Highest security open-air prison on earth
Laila M. El-Haddad
Published: 25.07.06, 19:13
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1. Just Wondering If During The Holocaust....
Hirsch   (07.25.06)
Did Jewish media outlets outside of Germany publish articles written by their enemies??
2. Don't blame Israel
Nannette ,   London, UK   (07.25.06)
It's time to stop playing the blame game. It's getting boring now. When Israel left Gaza, instead of spending billions in aid money on hospitals, schools, universities, housing and an infrastructure, the Palestinians chose to spend billions on weapons and to continue fighting Israel. You voted, and you made your choice. You, the Palestinian people voted for jihad instead of a good life of peace.
3. Blaming Israel for everything is not sophisticated, Mrs.E.-H
Gerd Schulz ,   Germany   (07.25.06)
4. Criminals must be in jail
Moshe ,   South of Brazil   (07.25.06)
5. PROPAGANDA - How could they post this garbage
Jedi ,   Hollywood   (07.25.06)
This is utter rubbish.
6. Freedom...
The White Shadow   (07.25.06)
...requires responsbility. Your so-called "nation" has not responsibly shown itself willing to join the international community. Your so-called "nation" has not shown responsibility in voting in the Hamas fiends. Your so-called "nation" has not shown the responsbility of keeping the criminal your harbour from launching missiles into another nation. You have not shown responsibility. Therefore you have not earned freedom. Since you act like spoiled children, none of your other Arab "brothers" in other nations seem to want to take you in. Face facts. Yisrael is here to stay.
7. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO - Get Out Of Here Son of Amalek!!!!!!
8. For real ISRAELI JEWISH NEWS: Israelnn.com
Israelnn.com and IsraelNationalRadio.com
9. Ahh
Jonathan ,   London, UK   (07.25.06)
I could take issue with a myriad of assertions and issues within the article. However, my main problem is with the conclusion - "Only through fully ending their occupation of the West Bank and Gaza can a lasting peace be achieved." Sorry, that's not how a peace process works. It works quite simply, sides take it in turns to do things. The palestinians stop the incitement, the breeding of terror, the exhortations of hatred, and Israel gradually reduce influence. What doesn't work is Israel just giving the palestinians all they want as is suggested. Israel made a massive step by pulling out of Gaza. The palestinians COULD have taken the chance to build and live. They could have suspended the hate and terror and proved to the world that they merit a state. But from the minute Israel left, they fired rockets, day after day - 1000 in 10 months. You can give whatever reason you want, the fact was, Gaza had an opportunity - however restricted, to move on and it did not. And this typifies the ingrained palestinian mindset - they want everything at once, provided for them. They want the utterly unreasonable result of Israel giving in to every demand, whilst they won't even countenance making even a promise of peace in return. When they vote for a group taht utterly rejects negotiation and compromise and isdedicated to destroying Israel through terror, they sign themselves up for mistrust and a lack of Israeli co-operation.
10. Bollocks
Shai ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
When you use Israel's withdrawal as a stepping stone for increased attacks on Israel, what the hell do you expect, hugs and kisses? And with polls amongst Palestinians in Gaza showing wide support for those attacks (65% supported an agreement that allowed attacks to continue on civilian Israelis living in Judea and Samaria - hardly much of a concession from Israeli's perspectives) you expect us to carefully filter through those of you who would rather things be different? Well, that's never been a favor you extended to Israelis. "Disproportionate" also describes your response to Ariel Sharon's trip to the Temple Mount. Artillary strikes on civilian populations describe you Kassams. "Extra judicial killings" describe your suicide bombers. The Arab League boycott is no less incideous than closing our economy to you, especially when you send bombers to the checkpoints and our cities when we do let you in. And to clarify, that you elected your government democratically has both obligations as well as rights. It's odd that you expect everyone to respect Hamas' decision to fight Israel, while ignoring Israel's democratic right to pummel you into the ground everytime you do. "Absolutist approach" also describes Palestinians inability to compromise on returning Palestinian refugees and their families to areas inside the Green Line, on the Temple Mount sovereignty, or numerous other issues. It also describes the inability to understand how Palestinians who killed Israelis and sit in Israeli jails are not, to our mind, candidates for clemency. Palestinians missed yet another opportunity. In the process, it is THEY who created their situation. I feel not one iota of responsibility for them - our job is first and foremost to protect ourselves from the Palestinians who are attacking us. That, apparently, is what we will be doing until the Palistinians discover the idiocy of their absolutist approach to our conflict. You have no right to "anything in return" for our sodiers. Give them up to us, and then we'll talk. The onus is on you, not us.
11. Laila
Alex ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
Tell me Laila. How comes Israel permits certain woman to work in Israel, she comes to Soroka hospital and tries to detonate herself there? I'd like to hear some serious explanation, and not regular "desperation" crap. Next, please explain me how on Earth can Israel to allow such psychotic people to enter freely it's territory. Laila, I'm sure you know very well that before first intifada Israel had very good relations with Gazans, people went there to buy goods. Gazans got permissions to enter Israel and have a job there. So, maybe you have enough brains to see that root cause for Gaza to be closed is terroristic madness of it's residents?
