61 percent of Brits: Israel overreacting
Published: 25.07.06, 10:55
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31. Guardian poll
Ros ,   London   (07.25.06)
Only typically representative of Guardian readers. Nothing new here. Poll on Sky News on Sunday noted that over 68% to 36% believed that Israel was in the right.
32. Shooting innocent ppl in the tube - not an overreaction?
AB ,   TheRock   (07.25.06)
The Brits since the suicide bomb of last July 7th have adopted a "shoot to kill" policy if they have a SUSPICION that somebody is a terrorist. They riddled an innocent Brazilian with bullets cuz they thought he might be a suicide bomber. They shot another innocent arab because they thought.... They don't overreact!! Shooting known terrorists is an overreaction though. What the Brits are, are what they've always been, COWARDS. They want to please their arab population cuz they are scared of them and do so on Israel's back. Costs them nothing.
33. What do you expect?
Keira ,   Aberdeen, Scotland   (07.25.06)
The BBC evening news spent 14 minutes looking at the damage to pro-Hizbollah areas of Beirut and images of children (many of them British) leaving for Cyprus. They then turned to their correspondent in Haifa and we were treated to breathtaking views of the bay. There was but 2 seconds of footage showing the destruction caused by the rockets. After two minutes, the news turned to domestic affairs. No wonder the typical Brit has not the foggiest idea what is going on. By the way, the images of the BBC correspondent in Haifa ought to be borrowed by the Israeli tourist board. A beautiful view of the Med, a quiet city etc. What more could one want for a peaceful holiday?
34. 6 sirens today, 12 landed - what would london do?
ym ,   haifa, israel   (07.25.06)
I invite all brits to my house in my shelter room. 1 million people in the north of Israel are living in shelters and mamad. Its easy to say its disproportionate, but no one EVER has a REAL solution to propose.
35. It's not British it's BBC and the like
Evgeniy ,   NYC, US   (07.25.06)
...British think they think, in fact they react to what media out-sources like BBC (CNN in US) and others of the same sort feeding viewers. A week ago I thought BBC was "honest", as much as it's possible in commerce world, but when I read what they had to say about the conflict, UUU, I was surprised. I was surprised as if after an hour of ride I learnt that the bus going in a wrong direction. Mixture of an anger and frustration. It looks and feels like local extremists purchased 51% BBC's stocks. There is more, when I wanted to post some thoughts they didn’t post one out of ten. Posts’ ratio 10 to 1 (I don’t have to mention which opinion to which). Maybe people think that way or maybe someone really building a case against Israel. I wonder what kind of PM the Great Britain will have next. And I hope it will stay Great Britain rather just Britain. By the way I recommended to BBC to change their corporate colors to green palette, to follow their own trends.
36. Guardian
Martine ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
The Guardian is a very hateful newspaper towards the Jewish/Israelis for many years already. You can read more about them on under the name "Dishonest Reporting awards". From Honest Reporting website: "The Guardian found itself red-faced by what became known as Sassygate: As exposed by blogger Scott Burgess, the paper hired trainee journalist Dilpazier Aslam, whose coverage of July's London terror attacks included a commentary sympathizing with the bombers. It turned out that Aslam was a member of Hizb Ut Tahrir, an Islamist organization which calls for the destruction of Israel and the rule of a world-wide caliphate". So why listen to the "Guardians"?
37. england support
susan ,   colchester england   (07.25.06)
many english people are behind israel hizbollah need to be stopped we have complained about unfair news coverage we need to know what israel have to endure also
38. England and Israel should TRANSFER the arabs to arab lands.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.25.06)
39. Are you telling me The Guardian is anti-Israel?!
Paul ,   Modi'in, Israel   (07.25.06)
So The Guardian found that the majority of a 'representative sample' of Britons thought Israel was overreacting. What sort of people do you think would answer a Guardian poll? Please do not put down the British. I am originally from London and am telling you first hand that they are GOOD people. But their instinctive reaction is to support the 'underdog', no matter who is right. Much of the media, including this rag, portray things a certain way. And perhaps they are right - indeed, Israel is strong and no longer the underdog. So we lose their support. Would you prefer us to be weak and have their patronising opinions on our side???
40. Guardian poll!! HAHAHAHA
Alex ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
41. To our british friends!
Alex ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
Please boycott Guardian, Independent and BBC until they start calling terrorists "terrorists" and not militants. Cancell your subscription!
42. Does Israel or any other decent country in this world
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.25.06)
make polls about other lives? They are simply disgusting and shalow gossiping wh...res!
