They'd advertise that their motive is to help Israel, but they really want to control Mideast Oil. In such a case, Israel would become puppet of the USA even more than today. Scenario #2 - the EU wants to use Nato and the war as a pretext to invading Israel, according to Professor Emanuel Winston and in line with everything that's been said in recent weeks on Emuna News. The State Department never wanted a Jewish state, and would be tacitly tickled to support such a move. That's what's behind Bush's warning to Israel to "protect the Lebanese government". He, Rice, and the State Department are as loyal to Israel as a trio of rattlers. The EU are even worse. (A tip of the hat to my friend Attorney Paul Weiss in Texas). Scenario #3 - The people of Israel make tshuva, and see tremendous miracles. Many sceptics no longer feel that the above 3 are so far-fetched. No matter what the scenario, this war looks to me like the War for Redemption and the beginning of the Geula. All the nations of the world want to descend on us; don't worry, this is all part of Hashem's scenario, and all for the best. Emuna is the only way to make it safely to the other side. The main principle of emuna teaches that everything Hashem does is for the very best, despite the fact that we don't always understand why. Look how loudly Hashem is talking to us - the current breach of Israel's borders, including the unprecedented attacks on Haifa and Tzfat, has been the 17th of Tammuz, the exact same day when the city of Jerusalem was breached before the destruction of the Second Temple. Let's all make tshuva so that Hashem doesn't have to speak any louder. by Rabbi Lazer Brody @
10. Israel will always be safe for everyone and
maria ,   manila, philippines   (07.24.06)
No Nasrallah, Safiadeen or Ahmanijad can take away Israelis from their land. Isarelis' and foreigners' lives are in the hands of G-D and not in those terrorists whose goals are devastating to all mankind.
11. Why SHOULD Israel get the RAW DEAL!!!
Michael Gary ,   PembrokePines,Fl   (07.24.06)
Who started all this(Hurry, I've only got a millisecond for you to figure out an answer.) Hamas, Hezzbullah---Correct--you get a cookie.What kind of solution to the answer to the above question do these loonies want? correct if you said --Israel's total annihilation. Do you think these pork pies will really stop at anything less than that? Wake up world. Get Hizzboulah to disarm. Get a NATO peace force into there. Lebanon's army can't defeat a group of strong 15 year old Israelis. Whoever the countries are they must patrol ALL OF LEBANON to make sure the terrorists don't launch again. Then, we need to take care of our pressing problem?? IRAN Michaelgary
12. Terrorists will not accept a political end to this, They wil
Mary ,   USA   (07.24.06)
not put down their weapons. That settles that! Nasa Naza Nazi, and Safi a deen, Open wide and let Mr. Missle fly right in!
13. Israel's ONLY friend is Hashem
Herut Zion   (07.24.06)
and the right thing to do is Teshuva, return to Hashem, beg for His forgiveness and that He leads Israel to victory. Let's trust in Hashem only, and the Land of Israel will be saved from its enemies. Am Israel Chai!
14. Help the christians in lebanon
Chadi ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (07.24.06)
why doesnt israel give weapons to the christians in lebanon so we can help them fight against hezbolah as we did in the past. this time, dont leave alone like before
15. #14
BS meter ,   Canada   (07.24.06)
That is a great idea. The Christians and Druze were the only ones decent enough to disarm at hte end of the civil war. I hope other Arabs and Muslims who do not wish to be living in a totalitarian state take up arms against this incredible wave of fascism we're seeing. This guy makes it totally clear that this has nothing to do with land, the Palestinians, yadda yadda. We are reliving the '30s, only now Jews will fight. And, I hope, those who care about not living under totalitarianism -- because this is a wide-ranging goal these monsters have -- will fight, too. I expect we'll be seeing terror here in Canada any day now. The hideous thing is that the Beilins of our society will be defending it.
16. I'm not going anywhere!
Adam ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.24.06)
I came to Israel to be an Israeli and neither your threats nor your missiles will uproot me! Safiadeen you need to start worrying about your head and how much longer its going to be attached to your shoulders... pig!
17. #5 That's really the story
Sharon ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.24.06)
Israel is but one country they're trying to destroy. Only the anti-Semites and the ignorant don't believe it.
18. Nasarallah know the god you are calling
Sam ,   Nigeria   (07.24.06)
Nasarallah God willing you will do this and that to the State of Israel. Have you forgotten that Israel is God's own nation a state after God's heart then how could this same God will for you to destroy his people. You better start calling on your god now may be he is sleeping.(baal)
ANDREW ,   MIAMI,FL   (07.24.06)
20. #14 Ignorant
Christian ,   Lebanon   (07.24.06)
We don't need weapons to fight another again, i think you still live in the dreams of the lebanese stupid forces and their stupid ideology that proved to be useless by time....wake up dude....
