IDF in control of Bint Jbeil
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 25.07.06, 11:55
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1. 1 or 2 KMs per 14 Days are rather an outstanding achievement
2. In Control of what ????
Pierre ,   France   (07.25.06)
"Ronen stressed that terror cells intend to drag forces into areas of the village itself, but the IDF is aware of such traps" Waw!!! what achievement done if IDF don't dare entering one House!!! Courage IDF Soldiers In Control of what ?????
3. The object is to kill as many Hizbullah!
naro ,   nyc   (07.25.06)
And as few IDF soldiers. Time is not a major factor!
4. I'd like to see you there.
M ,   Belgium   (07.25.06)
but don't worry, slowly but surely we'll get them all
5. Yashar Koach to our brave soldiers
eli ,   Raanana, ISRAEL   (07.25.06)
OLMERT_EHUD ,   TEL AVIV   (07.25.06)
congratulation:hizbulla will still fight for several year till we say stop war, israel can't win and we can't continue in this war for a time.... LEBAN IS A TRAP ehud olmert_Israel PM
7. To Pierre #2
Alex ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
That's because IDF wants to kill as much civilians as possible (*sarcasm*) you idiot.
8. T0 #6
Alex ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
Don't worry terrorist-lover. Now it's not children and women against Hi-Zballe. Now it's IDF. Ugly-male-virgings are awaiting for your friends in hell.
9. #1
Sam ,   T.A.   (07.25.06)
Fool rush where angles fear to tread. You know how many died so you can slep in peace??
10. #2 #6
Moish ,   P.T.   (07.25.06)
Glad we've got you thinking what we WANT you to think...
11. After 14 Days
Safy ,   Tarout, Saudi Arabia   (07.25.06)
After 14 Days and still Katyushas strikes northen areas. IDF in control of Bint Jbeil and Katyushas in Safed this morning. When could we will not hear Katyushas falling in the northern area? is it after 140 days???
12. Safi #11
Alex ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
Safi, I don't understand. You want us to try some carpet-napalm bombing with some vacuum bombing or what?
13. The Great IDF
MacDonalds ,   USA   (07.25.06)
The IDF is the lamest bunch of rag tag boys scouts i have ever seen. How can you you call them Israel's defence? - They crash choppers into each other - Crash choppers into power lines. - Crash F16s while taking off - Get captured on the border, - 8 tanks blown up - A warships blown up. - Shooting at UN posts - Shooting at each other You seriously believe they're in control of a town ? AHAhahahahHAAhahaha Israel is going to burn by its own military.
14. #6 - Another Moron
Talula ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
What you have written here is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard. It doesn't even make sense. You can't even string a simple sentence together, poor you, you ignorant blind Idiot.
Ehud ,   Hiroshima, JAPAN   (07.25.06)
It is clear that we are loosing. 3000 reservists are called, plus thousands IDF members, supported by IAF, the most technologically advanced and the best in the area (if not in the world). And yet what do we have? 3 days for Maroun el Ras with about 50 casualities, and 2 days and we did not get Bent Jbeil yet, casuality count is more than 50 already... What are doing in Lebanon? STOP WAR NOW!
16. To Pierre #2
Rachel ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
You French are just so stupid!!!
17. Useless Force
Zeus ,   Greece   (07.25.06)
Wat ever the so called IDF will do ,it cant stop the rockets from hitting every place of yur country coz you started the war and you will pay until you give people their rights
18. Arise! Long Live The Magen David!
Ogbonnaya ,   Bay Area, CA, U.S.A.   (07.25.06)
As Israeli combat soldiers advances on the war on terror, all Israel needs to arise, rallying and supporting her army as the move to cripple the eye of the Jihadic monster of terror - Hizbullah. Hizbullah is the Eye of the Growing One-Eye Cyclops that has declared that Israel has no right to exist. Poke that Eye and you begin to cripple Hizbullah's arsenal supplier - the Growing One Eye Cyclops - mark my word - "Growing." A blind Cyclops will only stumble and fall; and just like little David cut of the head of the giant Goliath - so also will be the fate of this Cyclops. Let the reader understand. Arise O Israel and remember the words of your former Prime Minister, Golda Meir, who had the following to say: 1. “Arab sovereignty in Jerusalem just cannot be. This city will not be divided-not half and half, not 60-40, not 75-25, nothing.” 2. “I never did anything alone. Whatever was accomplished in this country was accomplished collectively.” 3. “Pessimism is a luxury that a Jew can never allow himself.” 4. “We don't thrive on military acts. We do them because we have to, and thank God we are efficient.” 5. “We have always said that in our war with the Arabs we had a secret weapon - no alternative.” Arise O Jews at home in Israel and abroad and support your mother land. Arise all Non-Jewish Supporters of Israel to aid in choking the growing macrocosmic Jihad against Israel. Israel has the right to exist - let all supporters of Israel all over the world ARISE! LONG LIVE THE MAGEN DAVID! May Israel live long and thrive!
