Lotan's promise: The one in the tank will win
Ynet and Yedioth Ahronoth
Published: 25.07.06, 10:11
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1. definition of an Israel victory
Lemar ,   uk   (07.25.06)
When the fighting ends if Hizbullah can claim any type of vistory then Israel will have lost. Hizbullah will claim to have held up the Great Israeli army longer than all the countries in the 6 day war. That is why Israel must completely crush Hizbullah to the last possible man so that no type of victory can be claimed. If Israel have a cease fire before one Hizbollah stronghold hasn't been flattened then Israel will have lost the war as these survivers will bring in a whole new army of terrorists.
2. May u all rest in peace!!
silvie ,   haifa   (07.25.06)
I cried this morning when i saw the faces of these young Israeli soldiers who were killed in action. I grieve for their parents and pray that they get by in the knowledge that their children were heros. I am so sorry for your loss...but am grateful to Zahal and especially all the soldiers who are out there trying to secure our security If we were so gung ho like they claim us to be believe me the situation wud be a lot one is out there to get the Lebanese people, i wish the hell they wud understand that by now..we are trying to get to Hezbollah who is attacking us, and i regret the loss of innocent lives but these people shud have thought abt that when they harboured terrorists admist their walls and within their family units.
3. Tvi
ely ,   usa   (07.25.06)
Alav asholom
4. We all love you....
Dani ,   Ra'anana   (07.25.06)
Thank you for all my brave soldiers! May you all rest in peace...
5. Hizbollah = Resistance.
Israel always attacked and hated Lebanon. Untill you return the Palestinian and Lebanese (and all other political) prisoners, resistance is legitimate. You'll never live in this region with arrogance and insolence. You'll never live in peace occupiers and thieves. Mostrous people you are!!
6. z''l
yonatan ,   nyc   (07.25.06)
baruch dayan emet
7. #5, you have it all wrong, but you know that
Michael ,   Belgium   (07.25.06)
You islamists have it completely wrong! Hizballah is no resistance, it's a fundamentalist terrorist organization whose sole prupose is to work towards the destruction of Israel and creating unrest in the region in order to serve their masters in Tehran. Remember that Israel left Lebanon in 2000,why didn't the rockets stop then? Why did hizballah continue firing and why did they cross into Israel's internationnaly recognized border to murder and abduct its soldiers? And most of all, why do they only aim their ball bearing filled rocket heads at civilians? Can't they fight an army? Or are they just blood thirsty corwards? You islamists have it completely wrong. You live on a different planet, in a different era, with different rules. You are barbarians. You're not even humans, you don't deserve that name. You Islamists should and will be destroyed. Islam can be such a beautiful religion, but you've descrated and corrupted it with your hateful ideas. Go to hell where you belong. Leave the good people of earth live in peace.
8. RIP
Alex ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
Rest in peace, brothers.
9. Good guys and bad leadership
Yohan ,   Amsterdam   (07.25.06)
unfortunatly, these nice guys dead because they have a very bad leadership who doesnt care about them and lead to their death.
10. Enought War
Ahmed   (07.25.06)
Israel could give back the occupied land in return for a treaty of peace from all Middle East countries. This is not 1960's and I think peace could be achieved. Till peace is achieved dialogue should continue.
11. #1...
duh   (07.25.06)
What do you know about terrorists and what do you know about freedom fighters. You know nothing. What you people do in Iraq is the same as what Saddam did to his own people.
12. #7 your'e a typical zionist clown
Tim ,   Australia   (07.25.06)
How about you ridiculous people give up the excessive american armaments you use and and use the same weapons the palestinians do. You simply dont have the intestinal fortitude. Arabs fight with their lives.. you fight for your lives. One takes faith and the other takes fear, one takes pride and the other takes denial,so you are scared with good reason, you know you are deserving of punishment. we laugh at you weak clowns.
13. to #9
frume ,   israel   (07.25.06)
Johan waar heb jet over. Slechte leiding.Hoe durf je zo iets te zeggen. Ben je ook zo antisemitisch als vele in nl.? Of geeft het nieuws geen objectief bericht? Dat laatste lijkt mij meest waarschijnlijk. informeer je zelf
14. To "joker" Tim #12
Alex ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
Tim, how about you take your a*s and get the f*** out of Australia and give this land you stole from aborigenes back to aborigenes?
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