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Jewish papers back Israel? Well, not all of them
Jewish Telegraph
Published: 25.07.06, 13:24
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1. do we expect anything different from the british?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.25.06)
amazing how the british jews remain jewish outwardly, but inwardly they have taken on the very british attitude of being anti-israel, or at least silent (like during ww2). maybe they are just more concerned with themselves than with those on the fromt line.
2. The Organ of British Jewry – Brit lehumra
Avi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.25.06)
I left the UK 30 years for the much more pleasant climes of Israel. I am surprised at the pusillanimous reaction of the community to this politically correct behavior. Chuck the fellow travelling idiot out on his ear. I recommend "brit lahumra" for the Organ of British Jewry.
3. Dont expect anything
Tim ,   Australia   (07.25.06)
Dont expect anything else from the Australian community either. Good thing you have the lie/excuse that everyone hates you because you are the perfect children. The rest of us see you as the greedy ingrates that you are. Get ready for the backlash of the millenium.
4. What would anyone expect from an ex-Guardian journalist?
Nannette ,   London, UK   (07.25.06)
The answer is simple - don't buy the JC. Boycott it, and watch the sales figures drop.
5. The JC
AJB ,   London   (07.25.06)
This rag is a disgusting disgrace and an embarresment to the people who set it up. The editor is a ultra leftisit former GUARDIAN JOURNALIST, employed by rich British Jewish owners, who are self hating, orthodox hating scum. BOYCOTT THE JC
7. David Rowens comments
;Maurice ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
all you have to do is tell the truth,. Its not up to you to decide whose right or wrong.
9. #5 AJB---well said, the JC is a rag
corre ,   london   (07.25.06)
well done ASH, quite agree
10. Who needs another Guardian?
Adam M. ,   NYC   (07.25.06)
If British Jews want to read anti-Israel papers they have plenty to choose from -- The Guardian, the Independent, and others. If they want to read a paper that is pro-Israel, there are not many to choose from. And from that short list scratch the decaying Chronicle.
11. Stalinism rears its ugly head
Rustum ,   London, UK   (07.25.06)
So the editor of the JC takes an editorial decision - to keep his newspaper, previously pathetically biased, in the middle ground and to leave space for debate. Nanette says "don't buy the JC" - typical reaction. Then when teh Manchester Jewish Gazette, and the Liverpool Jewish Gazette and the Gateshead Jewish Gazette take the same line, you'll be wnating to boycott them too. Already there are calls from the fascist idiots to boycott Britain because of the Guardian poll... Why don't you just wake up and smell the coffee? Debate and freedom and two sacrosanct elements in our life. The Zionist Taleban would take that away and all you will be left with, after all the boycotts and the Stalinist pulling together, will be a Jewish community that is too terrified to express its opinion for fear of a herem being carried out against it by the non-religious right wing zealots. Do none of you really believe that people are not entitled to their opinions? If you don't agree, write a letter to the editor - but the level of response in this forum to a man carrying out his editorial job is, I am sorry to say, abysmal and sickening.
12. We owe you nothing
Paul ,   Austin, USA   (07.25.06)
How sad and tired it is to hear Israelis assuming the unconditional support of every Jew worldwide. We've poured billions into your failed social experiements only to be screamed at and insulted any time we fail to be your flag-waving cheerleaders on command. Perhaps you should pander more forcefully to the soul soliciting evangelicals if we're such traitors and you're so desperate for a thumbs up. You've played yourselves. I'm so disgusted.
13. British Jews are often similar to native Britons
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (07.25.06)
in their quest for justice. That is why such a relatively high number of Jews in Britain are not afraid to criticise Israel's criminal policies.
14. If we are not for ourselves, who will be? Fire Rowan fast
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.25.06)
Mr. Rowan is not suited for the position of editor of a major Jewish publication. His desire to be neutral between the only Jewish state in the world, and a terrorist organization bent on our destruction marks him out as somebody who is simply not fit for the job he has been given him. He should be fired immediately.
