Civil rights group challenges Halutz
Aviram Zino
Published: 24.07.06, 20:06
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1. Get bent stupid liberals
2. In Time of War
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.24.06)
In Time of war ,those who hinder those leading the fight should be identified as enemies of the state and dealt with accordingly. Those on the right are held in detention for much ,much less than what these phony rights groups do in coming to the aid of Israel's enemies. It is good to remind those who fire missiles on Israle that they will pay tenfold and it is good to arrest and silence the fifth column in Israel..
3. to laugh
BS meter ,   Canada   (07.24.06)
or cry. These are the people who would have set up a committee in the Warsaw Ghetto to make sure Jews didn't fight Nazis unfairly.
4. Pat yourself on the back...
AB ,   The Rock   (07.24.06)
you self-righteous losers. It is part of warfare to frighten the enemy. If you don't know by now that the IDF is a humanitarian army and takes risks to avoid civilians then you are in Coo Coo Land. You should be screaming how the Hizbullah is breaking international laws by hiding behind civilians and not letting them leave the villages when warned by the IDF.
5. Association is a 5th column
BernardRoss ,   St. Anns Bay Jamaica   (07.24.06)
This association is not concerned with Israeli deaths but is a 5th column which should be carefully watched.
6. Say goodbye to Beirut
Arie   (07.24.06)
7. Psychological Warfare
Haifa, Israel   (07.24.06)
Where are these civil idiots when Hizbollah and others like them say the same about us - EVERY day!? Probably complaining that our government doesn't do more to boost morale.
8. The Association for Civil Rights in Israel
s davies ,   london uk   (07.24.06)
In law it is generally ultra viries for organisations to involve themselves in activities outside of their charter. If this is The Association for Civil Rights in Israel, they have acted illegally in involving themselves in activities in other countries and should be sanctioned.
9.  so-called Association for Civil Rights MUST BE DESTROYED
10. Remember Stormin Normin
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (07.24.06)
I would send a copy of Stormin Normin's book about the first Gulf War, to these morons, and perhaps a copy of the statements made by Colin Powell, something about cutting off the head. I suppose that the members of this group have violated laws, however, Israel right now is involved in more important things. There are enough diversions at hand to justify some sort of action later, after this is over. Israel's democracy can be too democratic at times. But, I wonder what are they trying to achieve anyway? It's their necks on the line too, unless those are in the Negev sand. What nonsense...and how pitiful.
11. Why don't they go to hell?
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.24.06)
12. Even in time of war :Its never time for BARBARITY
PS ,   Ath,GREECE   (07.24.06)
At first I did nt really believe that Halutz has made this comment. Do you know why? Because I have memories from my grandfather, who fought the Nazis at WWII, that their official tactic was: for each soldier the Greek resistance kills, 30 citizens will be killed. So at first I thought, wait a minute this comment could not be made by a Jew, the people that most of all felt the Nazi barbarism. But unfortunatelly it is probably true. And here I remember a comment from a Turkish guy that wrote:"heroes will defeat the beasts, but the beasts need only to make the heros beasts themselves"". Well, i am very sad to say but this seems to have come already true. Have you understand what you have become? Israel please WAKE UP, break the circle of hate.
13. Little simpathy for Lebanon
Robert Tilden ,   Sheridan, WY   (07.24.06)
After the Lebanese rejected Rice's ideas, I have little time to shed tears for them, harboring terrorists, crying about war crimes when they shell cities and Hizbollah uses them as shields, they don't deserve any better.
14. Go and fight for israeli civilians, too1
maria ,   MANILA ,PHIL.   (07.24.06)
Go to Lebanon with your placards. Send this message: We the Civil rights org. are against the killing of Israeli Civilians! Don't abuse the rights this government has given us.
15. Killing innocent civilians is a cowardy act
Virgilio ,   Panamá City, Panamá   (07.25.06)
If we bring injustice and suffering to innocent people, we are less than our enemies, in this case victory will be tasteless, deserving just silent from our people an criticism from the rest of the world.
16. Halutz as Wehrmacht epigon?
MiRo Schwartz ,   Dornbush Germany   (07.25.06)
What Halutz apparently expects IDF to do is criminal and in best Wehrmacht and SS traditon during WWII. If it's true then Halutz deserves to be at least sent into forced retirement. More decisive is to have IDF and at least the Defence Minister to clearly distance themselves from Halutz. We support the Israel we know and helped build up and live in relative security. The Israel Halutz has in mind is is something we can't support. Halutz plays Israel into the hands of the Antizionists and Antisemits in the whole world. He could also cause a Diaspora movement not only under Lebanese and Palestinians but also under Israelis disgusted by Halutz's position. Thanks and Shalom
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