Day of fighting: 2 pilots killed in crash
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 25.07.06, 00:48
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1. Congratulations, Olmert.
Simon ,   Nabatia - Lebanon   (07.24.06)
Go Hizbullah, Go!
3. And this after 100 meters inside Lebanon
Alex   (07.24.06)
4. Everybody its war they are casulaties
michael   (07.24.06)
The idf knew they would lose soldiers the question how many hizbullah people got killed today then you can see wether they are winning or not
5. #1 Simon. Nabatia: YOU (!) turned Lebanon into chaos!
Gerd Schulz ,   Germany   (07.24.06)
6. don,t be so dumb
jon ,   USA   (07.24.06)
a few casualtys doesn't mean IDF is loosing there is always casualtys in war. To the contrary the fact that the IDF is takeing over Hizballa camps and destroying them looks like IDF is winning to me
7. Simon: what a shame !!!
amin ,   beirut   (07.24.06)
Simon: how can you cheer up. It's your own country that's being destroyed.
8. To #1 Simon/Nabatiyeh and #6 Jon/USA
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo   (07.24.06)
Simon, you need an urgent improvement on your Geography: is it not possible for a chopper to be hit in South Lebanon and to fall in Safed, aprox. 40/50km away. Of course it was an accident! Jon, you are absolutely right: casualties are a terrible thing, but they happen in a war. I believe that is impossible to wipe out Hizballah, but they are surely taking a VERY big whuppin'!
adam ,   USA   (07.24.06)
Israel will win because there is no alternative.
10. israel we are with you
sam ,   london,uk   (07.24.06)
the brave israeli soldiers are risking and giving up their lives to ensure their people live in peace and to bring peace to the region. kol hakvod!
11. I dont understand...
Dima   (07.24.06)
First of all it is clear that Hizbullah does not publish its casulties.... like for example battle for Maroun.. it was one of the most important places in S.Lebanon.. from it Hizbullah could over look much of N.Israel... and the IDF took controll Hizbullah announced that they suffere 6 casulties in that fighting... 6!! Who are they trying to fool? The place was a fortress that have been built for 6 years.. and they took 6 casulties and retreated... yes.. 2nd People its war...Soldiers will die no matter what... they are no superhumans , they cant dodge bullets.. Fighting is already lasted for a hole day and 2 IDF soldier died... I would be suprised if noone would die.. Even US Marines lost 90 men in Falluja... and those rebels were not as good as Hizbullah.
12. "yearning to become Shahids"
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.24.06)
i'm sure the israeli army will be more than glad to assist them into fires awaiting them in the afterlife.
13. #1...coward, terror supporting scum...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.24.06)
Tha't's all you are, and that's all you'll ever be.
14. Simon
Jane   (07.24.06)
Oh, yeah, go Hizbullah go straight to hell with the other dead Islamofacists.
15. Amin
Jane   (07.24.06)
Be strong against Hizbullah and people like Simon. They don't care about Lebanon and her people. They love only death.
16. Olmert
Egal ,   Helena, TX USA   (07.24.06)
Olmert the potato head is leading his people to hell. I recommend everyone in Israel to start packing their stuff and to go to Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, France and wherever they came from in the first place.
17. #2 ?
sara ,   tel-aviv israel   (07.24.06)
I'd like to see you join tzahal and fight the disease on the border, we are here to stay, may Hashem look after our army and our country!!! Amen. G-D REST THE SOULS of our great losses, may there be no more.
18. To Egal
Margalit ,   Haifa   (07.24.06)
Egal- I came from Haifa. My family has all been born here. As a matter of fact they were terrorized by their Arab neighbors prior to 48. So if anyone should go back -it's the so called Palestinians from Jordan and Egypt. Their own brothers did not want them!
19. FROM#2 TO #17
20. Maybe when Dimona is hit then...
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (07.25.06)
Israel will be begging for a ceasefire? Or will Tel-Aviv do the trick? Whatever you do Hizbollah keep Eilat un-harmed :)
21. To Simon in Nabatia
Arie   (07.25.06)
Praise be hezbullah, the reason Lebanon is heading for the stone age
22. To #1-Thank you Hezbullah
Jason ,   Boston, MASS USA   (07.25.06)
For showing us how real men you are for hiding behind women's skirts,2933,205352,00.html
23. ## 2, 17: you call others cowards....
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (07.25.06)
..but you don't even give your name!!! What a shame...ah, one mor thing: someone who losts is called a 'loser', not a 'looser', as you mispelled not only once, but twice!!!
24. #16 and # 19
jon   (07.25.06)
19 of coarse are soldiers cry THEY ARE HUMAN Unlike the Hizbulla cowards (I would say animals but that would be an insult to animals) But the IDF is winning the war as can be seen by the fact that they are hideing like rabbits from the IDF amongst women and children. As for 16 Learn a little history the people that don't belong is the palistinians as there is no such people The ones who call themselve palestiniens are a bunch of no-mads that non of there arab brothers whant in there owne countrys
25. test
test ,   test   (07.25.06)
26. To Ibrahim sitting on his gold toilet in kuweit
Ivei   (07.25.06)
Ya ibrahim Only 16 yra ago the usa saved your ass AND your golden toilets,and now you are laughing,,,,well if i were you i would be very serious! If we lose...h-zib-u lah will get you,and if we win...a hellfire missile will be fitted to your back side, Nice choices.... keep pumping oil and shut up.
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