15. I agree with Rustum
Karen ,   Tel Aviv   (07.25.06)
When did blindly supporting Israel's actions become required? I am an Israeli and I am disgusted by what this country is doing. Critcism of Israel is blown off when it is so easily regarded as "anti-Israel," "anti-semitic," or my favorite, when my cricism makes me a "self-hating Jew"
16. JC Editor
Surbitonite ,   Greater London, UK   (07.25.06)
Israel's position is not being heard in the UK. We need the JC to take a stance reflecting the views of the majority of the British Jewish community who support Israel. In the past both Ned Temko & Jeff Barak (former Editor & Acting Editor) have robustly defended Israel in broadcast interviews. Rowan made a complete shambles of a Sky interview on Friday. How can anyone who describes himself as "secular" be attuned to the requirements of this demanding job. He obviously is ill-equipped for the position & should be replaced a.s.a.p. The JC Editor is often taken to be a representative of the Jewish community & this guy clearly is not.
17. Cancel your subscription
Harry   (07.25.06)
The JC is a subscription based newspaper serving a very particular populace. I presume that if British Jews don't like what the JC is saying, and they should not if they have any true identity as Jews, they can effectively shut down the paper by cancelling their subscriptions straight away. Nobody is paying for the JC's inanities other than its readers. Now, cancelling your subscription to the Guardian won't change anything because they don't care about Jews anyway. Presumably, the JC should very much care about offending Jews with "evenhanded" claptrap. Vote with your pocketbook and put the JC out of business.
18. I agree with Rustum and Karen
David Scherzer ,   Boulder, USA   (07.25.06)
Being a Jew does not require the unconditional support of Israeli actions. I support Israel's right to exist...peacefully with her neighbors. I learned from a very early age in hebrew school that Judaism's principle purpose is to make the world a better place to live. Some people might interpret this as "a better place FOR JEWS to live", but I believe it means "a better place FOR EVERYONE to live". Bombing civilians and infrastructure critical to civilian life does not fit in with that. If you think that holding this view makes me "anti-semitic" or a "self-hating Jew", then you are sorely mistaken. I support Israel when she is on the moral high ground.
19. Karen I am disgusted by you!!!
Martine ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
It's so easy to sit in a safe TEL-AVIV writing on this website, while IDF soldiers are giving their lives for people like you. I am living in the North of Israel and highly appreciate the IDF and their effort to keeping me safe. Ofcourse from your fancy coffee shop you can talk very easily as you feel very safe. If we do not fight for our right to live, can you tell me who will do it for you? Today I saw there was a demonstration in Haifa from the far left wing. They did it in front of people who are being bombed daily for many days. DISGUSTING!!! While our country is attacked by brutal terrorists you should just shut up while we are at war. After that you can talk your nonsense as much like.
20. Positively Orwellian
MH ,   USA   (07.26.06)
Wow, from an American point of view this is postively Orwellian. The editor of a newspaper - in a democratic country with a free press - decides that his paper should report the news in a non-biased fashion, and give opportunity for different points of view. HELLO PEOPLE - THIS IS PART OF WHAT MAKES A FREE SOCIETY!!! And because of this, he is accused of Israel-hating and anti-Zionism? Can't people step back and see how insane this is? Manchester Zionist Central Council president Lucille Cohen is quoted as saying " "The Jewish community of Britain would expect the Jewish Chronicle to report the absolute truth, and that truth always puts Israel in the best possible light when set against the murderous intent of its neighbors. One would expect him to be pro-Israel." So he should report the truth, but of course that truth will always be pro-Israel? Straight out of Orwell. When our fearless leader here in the U.S. said "if you're not with us you're against us", a lot of us had uncomfortable visions of facism. The ability to debate, and to question the actions of government - even in times of war - is essential in a free society. After all, a government acting rightly has nothing to fear from a free press - - thus a free press helps to ensure good government. This is why facist governments restrict freedom of press. Those who wish to see Israel succeed and prosper should encourage freedom of the press in matters regarding Israel, not try to silence all but the most rose-toned views. If a Jewish newspaper in England isn't free to present varying points of view, then how free is the press in Israel? Isn't Israel a free society?
21. media paints an erroneous picture
Walter ,   novato united states   (07.26.06)
The media ,obviously controlled by the powerful left in the United States, paints an entirely different picture than actually exists in the Israeli- Lebanon debacle. Freedom of speech is one thing. Freedom to lie deliberately painting a false picture for the purpose of demeaning the Israeli cause is another.
