13 IDF casualties reported in Bint Jbeil
Ynet reporters
Published: 26.07.06, 11:26
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31. Using a mosque to kill...
Damon Besinsky ,   Ein Sarid, Israel   (07.26.06)
The mosque from which Hizbullah terrorists are using as cover to fire upon and kill Israeli soldiers should be IMMEDIATELY and TOTALLY destroyes. No mercy should be given to barbarian Hizbullah actions!
32. middle east new hurricane
amron ,   Amman,Jordan   (07.26.06)
yes 13 and even more,,,,,,big lies and manipulations is the name of your games but not this time, the Winds of Truth are blowing and getting hotter , millions around are happy , fake peace treaties are falling on your heads, your so called Arab leaders friends are going down into the history trash with no sorrow, be prepared charge your Nukes, thats what is left in your ethics if you had any .
33. #21
If we talk about applying UN resolutions, get back to 224 & 336and withdraw from west bank and east Jerusalem.. shame on you to accuse the man who told the truth. Or maybe killing 4 UN observers is not a truth for you? I think it is.. because you are a fake.
34. No More Jew Hate!!!!
ab_d ,   Israel & proud of it   (07.26.06)
The root of the horrible slaughter of people and endless rounds of destruction going on in the Middle East is JEW HATE. When are you Jew haters gonna get it through your tiny brains that WE ARE NOT GOING TO GO AWAY?
35. 14 killed .not 13 hurt...dont hide the truths ,   palestine   (07.26.06)
36. Dead Hizbullah fighers
Talula ,   Israel   (07.26.06)
Why do we have to bring the dead bodies back to Israel of Hizbullah fighters, as reported in Ha'aretz? Why don't we just leave them where they fall? I think it's wrong that our boys need to cart their evil dead bodies back here.
37. Answer to Marce
Al ,   Geneva,Switzerland   (07.26.06)
I red that in fact 9 israeli soldiers werre killed on BBC. We should howewer take these numbers with caution since it comes from Lebanese sources. This war is also a war of words and both ennemies are using psychological warfare to diminish the morale of the other. Having said that it's well possible that 9 israeli soldiers were killed, because IDF will not confirm death until next of kin is notified. The soldiers are often first wounded and die some hours later...
38. Palestine
Mohammed Abdelal ,   Palestine   (07.26.06)
palestine is a small country,so there is no place for 2 states. so one of these nations has to leave. in Europe and North America no one likes Arabs, but they love israeli and support them. Which nation are able to leave?
39. #36
nasrullah   (07.26.06)
I think these body bags are for Israeli soldiers not Hizbullah fighters. If the IOF(as one earlier poster branded the IDF) can't clear their own injured soldiers, do you expect us to beleive that these are bodys of hizbullah fighters!!!!
40. yes tell the truth don't be another Israeli Sahaaf
Rimon   (07.26.06)
yes all Israelis owe it to the "moral IOF" and politicians to tell the truth and onthing but the truth, you'r lier Israeli politician underestimate your intellegince and hence belittel your minds, u need to be told the whole truth and the "morlaity behind this immoral war". I figure your lying politicians as well as your army phoney speakers will keep hiding the truth and keep the lie series on and on, well here u have it Naserallah told u and warned but Ur arogance did not allow u to believe it, he told u his fighters welcome u in their own way , they fight street fight and u better admit that they are overcoming u while u hide in ur tanks, armor trucks they remind me like the red indians in those old movies they attack and wack the soldires, u know why becasue they have a just cause to fight for unlike ur army who only knows killing children, women,,,,etc. hey Israeli public should not take the official trash anymore. go figure
41. #15 #22 #32
Jennifer Teff ,   Nahariya Israel   (07.26.06)
#15 you had better learn your history. Jews didn't live in peace in Arab lands. #22 you took the words out of my mouth #32 the only hot air blowing is yours. #15 & #32 NOBODY from Pharoh through Hitler has ever managed to kill the Jews. Funny thing about the powers that tried to kill us, they all faded away ...
42. Incompetence of IDF
Tuomas ,   Turku, Finland   (07.26.06)
Given that UN is incompetent to stop the war with unarmed observers "solders" of IDF can't obviously hit a barn even when they are inside it. I mean what are they actually aiming at? General direction of North? Are these sobs just recruited or what? They seem to hit everything besides Hizbullah. Yet you claim they have won wars, eh? It should be back home and to parctice for the Idiots & Demoralized Fools. They suck even worse than the French.
43. idf
dean ,   tipp city , ohio   (07.26.06)
idf needs to clean them out. don't stop till you fix the problem
44. 2# - You live in an alternative world
Sherry, England   (07.26.06)
I don't know how someone could recommend, not to mention publish, you feedbacks (2 and 13). Killing jewish innocent people is your target, as I see.. You are crazy if you really believe what you write. Israel did not get into this war for fun and "make troubles" but to protect its citizens from terrorists. The hizbulla started the war by throwing bombs all over. The world - You can see who is the real barbaric and insane side of this war. Go Israel who tries to get rid of terrorists, also for the whole world.
45. 2,13,19
Michal, Raanana   (07.26.06)
Are you the same insane person? you write the same way. BTW - Israel wont give up to evil murderous terrorists.
46. weal's: foolish bravery
Ebenaj ,   UK   (07.26.06)
Brave in deed! I wish someone would tell weal what the word bravery means. Absolutely not "suicide", the general consensous of your kind. And secondly, it is interesting how you refer to the agony of motherhood. What can a people who think sacrifying foolishly their own lives to express anger know about the emotion of love and loss? Don't you fighter use your children as human sheild? Surely Isreali children will reap what their fathers are sowing (as reward of freedom) and what will Arab kids reap? I pray it will not be a legacy of "suicide bombing" the foolishness of punishment of others by ending their own lives in anger? Be reminded that the world will not end even after the entire millions of arab population have commited suicide.
47. Peace in Israel and Lebanon
Orion ,   Houston, USA   (07.27.06)
The good people of Lebanon and of Israel will have peace when the last Hezbolla terrorist is strangled with the guts of the last Iranian Mullah.
48. to #21
Slawomir ,   bydgoszcz, poland   (07.27.06)
I agree!!! But... what about earlier UN resolutions??? These against Israel... Double standards??? Hypocrisy???
49. to #22
slawomir ,   bydgoszcz, pl   (07.27.06)
And you gave me a good laugh too!! You are also very brave in tanks and F16 jets! It is very brave to bomb and to fly over a state, which has no anti-aircraft systems. "Arafat was a thief and a liar". OK. And who is Sharon??? State terrorist! And you also consider him a hero, aren`t you? Still laughing too! Some kind of "double standards". :)))))
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