19. Fight to win or fight to lose ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.25.06)
The party of movement is moving . At least now they finally move in the RIGHT direction. They still do not fight to gain a decisive victory over hezbollah but eventuakky they will be forced to do so. They fight under a timetable pressure which is a recepie for disaster. Will they remove the Bush leash around their necks and finish the Palestinian problem also or will they veer left again ?
20. With simple math, IDF needs 14 years to reach Beirut.
Mary ,   Paris   (07.25.06)
21. 15 Ehud : Stop Crap posting NO one listens to YOU idiot
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.25.06)
look after Japan
22. No Wonder you are hated!!!
Zeus ,   Greece   (07.25.06)
from the comments i read from israelis i see how much hate they have in them for anything not jewish...this is called racism in case u dont know and its the way nazis used to be thinking they are better than everybody.....look at yur history yuv always been slaves in egypt and iraq and this time will return since history repeats itself so beware of wat u do now for u will be punished for it
23. so glad
BS meter ,   Canada   (07.25.06)
I went to bed worried and am so glad to see this report. I know it's not over til the fat lady sings, but I do believe she's clearing her throat. People keep talking/writing about this being a "quagmire," like Iraq, etc. But the IDF will get out. They're not hanging around to reconstruct. The Lebanese have a govt. Anyway, bravo, IDF. I am praying (and I'm an unbeliever!) for each and everyone of your missions.
24. pathetic triumph
Yohan ,   Amsterdam   (07.25.06)
the undefeated army takes 14 days to control one town ??!!! it is a trite and pathetic victory. this army with that flock of leaders will be defeated for sure.
25. Wrong Strategy
David ,   Brookline, MA   (07.25.06)
We may have the best soldiers in the world, but unfortunately we don’t have the best strategists. Is bombing the banks with Hezbollah’s accounts going to stop rockets raining in the North?
26. #2 #22
Proud of IDF ,   Chicago, USA   (07.25.06)
Europeans are the reason that Nutron bombs were created. Bunch of idiots, letting their country's become overrun with Islamic fascists, incapable of seeing that this is WWIII, great food, nice buildings and museums, just the people there really are disgusting!
27. TO PIERRE " In control of what?"
Who cares about what is being eructed by subjects of the Islamic Republic of Francistan? You are not even "infidel dogs" , you are plainly dogs, good only at yelping and lapping. Abjectionist nonentity! Israel for ever
28. Re The GReat IDF #13
DD ,   kiryat Shmona   (07.25.06)
Two words , Vietnam and Iraq LOL, do you know you own countrys military history. Ask the Canadian familys whos husbands where attacked and killed by USA jets in Afganistan DD
29. At Yhan in Amsterdam and Zeus in Greece
DD ,   Kiryat Shmona   (07.25.06)
Does your army country even have an army? Havnt heard ANY of their achievments. There is a reason it is so slow, but then you two propaly have never been in the military and propapbly wouldnt comprehend that DD
30. Fools don't understand IDF:
Mike White ,   Canada   (07.25.06)
Some asking foolish questions... South Lebanon been left to the end. Lots of open outstanding accounts need to be settled with shias/hezballah thru all of Lebanon. Than will take them back decades. Cost is enormous, Iran can't deliver the fund for costly repairs and weapons to hezbolla at the same time. Arabs will not help shias. If those southerns villages been taken fast then the pressure would build to stop bombing shias to the ground. So, how about doing those villages slowly to time with the need with a bombing campaign all over Lebanon...Right... IDF could taken all southern Lebanon in 1 day but would not achieve all its objectives.
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