43. Churchill Rolls Over In His Grave and Gags
Paqid 16, Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (07.25.06)
44. Britons are crusaders for justice
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (07.25.06)
Being the most multi-cultural, tolerant, and progressive country on the planet, Britons find Israel's apartheid policies, her bombings of Lebanese infrastructure, and the murder of hundreds of Lebanese civilians, whom they term disgustingly as 'collateral damage,' as the most appalling injustices occuring on the planet today. We are disgusted by Israel's continuing crimes against humanity, her rush into an unnecessary war, and the destruction of modern Lebanon. Sadly, our government is a puppet of the Bush clique and thus the true feelings of the British public are not represented through our leaders. What a shame!
45. Pay attention....
Evgeniy ,   NYC, US   (07.25.06)
Do you know what kind of trick they use to get a 61%? That's very easy, look at the pictures. Nothing? Pictures from Israel and pictures from Lebanon at the same proportions, everything seams fare. Now pay attention: they might have the same amount of images from the both sides, BUT – if pictures from Israel are mostly shots of military personal, weapons and actions; images from Lebanon show images of suffering civilians and damages. So, if you were empty headed puppets, what would you do? You’d join 61%, right? But I'm not. (Thanks to genes and myself.) And none can say BBC and their sort are lying or not fare, and at the same time this way to present “reality” sets people’s mind on desirable course of thinking. They do the same trick with articles, too, but images are much stronger.
46. BBC must be banned for omiting anything good about Israel
Lemar ,   uk   (07.25.06)
47. #23 kate's treachery
Rustum ,   London, UK   (07.25.06)
For all the people here calling for Arab MKs to be expelled for "treacher", it seems that kate's self-hatred has reached teh same extent. "Please boycott the national of which I am a citizen" - followed by the paranoid rant that the UK feels like Poland in the 1930s. Absolutely increcible the level of self delusion. If human rights issues affect the British population and this makes Kate think of 1930s Poland then she has a serious polar disorder. why don't you be a good girl - and get out? Go make 'aliya' and sit in a bunker in Metulla. It's so much safer there.
48. Paul, who are the underdogs?
Adam ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.25.06)
6 million of us, 1.5 billion of them. I think you and the rest of the world who consider us a big evil nation, are all a bit confused. The Brits can go to hell quite frankly. Perhaps they are in need of another reminder...
49. BBC ,All Propaganda ,all the time
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.25.06)
What happened to BBC reporter James Reynolds .He was somewhat fair and balanced .Did you fire him for not being anti-Israel and pro terrorist enough ? Matt Frei is a terrorist supporter .He completely sides with hezbollah . In his report he blames Israel fails to say anythign about hezbollah missiles falling on Israeli cities and brainwashes the dumb sheep of Britan with his biased reporting its no wonder they say Israel is overreacting and say nothing about Islamic overreaction from Iran and Syria against Israel.
50. Survey: 95% of Israelis think British are Overreacting
Shai ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
Obviously, an island country that hasn't seen a serious threat since WWII, and that prefers to ignore the Islamic fundamentalist threat in its own country, is too catatonic to pass judgment on Israel.
51. Britain's opinions
Rustum ,   London, UK   (07.25.06)
It's so easy for you all to have a good tantrum at every bit of criticism and say that Britain/The Guardian/The BBC is anti-Israel. What a self-serving and simplistic way of looking at the whole situation. It's much easier for you to think that Britain is genetically anti-Israel than to do any soul-searching at all and see that when Israel is out of step with the world it is exactly that - and not that the world is out of step with Israel. Our great brown-nose leader has not called for a cease-fire, Britain is still selling arms to Israel, but that still is not enough for the goy-haters and you still have to insist that non-Israeli citizens should be 100% in favour of the policities of the Israeli government. It's so sad to see a potential mine of great intelligence diverted into a Stalinist world where no shades of opinion are allowed. In fact, this will be the downfall of the Zionist experiment - for you can bomb the hell out of the Lebanese state, you can bomb the hell out of the Palestinians in Gaza, you can hold thousands of prisoners in administrative detention, but one power you do not have is how to make non-Israelis think like you. Now why don't you all sit back and realise that in our globalised world, with information at our finger tips, with blogs and news pouring out of Lebanon, we are not all like you. We do not all relish the death of civilians, we do not all believe that Hizbullah alone is responsible for the savage carnage going on, that many people believe a political solution can be find short of the "death from the air" solution so favoured by the US and Israel. In short, stop trying to silence everyone. You are your own worst enemies jumping up and down and screaming "anti-Semitic rag" whenever the Guardian writes something you don't like. The assumption under all your rabid comments are that people do not have free intellects and that somehow British people have been corrupted by our feelings for human rights. It is even sadder and more pathetic to read your rabid comments, since you expect the world to be atuned to the suffering of Jews and not atuned to the suffering of non-Jews. Perhaps a big dose of valium all round, with profits going to investors in Geneva, would calm the bunch of you down and make you look in the mirror long enough to realise that you are not the only victims in the world, neither are you the only agressors in the world, you are in fact not even the most important people in the world - but reading the comments here one would never know that. As a final comment - Ms Bunnie Meyer in message '38 who suggsts that "Israel and Israel should transfer the Arabs to Arab lands" (please note Meyer, the world Arabs take an upper case A - but obviously you cannot bring yourself to give them that much respect) - this message from Bunnie Meyer who famously placed a message in her telephone shop stating "Moslems-Pigs" etc etc etc. Her thoughts should be completely discounted as the paranoid rantings of a woman who has drunk too much methylated spirit every day of her life.
