Minister Ramon questioned for 7 hours
Efrat Weiss
Published: 26.07.06, 14:55
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1. Suspicion
Observer ,   Israel   (07.26.06)
Minister Ramon is "suspected" and "under interrogation." this is very strong language. Is it not more correct to say that he is "accused" by a young woman and is "being interviewed" as part of an investigation? The language of this article is very stong: We, the police (and the press) suspect that you of sexual abuse, so we will badger you until you admit it. Character assassination - makes for good headlines, no?
2. this is your JUSTICE minister!
Palestinain   (07.26.06)
what crimes are your defense minister doing? Only God knows. Bombing UN positions by mistake!! Okay, I wonder how many innocent Palestinian and Lebanese have been ruthlessly killed, sorry by mistake too!
3. palestinian
nachson   (07.26.06)
you miss the point as i expected you would. the important thing to note is that we have the rule of law.
4. It appears
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.26.06)
to be that kind of american fashion to take "1million dollars"suing the guy just because he dared to try to... A bit exagere. Though,it only seems...
5. Mr. Palestinian,
Yossi ,   ISRAEL   (07.26.06)
It is correct, it has been done by mistake. Whilst your brothers, your terrorists and your shahids kill my people deliberately. But, as Halutz said, for every katyusha on Haifa, your cusins in Beirut will have 10 buildings smeared out. This is the ONLY language you understand.
6. God works in strange ways.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (07.26.06)
7. #2 "Palestinain" - YOU CAN TALK!
Scott ,   Westerner   (07.26.06)
If this guy was one of your mob - he'd be DEAD by now or like Arafat's wife in Paris - with the loot in Swiss bank accounts! Barbarian - you have no shame.
8. Talk about killing
Jayant ,   Orlando, USA   (07.26.06)
A Palestinian talking about the killing of innocent people is surprising. They have copyrighted the method over the years.
9. And what a big deal if he tried to kiss her?
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.26.06)
To lose 7 hours quetioning the Minister about this,seems at least ridiculous.
10. # 3 - Rule of Law?
USA   (07.26.06)
When was the last time a settler who killed an innocent Palestinian actually got a harsh prison sentence under your rule of law? Many innocent Israelis have been killed and that is very sad, but your state seems to write off the killing of innocent Palestinians, which is also sad.
11. What exactly does this have to do with the war in Lebanon?
Talula ,   Israel   (07.26.06)
I clicked the Israel at War - special coverage link, and this article is in the list??????????????
12. 9
Talula ,   Israel   (07.26.06)
Maybe you don't have sexual harassment laws in Brazil, and something we call, an abuse of power. But we have them here. It's just bad timing.
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