61 percent of Brits: Israel overreacting
Published: 25.07.06, 10:55
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1. israel overreacting
av ,   (07.25.06)
what a suprise from the ex treme left antisimite paper the brits never overreact the forget bloody sunday .iraq .afganistan .exct....
2. Who cares what the British think?
Efi ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.25.06)
The soles of my shoes are more interesting to me than the opinion of the British.
3. Poll
jonny ,   melbourne   (07.25.06)
Can anyone really believe the "Gaurdian" It 's poll surely follows its editorial stance towards Israel Probably a push/poll....with contrived results.
4. Uk Support
Lee Lipman ,   England   (07.25.06)
I am not surprised that the UK public feel that way because of the distorted and twisted rubbish the British Media come up with. Don't worry Israel we know the truth and we support you today the end. You still have support and friedns in the UK.
5. Will there always be an England?
Talula ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
The Brits are irrelevant. This nation allowed terrorists to rally on the streets of London (my old home town) spewing hate and death to anyone and everyone who is not a Muslim. And the police sat idly by and watched. So, I don't think we need take too much notice of what the Brits have to say. Until of course, a rocket is sent flying into one of their cities and soldiers are killed and abducted.
6. Always been antisemitic
Gordon Shifman ,   Shoham, Israel   (07.25.06)
Who cares what the Guardian says? The paper has traditionally been insiduously antisemitic.
7. What would they say if.........
mike ,   rishon le zion   (07.25.06)
.......they started lobbing missiles from Ireland over the sea targeting Liverpool and Manchester? How would they react? Disproportionately perhaps? Surely they would send the RAF over to bomb Dublin at the very least........... It's easy to talk when you are sitting somewhere in Surrey, Dorset, Hampshire, Kent or wherever isn't it?
8. 61 percent of Brits: Israel overreacting
JR ,   Bristol, UK   (07.25.06)
This isn't surprising given the poor, biased and inaccurate coverage by BBC news channels in this country, which has focussed exclusively on the suffering of civilians in Lebanon and has skated over the role of HIzbullah and its backers. Damage to South Beirut has been heavily featured on news bulletins, but there has been no attempt to analyze the degree to which this was a military target, and no mention of the fact that journalist access to this area is controlled by Hizbullah. Despite all this, there were only 7000 on the anti-Israel demo in London, the same number as at the pro Israel one.
9. Why should we care?
Tahl ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
It's none of the Brits' business anyway, why then should we give any more attention and respect to this poll, than the nothing it deserves? Especially when coming from the Al-Guardian... Why should we care? Let the stupid dogs bark and let us continue the job we started, until it's done.
10. Voxpop Britain
Graham ,   Germany   (07.25.06)
Well as an expatriate Brit I can only state that I am in with the 33% 'pros' And I would not necessarily regard a poll of 1001 people as really representing the majority of the population. Readership of the Guardian maybe? I saw a copy in the local train station yesterday - headline "the world looks on while Israel bombs her weak neighbour" ... enough said So as a tiny voice in the wilderness... Best wishes in these difficult times to Israel's long-suffering civilians and to the determined and courageous personnel of the IDF ;-)) Graham
11. BBC
Alex ,   Canada   (07.25.06)
I am watching BBC and boiling, they are so biased that it is unbelievable. They are omitting or downplaying any information that might be pro-Israel. And all the time playing pictures of human suffering in Lebanon.
12. Britain and "overreaction"
Daniel ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
During the Falkland war Britain and London was never threatened. However this didn't stop Britain from sending submarines and warships equipped with nuclear weapons to Argentina. Mayor Ken of Londonistan and his Jew-hating Islamo-fascist appeasers can go to hell. We Israelis don't give a damn about what Britain or any other country thinks. After IDF has smashed Hezballah, the few remaining Hezballah terrorists can always seek aysylum to England and I am sure that Ken will welcome them. After all, trash should stick to trash.
13. the brits
av ,   london uk   (07.25.06)
i forgot to the bombing of DRESDEN by bomber Harris thats ok not overraction
14. Can't fool all people
Jacques ,   Belgium   (07.25.06)
Can't fool European all the time as you are doing with americans pretending to be the lonely victim in this conflict .Victims numbers will not lie : over 450 lebanese killed 1500 injured (mostly civilians,30 % of them children) compared to close to 35 Israelis half of them Soldiers !! You can fool some people some of the time,but not all people all the Time !!!
15. My own poll shows that
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.25.06)
61 percent of Brits don't know what they are talking about.