22. Mike, and UK Jews
David ,   UK   (07.26.06)
As a point of information the UK including its Jewish soldiers were in WW2 from 1939 - nice of the US to join in from 1942! As you well know throughout the intifada and until today US Jews have been almost totally absent from Israeli tourist resorts whereas UK Jews have continued to stream foreign currency to Israel by continuing to visit Incidentally have you done compulsory army service as I have? David, a British Jew
23. Paul (12) the Jew?
sk ,   USA   (07.26.06)
Paul, who is the "we"? What kind of a Jewish family names a son Paul? My atheist parents wouldn't consider it.
24. MH (20) and Rustum (of course!) are completely confused.
sk ,   USA   (07.26.06)
MH, I'd like you to give me a reference from Orwell, as I happen to know his work well. Both of you are confused about freedom ot the press (and Stalinism for that matter). The press is free FROM GOVERNMENT CONTROL NOT FROM THE ECONOMIC PURCHASING DECISIONS OF READERS OR POTENTIAL READERS. Do you understand this basic point now? Rustum, you're hopeless. MH, why don't you actually READ the first amendment? Incidentally, the press is not truly free in Israel--the Right is excluded from large-circulation avenues. Things are different in Britain.
25. What a rediculous article!!!!
Anthony   (07.26.06)
This completely takes his comments out of context. He wrote a whole long article in the Times about how solidly pro-Israel the Jewish Community is in Britain and how we're all proud of brothers in the IDF. I was proud to read this article and to see pro-Israeli arguments being made in the British newspapers. I can't believe the over-reaction of the people quoted here, and I can't believe that Ynet would fail to give the context of his comment.
26. # 22 - Mike
Faith ,   Israel   (07.26.06)
I would like to know what source you have based your facts on. Hope it's not "The Guardian"... You really have absolutely no idea how silly you sound, comparing the UK Jews to the American Jews. American Jews have done more than any other Jews in the world to support Israel, and Hadassah, which is an American organization, has donated huge amount of money to hospitals, funded expensive medical equiptment, treatments, etc. just to name a few. I know of many, many American Jews who are still visiting Israel, even despite the war, and many volunteer in the IDF. Stop the Yankee bashing already, it's tiring, not productive and childish. Instead of complaining, do something for Israel.
27. # 12 - As for you...
Faith ,   Israel   (07.26.06)
You are just plain nasty. You're disgusted??? Get some self-esteem. You sound like you could use some medication too.
28. RE: # 15 Karen
Michael A Gold ,   El Paso, Texas   (07.26.06)
Karen, it is easy to condemn as you are doing. What is NOT easy to do is to find a solution for PEACE. 90 % of the world wants peace in the Middle East. Don't you think the Israeli government wants peace? Don't you think the young men and women of the IDF want peace? Have you ever been subjected to physical violence just because you're a Jew? I have and I don't like it. AND I WON'T PUT UP WITH IT. Karen, when does enough become enough? WHAT is your solution to ending the violence in the Mid-East? The US and the UK have NEVER wanted us (Jews)! If they did why didn't they (US & UK) enforce resolution 1559?? Instead they went to Iraq. Where they in the late 1920's early 1930's. Refused us (Jews) entry into the US and UK. I don't view you as "a self-hating Jew or even anti-Semitic", but I do view you as a very UNGRATEFUL person. Young Jews are dying for your right to live. If you are unhappy with the way the Israeli government is handling this war, THEN either find a way to end the war OR leave!! BUT if you leave I guarantee that you will never find respite, just for the the plain fact that you're a Jew. One more question--- once the Jews and Arabs kill each other off, who gets the OIL??
29. I agree with Rustum and Karen, too
Redaktion ,   Zurich, Switzerland   (07.26.06)
The Jewish Cronichle is not "the Israeli Chronicle". Being Jewish means being correct, peaceful and just waiting for the messias, who will come one day, when God sends him. The jewish Cronichle has deminstrated real jewish thinking hereby, and I commend him. I ask as many jews as possible to express theit agreement, that a Jew has not necessarily to endorse Zionism . Rudolf Stark
30. freedom of thought #24
Rustum ,   London, UK   (07.26.06)
Thanks for your kind comments. I'm so glad to read that you agree with the idea of freedom of the press and freedom of thought and that you have stated publicly that youa re against Stalinist thought-control. I never thought we would read that you have become a re-educated ex-Zionist - i.e. someone who does not wish to control everyone's thoughts and agrees that newspapers are organs of free thought and do not have to tow the exact line followed by a foreign government.
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