Iranian report: Suicide bombers en route to Lebanon
Roee Nahmias
Published: 26.07.06, 00:02
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1. Iran
Jane   (07.26.06)
"Those who caused the storm shall bear the consequences". For once I agree with him. And it is he who has caused the storm. Gentlemen, start your engines...
2. Big Missiles failed so resorting to Suicide Bombers
John ,   UK   (07.26.06)
They've thrown their best missiles art Israel and now all they have got left is to throw people with disconnected minds. Even Jan Egeland of the UN remarked :"Hizbullah must stop this cowardly blending ... among women and children"
3. That pic. of monkey man, needs a dartboard
Kissel   (07.26.06)
It is infuriating that no one has killed this plick yet. I have a dream, to bring death and destruction to the leaders of Iran. The Iranian people will be thankful.
4. G_d's curse is upon this wretch.
Mary ,   USA   (07.26.06)
5. Ahmonkey goes out of his mind
Leo ,   Canada   (07.26.06)
nice, they first tried Hizbollah, now retarded shahids, what next? He will blow himself in his office? Hey, time to stop fighting with Israel, there are no more virgins upstears
6. mad Mahmoud should shut up
Anne ,   Sydney, Australia   (07.26.06)
The more he talks the more he strengthens our resolve to stand up to the forces of Islamofascism. What an arrogant fool.
7. Just so blood is spilled so he may feast.
Annie ,   USA   (07.26.06)
It seems the terror king is hungry for more blood from Christians of Lebanon. The wolf is sated for so short a while. He, seeing a wounded child doesn't care if other wolves die also. Just so blood is spilled so he may feast.
8. Why send Suicide bombers to Israel
Samer ,   Beirut   (07.26.06)
Instead Najadi would better send mental medication to help this sick minded nation in urgent need of psychiatric treatment.
9. Mamajihad
Mary ,   USA   (07.26.06)
As this jerk peers into his hands, certainly he must view his own fate.
10. Greetings from the "religion of peace"
Christopher   (07.26.06)
11. suicide bombers
karl ,   switzerland   (07.26.06)
iran said...whip israel of the map...i hope isral and the western world finally take a stand against this lunatic in iran....and stop playing games with such crazy guy...
12. Talk about bringing coals to Newcastle!
sk ,   USA   (07.26.06)
Now for something completely different ... SUICIDE BOMBERS!! Does monkeyboy think there's a shortage?
13. Roee Nahmias
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.26.06)
"At the same time, Hizbullah has also increased its efforts to launch terror attacks into Israel through the Palestinian territories(?????)" Wrong: These are Israeli's territories,being occupied by "palestinians"by now. Hopefully ,this situation will end,rather soon than later.
14. Int'l response to Ahmadinejad's storm:
David ,   USA   (07.26.06)
Okay - so tell me why the nations of the world shouldn't ban all Iranian airlines from their soil, and detain and send back all Iranian travellers from anywhere they may be found unless they curse their President in the name of Allah and are seeking political asylum?
15. To glory to glory we're all hell-bent
Annie ,   USA   (07.26.06)
On Glory Hill Stars gather in grand array. Crowns of glory For each tattered cross Of some soul betrayed. A potter’s field flung wild with flowers of rapt defiance. Only God can see Glory in leaving there such sweet compliance. On Glory Hill, Each of us all well spent, Among silk flowers and stars Tarnished and lost, For some glory of man’s invent. To glory to glory, We’re all hell-bent Annie 2/2000
16. Islam - Religion of Peace alright!!!
Susan ,   Australia   (07.26.06)
For those claiming Israel is overreacting - get a life!! Israel has been crying victim since 1967. Israel you need to know who you are!! Take your rightful place in this world once and for all! However, remember you need God not America and International forces. I pray for you - be strong Israel trust your God.
17. the best solution
samir ,   canada   (07.26.06)
I'm still for the one democratic state solution, one man one vote in whole historical Palestine. Whoever wants to have a pure Jewish state should go to the USA and create this state on one of the US states, why not New York, where many jews live there? I think the USA won't mind giving one peace of its land to those who can't stand democracy and love racism. any other who can live free in a democratic land in the holy land should stay and live in peace with its indigenous people. Try to consider this Jane I know you would like a pure Jewish land and you would love to see the Palestinians as slaves to your people, but we’re talking democracy now or is democracy only for Jews?