16. 'Tit for tat' WAR?
rachel ,   usa   (07.25.06)
Israel has been watching incursions and arms built up since 2000, and the British think Israel should play 'tit for tat' with Hizbullah? How stupid is that? And who ever said war is supposed to be 'proportionate?' Haha. Probably Neville Chamberlain, who was also British.
17. and the Faulklands wasn't an over reaction?
Robert Goldman ,   cooper city Florida   (07.25.06)
18. The European press and public opinion
Sorry for the profanity, but really who gives a shit about them. We all know the deal with the European press and the way the majority of Europeans feel about us. Let's just say, you don't have to search through history that much to realize that they are no friends of ours and have never been. However, to the small minority of Europeans who are friends of the Jewish people and of the State of Israel. we truly appreciate your support. It's a shame that there aren't more of you.
19. poll was made by ICM
Sensi   (07.25.06)
The poll was made by ICM cf. and should be reliable whatever is your right wing bias or stance (FYI i am a conservative). Israeli army's overreaction and slaugthers are condemned all around the world, except by the traditional pro-israeli people (whatever is the policy they don't care) and those that are under a sufficient propaganda and brainwashing, and thus have only one point of view for this conflict : the USA's taxpayer is a good specimen.
20. The Guardian is representative of Britain's
Herut Zion ,   Newcastle, UK   (07.25.06)
"Florence of Arabia" syndrome and not-so-veiled anti-semitism which is now disguised as Israelophobia. Have a look to their forum, if you want to observe fully blown antisemitism coming from the self-proclaimed "Left". Mind you, The Guardian's reporters from Israel are not less to blame, considering the way they abuse their position and Israel's freedoms to present the dow-eyed sweet Palestinians being repressed by the bad bad Jews...
21. My deceased grandma cares
meggie ,   Tiberias, Israel   (07.25.06)
what the Brits think......they went charging off after Bush to Iraq and other parts, and that was before 7/7. Are they defending their citizens out there??????. come on Brits, can forgive us surely after all these years since you had to leave. (and I put that politely)
22. The Guardian is totally anti-Israel
Ken ,   SA   (07.25.06)
It's well known that the British Guardian newspaper has published hundreds anti-Israel/Semitic articles.
23. A personal plea to all Americans by a Brit
Kate ,   London, UK   (07.25.06)
If you care at all about the Jewish state and people, please boycott the nation of which I am a citizen (a nation which is increasingly feeling like Poland in the 1930s for its Jewish citizens). For G-d's sake, please do not visit Britain and try your best to avoid buying British goods.
24. Since London Bombing
John ,   NZ   (07.25.06)
Brits are scared and are appeasing the Muslims. That's why they are attacking Israel's action hoping to make peace with them. Oh yea, what about Al Queda issuing a fatwa on the Queen of England. It's all coming full circle.
25. Biased?
Arab ,   Arab World   (07.25.06)
The whole world is biased? and you are God's gift to the world! You really believe the BBC is wrong, and 1000s of news papers and TV stations around the world are wrong and only YOU and CNN are right? Please!
26. .......
M Harvey ,   UK   (07.25.06)
27. u.k. press. ,   manchester. u.k.   (07.25.06)
Take no notice,the majority of the is biased against Israel.The bbc is known in some circles as the bised broadcasting corporation,and the guardian newspaper is no friend of Israel, either.Israel maintain your focus remember you are a light unto the other nations.
28. Guardian readers ?! - A pro Palestinian rag !
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (07.25.06)
The rest of the world (except supporters or terror0 are fully behind us. Even the UN and France for a change. And the BBC is remaining pretty neutral since it got a rap on the knuckles. I'm sure the Independent's sister rag and partner in supporting terror - the Independent will shock us all with the same bias. The 'bias' is what's shocking and not the poll!
29. Is this the same excuse for a country...
Michael Steiner   (07.25.06)
...that nearly nuked Argentina over an island on the other side of the world? Israel is not your mandate so kiss our Jewish asses, teabags, and mind your own business! You screwed up the world more than enough in the past four centuries.
30. Why Blair / UK plays Moslems Vs Jews
Gil ,   Tel Aviv exLondon   (07.25.06)
Blair supports Israel privately but he is forced by UK Moslem opinion and the fear of further terror attacks there to look "anti-Israel". Blair's ever busy press department would have released that opion poll to newspapers knowing that the left wing, Israel hating Guardian newspaper would jump all over it. Due to a heatwave in the UK plus holidays and therefore lack of newsworthy items, the war in Lebanon is getting central focus in the UK and is being scrutinised by all Moslems especially who are holding many protests in the street. And thats why Blair is so worried about offending Moslems / resulting in further tube bombings.
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