12. Why do you bother?
The Raccoon   (07.25.06)
Why do you bother posting the rantings of self-professed anti-semite who wishes the destruction of Israel - the woman who proudly raises her offspring to be a terrorist? A woman who strives to see each and every one of us here in Israel dead? Would you also post the "opinions" of KKK members? Neo-Nazis? How about an opinion column by Hassan Nasrallah? Or Ahmadinejad? I have grown to expect better from you than to serve as the mouthpiece for those who would destroy us and dance on the ashes. Thank you.
ZALMAN ,   USA   (07.25.06)
14. gaza
jj ,   montreal   (07.25.06)
Laila, peace will come when you give up the idea of destoying Israel. Where were you when the Israelies left Gaza and Hamas destroyed the hot houses that were bought by Americans so you would have income. Where were you when Arafat stole your money and gave it to his wife in France? Where were you when you could have had land for peace and arafat left the table? Where was your outrage when Egypt controled Gaza and you did not ask for liberation from the occupiers? Now you complain?
15. Peace Now
David ,   Brookline, MA   (07.25.06)
If Palestinians don't like what's happening they can have peace in five minutes. They only have to return the kidnapped Israeli soldier and stop firing rockets into Israel. Then they can peacefully grow cherry tomatoes in the greenhouses left by the expelled Israelis. The choice is theirs.
16. Somebody is smoking to much hashish
LOL, and then and then and then only fools think of complete peace through statements like "Only if we just leave, only if we do something we will have peace" What you dont undestand "Ms" is that your Arab brothers want EVERYTHING AND WANT TO KILL ALL JEWS. Was there peace when ARabs killed many Jews in Hebron decades before Israel was created? Stay on your side, *******
17. What you left out. (On purpose?)
obekanobe ,   Hazorea, Israel   (07.25.06)
How could you not even mention the Kassams, suicide bombings and other terrorist activities! You know, as well as everyone else that if there had been even a short period of terrorist inactivity, the restrictions you mention would gradually have been lifted. What motive does Israel have to keep the citizens of Gaza locked up in this "open air prison"? How can you expect an open border when there is a real threat of further terrorist activity - substantiated daily in public statements as well as actions, by the 35% who do not think Israel has a right to exist. How can we open the prison doors as long as there are parents "inside" who are willing to send their children to blow themselves up in restaurants and buses in Israel? Israel took the first step, at a terrible internal cost, in spite of the objections of a large minority. What Israel got in return was the pronmise of unabated terror and a spate of Kassams! The future of Gaza is in the Palestinians' hands, not in Israel's.
18. stop the rockets = win your freedom
paul ,   tel aviv   (07.25.06)
I read through that entire boring article and not once did she even mention the kassam rockets, the katushas, the weapons tunnels, the roadside bombs etc. Until you see things from both perspectives you will forever remain a prisoner to your own ignorance.
19. kassam rockets = Life imprisonment
Mark ,   USA   (07.25.06)
You are murdering civilians by using kassam rockets and deserve to be lockdown in a maximum security prison. You are given too much freedom and you use that liberty to kill Jews. I think solitary confinement and no freedom will stop kassam attacks. Israel is too soft on criminals.
20. Details, details...
Murray ,   New York   (07.25.06)
The poignant tale and carefully crafted argument Ms el Haddad articulates is tragic in every aspect save one. The presence of Israel in Gaza left much to be desired but it ended unilaterally. Instead of building a new society, Palestinians chose to perpetuate war. The ongoing tragedy has as much to do with the Palestinian's unwillingness to jettison the 'refugee' mantle and don the heavy cloak of statehood than it does with Israel's post-withdrawal responses.
21. 'hutzpa' must be an arabian word
LP   (07.25.06)
After five years of suiside bombing, which climed lives of around 1000 israelis, that woman should have a lot of hutzpa to demand a free pass to Israel. Moreover, even if there had been no palestinian terrorism, still, in order to enter to another state one always needs special permition like a visa or something like that. Does she think that in all other contries, apart from Israel, she may enter when she wishes? She should try to go to US, for example, without the visa. Only if contries have a specially friendly relations between each other, than they may have open borders. But what friendly relations could Israel have with the Gaza arabs, if they by overhelming majority supported a party (Hamas), which seeks Israel distruction?
22. wtf mate?
you're smoking too much hashish if you really think that ending israel's "occupation" of Gaza and West Bank will create a lasting peace. "There is no recognition of Israel, no matter what the cost is.” - Kahled Meshaal "Israel, as the Jewish state, must disappear from the map. " Sheikh A. Yassin
23. And what has the end of “the occupation” brought Israel?
Ken ,   SA   (07.25.06)
The ongoing kasssam rocket fire disrupts the lives of Israelis, traumatizes the children, and amounts to an act of war. The escalation of violence not only has occurred following Israel’s evacuation of Gaza but after the Israeli Prime Minister expressed his intention to withdraw from virtually the entire West Bank. Peace will be possible only when the Palestinians and other Muslims and Arabs demonstrate by their deeds their willingness to live beside a Jewish state.