18. "Death for the sake of heaven?"
Randy ,   OKC, USA   (07.26.06)
What kind of nut jobs are these people? Sounds like it is time for the IAF to pay a little pre-dawn visit to the monkey boy Ahmadinejad. Something tells me that he won't be leading the Shahids by example. Martyrs are cool when they ain't you! How can a country exist that preys on simple minds and encourages them to destroy themselves? Satan has been working overtime in Iran. Any god that rewards its people for killing themselves and women and children is evil. Like Christ said, "G-ds greatest commandment is to love one another". Nothing there about blowing up themselves and other people.
Mike ,   Nashville USA   (07.26.06)
Get those virgins ready, 'cause there's gonna be a bevy of dead Iranian bombers. Hopefully, but not likely, the rest of the world will interpret this action by Iran as direct involvement in the conflict. That would give us ample reason to wipe them off the map.
20. #11 Karl we will do much more than Switzerland is doning.
Mike ,   Israel   (07.26.06)
21. Carzy lies
Donino ,   Milano, Italy   (07.26.06)
When you fear insects, you would imagine bigger insects attacking you. Israel fears Hezbollah penetration into northern Israel, a situation that could create havoc destruction and further pain. Maybe that is one of the surprises that we will see as long as this game is being played.
22. Iran
Djazaïri ,   France   (07.26.06)
Yous should check your infos instead of writing what is transmiited to you by the spin doctors of the zionist authorities.
23. iranians
Djazaïri ,   France   (07.26.06)
This info is false and you knox it.
24. To #17-"The Best Solution"
yasser_2 ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.26.06)
The very best and most just solution, would to be let the Jews stay in their homeland where they lived for thousands of years. As an Egyptian Arab, Islam has to admit that since Abraham is the father of the Jews and Arabs and since their G_d gave the Holy land to them, they are in the right place. It is the Palestinians with no such homeland or nation of Palestine that do not belong there. Yes most are displaced Jordanians. Why should Israel be burdened by these ones who love to blow Jews up and who do not belong their. Why does Jordan not take them back and for that matter, my father's land of Egypt take them and make a home for them or the Syrians, Saudis, etc. with so much more land than tiny Israel. Your so-called solution is not one that is reasonable and thought out intelligently. It is based on blind hatred as sad to say, most of my Arab bretheren seem to advocate. I have more admiration for a civilized nation such as Israel one that has given up land and blood for peach with nothing given back in return. One ex Arab terrorist came to his senses along with others. See: Meanwhile Israelis, continue to do what you think is necessary to protect your land from the evils of Iran and its stooge-Hezbollah.
25. According to the Melitzer Rebbe "The Geula has started".
J ,   Newcastle, UK   (07.26.06)
This is The War of Redemption. Israel's best weapon is the love of Hashem.
26. Only story
PanzerSchrek ,   Peinshedecl   (07.26.06)
It's only story....such a thing wont happen. Propaganda...
27. Samir
BS meter ,   Canada   (07.26.06)
Get out of Canada, Samir. This isn't your country and we don't want you here. You're the racist. Israel's population includes 20% non Jews, the majority of them muslims. Show me a single Islamic country with 16% Jews living in it. Get out.
28. wrong djzairi!
this is totally consistent with ahm-MAD-AS-A-HATTER-dinijad overblown, grandiose rhetoric. He is a complete ideologue who has no moral compass whatsoever! The USA, Israel and the rest of the (relatively) sane Arab world must stop this crazy lunatic before he inflames the entire Middle East!
29. Depart now!
Ehud ,   Tel Aviv   (07.26.06)
I bet Hizbullah will bomb Tel Aviv very soon. Israelis! Pack up and leave this land before it's too late. Don't believe Olmert and his cohorts! Their American friends will take care of them. Who will take care of us poor Israelis?
30. Ahmadinejad should be a shehadi
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (07.26.06)
It's funny how the big guys never do suicide bombings. Even that idiot Mahrwan Bargouti, when confronted by the IDF, gave up and went to jail rather than commit suicide. What about his 72 virgins and martyrdom. These Moslems are so naive to be used like that.
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