52. Not all Brits are against you
Gregg Smith ,   Durham, Uk   (07.25.06)
The Guardian doesn't speak for the whole country, just the middle class, leftist bleeding hearts. Paul. 'representative sample' It won't even be that. and Britons dont always go for the Underdog.
53. Hateful Europe
Faith ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
It seems that most of the European countries are blatantly anti-semitic/ anti-Israel, which in my book is the same thing. Although there are those few that do support Israel's right to defend itself, it has become increasingly clear that Holland, England, France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, and other countries seem to support the terrorists, which is pretty stupid, but probably because they are slowly being taken over by them, and being the spineless Europeans that they are, are reverting back to their good old ways of hating and blaming. Nothing has changed since the Nazi regime at all. I say we should boycott all of Europe, and to hell with them! Don't travel there, don't give your money to those anti-Israel hypocrites. With all our problems here, I am so glad I do not live in Europe with all that Euro-trash.
54. Antisemitic
Jack ,   France   (07.25.06)
Why critisizing Israel is considedered antisemitic. I do not agree, unless you want me to see all those critics against Lebanon as racism....antisemitism is equal to racism.
55. The Guardian
Stuart ,   Jackson, USA   (07.25.06)
The Guardian is a left-leaning paper. I suspect that the results are probably somewhat more unfavorable than the actual sentiments of most British, I believe this poll reflects the media-fostered notion that "proportionality" is reflective of the inciting action, not the threat posed by Hezbullah. Most British and Europeans are unaware of the constant bombardment from Gaza, and are similarly unconcerned by prior incidents along the Lebanese border caused by Hezbullah. Similarly, as long as Europeans (and others) consider it acceptable for terrorists to conceal their military assets among their civilian populations, one can anticipate such antipathy from them when nations justifiably strike at the terrorists and incur civilian losses. As far as this American is concerned, "proportionality" is relative to whether it is your homeland that is being attacked. Israel is entirely justified in its military actions to reduce (or preferably neutralize) the threat along its Northern border.
56. Over-reaction!
Dr John Maxwell ,   Rechovot Israel   (07.25.06)
"Bovine-Scattogy".Was The British reaction in Dresden during WW2 " Over-reaction" No it was a reaction to terror i.e The Blitz. How easily this new generation of guttless Brits forgets!
57. The only ones voting in that poll were
Mary ,   USA   (07.25.06)
gov't officials or other left sided idiots. That poll was rigged. Londons attack happened a year ago, they have not forgotten
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (07.25.06)
59. Bloody Sundays and Overreactions
Jeremy S. Slavin ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.25.06)
Considering that colonialism turned generations of Brits into Arabists, this isn't surprising. Considering, however, the British reaction to Nazi rockets aimed at London, which were as an effective weapon of fear as Katyushas are, it is horrible. The British think that Israel setting up checkpoints to stop suicide bombers is an example of Israel overreacting. Hell, the British think that a Jew picking up a weapon to defend himself or herself is an overreaction. A Jew going on TV to defend the Jewish people's right to a homeland is overreacting, according to the UK. Of course, I generalize, but when have Britons EVER been truly pro-Israel? Surely the experience of the Palestine Mandate didn't win them over...a British officer commanded the Arab Legion of Transjordan, for God's sake, against the Jews in Israel's War of Independence! Shooting an unarmed Brazilian in a Tube station after he's hopped a turnstile, as he runs to catch a that's overreacting...or is it? How's Northern Ireland these days...calm, but was it always? Bloody Sunday, 1972 anyone? I'd say Bloody Sunday, 1920, too...but that was PROPORTIONAL.
60. Terrorism overreacting
Ana M. ,   Spain   (07.25.06)
I have learned we dont have to pay much attention to those polls. The Guardian is a leftist newspaper and usually against anything Israel can do. Herein the readers and the voters are the same. There is a poll in the Spanish Pravda by which most people think Israel is overreating. But I know of another newspaper where virtually everybody supports Israel.
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