24. $$$ Laila, Darling: What are you talking about? $$$
$$$ Suha AraFAT $$$ ,   Gaza. Paris. Tunis.   (07.25.06)
25. An open answer to Laila
Ariel ,   pre-67 Israel   (07.25.06)
Dear Laila, I found your article interesting, although I did not learn anything new. I am an Israeli and I feel for your lack of freedom. But you write as if there are no suicide bombs, no Hamas government that doesn’t except any Israeli existence and no years of Palestinian terror. You write emotionally, but only seeing one side of the story. You probably know better than me what will happen in Gaza if the borders open, a second Lebanon… a Hamas Land. So you will have to excuse me limiting your freedom to travel easily to Bir-Zeit in order to save some Israeli civilians. I don’t object to your wish for a country with open borders and full freedom and “Inshalla” one day Palestinians will have their own country, but this cannot come on the expense of Israeli lives. The day Palestinians stop their militant ways I promise you, I will march for your rights and fight for your causes, including Gaza and the west bank (even the big settlements) but this will happen only when I fill safe. True, Gaza is not a totally free country, but it was free from physical Israeli presence. You had the chance to invest in your children, educate them, keep them away from the streets, but instead your people chose to cross the border and kidnap and kill soldiers. Rockets were fired again and again and again and are still fired. Do you think that now Israel will open the borders for you? You might be surprised how many people in Israel ( The silent voice, that you don’t hear usually) have no will to control your people, if they feel that they are safe. Stop the militant ways it will not bring your people the freedom, it will create more suffering on your side than ours. It is the pride that imprisons your people.
faisal ,   HYDERABAD INDIA   (07.25.06)
First of all here she is talking like a normal person who wants dignity and wants freedom from all restrictions . There will be always difference between a militant and a normal civilian. Dreaming for a better life is not wrong . The same Israelis will want no missle attacks and no suicide bombings.There are many tough issues on both sides .but in real both Israelis and palestinians wants dignity and peace . Peace will not come untill all these things are stopped,Every problem do have a solution ... But who wants peace in real its on that now ... It should be blame on whom that peace process was stopped . Or may be it was all fake from the beginning and both sides were never interested in that ever .
27. Gaza
RhubarbRex ,   Netivot, Israel   (07.25.06)
It is amazing that not a word is said by Ms. El-Haddad about the hundreds of rockets that have been fired from Gaza since Israel unilaterally left Gaza. Nor the terrorist attacks that originated from Gaza both before and after Israel left. That is the reason that Israel takes the military actions she complains of, not the election of Hamas. My wife grew up here (Netivot). During the seventies her parents took her to Gaza City to a Palestinian dentist. Her family was close to a Palestinian family which lived in Gaza, and the two families frequently visted each other's homes. There were no restrictions on travel. The Gaza economy improved tremendously. Only after the first intifiada did things start to deteriorate. I have a Palestinian friend who was born and raised in Gaza but who has now moved to the US. He tells me things were much better before the PLO took over. If she wants a better life, perhaps Ms. El-Haddad should seek a sessation of violence, both against Israel, and against her fellow Palestinians by the extremists. Her suggestion that most Palestinians just want to live a normal life is belied by Hamas' declared principal objective of eliminating the State of Israel by violence.
28. No. 1.... During The Holocaust
Cartago   (07.25.06)
These people should be given credit. They fight back. They try to build their life that is being destroyed on daily basis. If Jews - 6 million - stood up for themselves and fought back with their nails and their teeth, the end could have been changed. BUT, in this world, there are the sheep and there are the .............
29. Cause and effect
Barbara ,   USA   (07.25.06)
Maybe in another 50 years the Pals will figure out the concept. Or maybe not. Face it, Laila. The rampant corruption and pathological hatred of the Israelis in your society are what is wrecking your lives - nothing else. You are the self-defeating authors of your own destruction and hellish existence.
30. What are talking about
After Israel pulled out of Gaza the people were happy to this day they continue to celebrate their freedom . . . if you recall a few months back when Israel pulled out of Gaza all you could hear in Gaza was gun shots and cheering from celebration. Up until that point I was happy for the Palestinian people they got 33% of what they wanted (Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza). But here is what went wrong first they destroyed every single piece of infrastructure the Israelis left them. The Palestinian destroyed millions of dollars worth of green house which is the main source of income down there. They showed the world what kind of animals they are by setting fire to holy Jewish sites. Then they kept firing rockets every single day. To top the list they voted in the terrorist Hamas, civil war broke out. And last but not least they kidnap an Israeli soldier. DON’T GIVE ME THIS GARBAGE THAT ITS ONE BIG PRISON the Palestinians people of Gaza brought this on them selves!!!
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