Against the war: Our children are being sacrificed
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 25.07.06, 23:00
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1. moonbat leftists who prefer that jewish civilians die rather
than terrorists ,   r real terrorists   (07.25.06)
2. Free Speech Does Not Mean Freedom from Censure
Harry   (07.25.06)
These loonies can go ahead and express themselves, but they should really move out of the country because they are siding with the enemy in an existential war. If the continued existence of Israel is no concern to them and they are not willing to protect it, then there are plenty of Middle Eastern towns not more than 200 miles from Israel that I am sure would be happy to take them. Perhaps they should go and live in Teheran if they love Hezbollah so much. Just because you have the freedom to say something does not mean you abdicate responsibility for the contents of your speech. If it is dumb and hateful, as is the case here, don't expect anyone to go out of their way to support you. Also, this type of speech in wartime, when Israeli cities are being bombed, is incitement and is the same as throwing rocks - that's why these inciters were taken away.
AVINU   (07.25.06)
4. With Israelis like these
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (07.25.06)
there is hope for peace.
5. wow
ilan   (07.25.06)
TENS of them! A veritable horde!
6. clowns - they should join the next traveling circus !
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (07.25.06)
7. shalom achshav
Zionist ,   Israel   (07.25.06)
It seems to me that Israeli leftists have no conception of past or future. It's as if their mind works like a CNN broadcast, without any historical context. They don't consider the fact that Israel has been under siege since 1948, and it doesn't occur to them that unless something drastic changes in the region (i.e.- defeating terrorism) Israel's existence will continue to be threatened. The mindset of shalom achshav is an anomaly to me.
8. While the town is under attack and fragile
Jenny   (07.26.06)
these idiots protest in the street and annoy and enrage the patriotic citizens who have been forced to live in bomb shelters. These idiots merely embolden Hizbollah and dishearten the patriotic citizens. They must be dealt with as traitors.
9. Hey, Attila reads the talkbacks
sk ,   USA   (07.26.06)
At least this time he got the number right. Fair enough.
10. Censure does not mean censorship (Harry, #2)
sk ,   USA   (07.26.06)
Harry, you say "Also, this type of speech in wartime, when Israeli cities are being bombed, is incitement and is the same as throwing rocks - that's why these inciters were taken away." I'm no lefty (really! I endorse realigning "Palestinians" to Jordan), but these "inciters" were taken away because Israel is a banana republic. "Incitement" is a Soviet word, appropriate for a Bolshevik regime or a Haredi one. The counter-demonstration was appropriate; the counter-demonstrators trying to attack the demonstrators was not appropriate; dispersing a peaceful (though odious) demonstration simply because the counter-demonstrators didn't like the message of the demonstrators and therefore rioted was laughibly inappopriate.
11. 'tens of leftists'
mike ,   san diego   (07.26.06)
all tens of them. Maybe they'll change their tune when a Katyusha falls on their heads
12. to wowed! ilan
ilana ,   usa   (07.26.06)
while their town, their entire region is under attack, JUST ONE voice spaking against those trying to save their sorry backsides is too many. Sometimes one voice gets more attention than a "horde". Perhaps they could find something useful to do?
13. Move the demonstation to Beruit
JFivel ,   NY   (07.26.06)
If the demonstration was moved to Beruit they would have a decent turnout as long as they have only praise for Hezb.
14. "an existential war"
BS Watch ,   Everywhere   (07.26.06)
What war has ever been fought by a country where its survival hasn't been at stake? Leave it to israelis to make their war "special" above all of the other wars fought throughout history. Jerks!
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.26.06)
Treason and maliciously endangering IDF soldiers' lives by Arab MKs is allowed in Israel whilst patriotic Jews are punished and jailed and regarded as ENEMIES OF THE STATE. It is urgent that demonstrations are held outside the Knesset and outside Israeli consulates world-wide to protest that Arab MKs are allowed to commit treason - collude with the enemy - repeatedly call for intifada against Israel - and encourage global jihadist religious supremacists to kidnap IDF soldiers. And to protest the persecution and politically-motivated, unjust jailing of Jewish patriots. Arab MK: 'I Advised PA to Kidnap Soldier' Jul 09, '06 / 13 Tammuz 5766 by Hillel Fendel Knesset Member Wasal Taha, corresponding publicly with internet surfers on the Arabic-language IslamOnline site, said he repeatedly advised PA terrorists to battle and kidnap Israeli soldiers. According to a report in Maariv newspaper on Sunday, Taha told surfers on Thursday that he repeatedly advised the PA Arabs to stop shooting and targeting civilians, and to concentrate on IDF targets...
16. # 2 - Right on !
Nancy ,   Los Angeles, CA   (07.26.06)
We have our traitors in America as well. Perhaps we can get two birds with one stone and send Cindy Sheehan and her bunch in America along with Edna Zaritzky and her crowd in Israel to another country together - to one which both the U.S. and Israel would like to subdue. It would seem to be a piece of cake to conquer as apparently they wouldn't defend themselves....