21. #19
BS meter ,   Canada   (07.24.06)
They're not stupid, they're just plain vicious and venal.
22. Tine to go Nuclear ?
Lindon Richards ,   Milpitas , USA   (07.24.06)
Well, the bellicose language of the terrorists is getting louder and louder, and the real scary thing is, it is not all empty rhetoric. They have delivered on many promises before. In fact, Nasarallah has been promising to kidnap Isreali soldiers before annd have effected concerted attempts to do so on previous occasions. That they suceeded in doing so eventually, is only suprising in the sense that the IDF failed to prevent it. Given their penchant for making threats and acting on them, there can be no justification for not beleiving the when they say that they want to destryo Isreal. In my mind, now is the time to rachet up the stakes, before Iran actually gets the bomb! There is every indication that Iran will give it to Hezbollah for it to be used against Isreal. Fof the very first time ( in my mind at least) there is actually some justification in the doctrine of pre emption. It is high time that the US and Isreal actually force the world to actually choose between peace, stability and prosperity in the Middle East on one hand OR the existence of Hezbollah, Hamas and the current regimes in Iran and Syria on the other. In my view the stakes need to be raised so high that the terror gang of four must choose between total anahilation ( nuclear if need be ) and visible and provable abandonment of dreams of Isreali extinction form the region.
23. Survival
rich ,   USA   (07.24.06)
Leaders of the west are two headed snakes - if Israel smashes Islam to distruction, the west will love Islam. If Islam smashes Israel to distruction, the west will love Israel. In the mean time,,,they will sell weapons to both sides. A whore is a whore is a whore.
24. Re: #20
J ,   Newcastle, UK   (07.24.06)
Christian dude. If HezbAllah is left to take over Lebanon and impose an Islamic fascist regime, would you let us know how is to be enslaved in dhimmitude? Thanks.
25. Adding to #2
D ,   Israel   (07.24.06)
...and while Beilin gives them the Galil, Peres can give them the Negev and the current government can give them the rest. Maybe the Arabs will be happy then? probably not, then they'll wipe each other out like they're doing in Iraq.
26. To number 7
Elisabeth   (07.24.06)
This land is not yours you mean. All Arabs back to Saudi arabia! Egypt back to the kopts, Lebanon back to the Marronites, Syria back to the Assyirians! Palestine back to the Jews! Europe back to the Europeans!
27. Bunkers
Ron   (07.24.06)
The best way to fight the terrorist inside the bunkers is using bulldozers to cover up the breathing holes. No ammo needed, just a ton of grounnd.
28. this a religious war or not ?
HIRAM ,   TEL AVIV   (07.24.06)
and why do hezbollah hoodlums look like gangsters ? He reminds me of Joseph KRAMER ....from nazi era
29. #22 Lindon Richards' computer games
Rustum ,   London, UK   (07.24.06)
Usually on these forums, the idiots who advocate nuclear war only do so in times of low tension. To advocate, as you do, raising the stakes of the conflict to the nuclear level, shows that you are a really sorry example of a human being - oops, I don't think you actually qualify as a human being. In Milpitas-de-Merde, wherever that may be, you'd be better off going to the local cinema to watch Shrek than posting utterly irresonsible and completely ignorable opinions here. In the dung hole of Milpitas, it must feel "real great" and make you into a "real good American" to advocate the introduction of nuclear weaponry into the conflict. In fact, it would mean unbelievable amounts of dead (I suppose that wouldn't worry you) and incredible amounts of suffering (only third world people, so again that wouldn't worry you). I suggest you go out and buy yourself a humvee and satisfy your misplaced machismo in a much more peaceful way.
30. To: Rustum, Londonistan
Herut Zion ,   Newcastle, UK   (07.24.06)
Actually, while the world is busy blaming Israel for a war started by the HezbAllah, those Islamic fascists, Iran took off the news their plans for developing nukes and erase Israel off the map. Have you noticed? IF Israel has nukes and if the State is in danger, there's no way they should be made to stop using it because in the end, Israel's wars since the creation of the modern State of Israel have been to defend their national security and its people. If (G_d forbid) HezbAllah and Iran win this war the surviving Jews will be enslaved in dhimmitude. That's why, even IF Israel had nukes and if they were forced to use them, Hashem's love is Israel's best weapon. May Hashem lead Israel to victory!
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