17. They have a choice
Ibrahim ,   S. Arabia   (07.26.06)
They can always join the Jews Against Zionism, who believe that the State of Israel should be dismantled, and that Jews should live peacefully dispersed among other nations. Now what happened to that peaceful existence to the Jews of Germany, Poland, etc. in WW2 is another matter...... They don't belong in Israel. If they choose to be Israeli citizens though they should probably realize that Israel has the right to defend itself. They cannot have it both ways.
18. Their children are being sacrificed
Randy ,   OKC, USA   (07.26.06)
by indescriminate rockets launched at them by terrorists. By getting on a bus and going to school with a homicide bomber on the bus. By going with Mom and Dad to a restraunt on a Holy day when a homicide bomber walks in with a bomb strapped to him. By playing in the streets when a car bomb explodes. Yes the children of Israel are being sacrificed. They are so right for all the wrong reasons.
19. #2 Harry
Randy ,   OKC, USA   (07.26.06)
Bravo and well said. Freedom of speech is awesome, every person in the world should have it. It does not rid one though of the consequences of that speech. The appeasers in the US would do well to remember that. Dixie Chicks for instance????
20. Hey Ellen!
Orna ,   Tel Aviv   (07.26.06)
R U still coming to World Pride '06?
21. Thanks to the protestors - stop the criminal war!
Cannon Fodder ,   Haifa   (07.26.06)
22. Is Paris burning?
Ilan ,   Ariel   (07.26.06)
No. So her children are just fine
23. No democratic creed (OKC)
sk ,   USA   (07.26.06)
Look, I already knew that democracy in the US did not depend on its citizens having a coherent understanding of democracy, but seeing such ignorance from American after American is depressing. Randy, process this please: THE ISRAELI POLICE SHUT DOWN A DEMONSTRATION BECAUSE COUNTER-DEMONSTRATORS DIDN'T LIKE THE MESSAGE AND BECAME VIOLENT. The Dixie Chicks, in comparison, suffered economic loss, not because government shut them down, but because some Americans did not purchase their music (in one form or another). Do you send money and read the literature of the American Nazi Party? Of course not. Are you therefore denying them freedom of speech? Nope. Government has the monopoly of legitmate power; thus it must be constrained because its power is inescapable. This is the basic idea behind the Bill of Rights. I repeat, I would try several Knesset members for treason, as they do more than speak. Certainly, they could be barred from running. So don't confuse me with a leftist.
24. "Tens" as opposed to millions
Edan ,   Beer Sheva   (07.26.06)
The title speaks for itself. These people are ridiculously stupid. We will continue to be united in our quest to crush the Hizbullah. "tens" lol
25. In every war against crazy monsters some soldiers will die
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.26.06)
and that indeed is tragic. But better that some die now with bravery than to have every Jew in In Israel die because the terrorist scum is emboldened by Jews not fighing evil. The traitors can talk all they want, brave soldiers will defend EVERYONE in Israel, including the traitors.
26. Their Kids, Not Yours
Girl   (07.26.06)
Their kids are dying, not yours. Their houses are reduced to rubble, not yours. Their city is burning, not yours. Of course you don't care about a cease-fire - you're not losing anything. It's happening a few cities away, not at home. Selfish people.
27. Terrorists = Hezbollah, IDF, Hamas
Aisha Thornton ,   Mississauga, Canada   (07.27.06)
I have been closely watching and sometimes editing news articles on the attacks on Lebanon and Haifa and my heart goes out to the people in both cities. I've a very dear friend in Haifa and I've no way of contacting him or knowing that he's safe. I've also got family in Beirut of whom we have no news. I've to speak at this anti-war rally tomorrow in Toronto and I've decided to speak against violence and agaisnt the terrorists = Hezbollah, Hamas and the IDF. Both sides have their own terrorists. Its Israelis like these and people in Lebanon and Palestine who are the true wishers of peace. Why do people forget how close the Jewish and Arab cultures are. I have eaten both Jewish and Arab food here in Canada and to me they both taste the same = delicious. Please stop this violence and help stop it instead of accusing each other of being the instigators. We need to stop the fighting on both sides and come to the negotiation table. Jewish and Arabic culture is so similar and Judaism and Islam are so similar as well. Please resolve your differences and embrace each otehrs cultures. You'll be surprised how many mutual things you will find. Ordinary people in Israel, Lebanon and Palestine should stop supporting Hezbollah, Hamas or the IDF and come out on their own to stop the violence. Only in doing that can terrorism be truly defeated. These three terrorist organizations are using the common man as tools for their own nefarious political gains for in continuing the fighting is their victory and their strength. Without this conflict all three would have no importance and control.
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