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GIYUS calls Jews of world to web duty
Linda Harel
Published: 27.07.06, 00:08
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1. It's about time! Kol Hakavod!
Lauren ,   Israel   (07.27.06)
2. spread the word
lizzy ima ,   israel   (07.27.06)
please spread this to as many peopel as possible.
3. Will the FBI and Mossad track me if i visit Albabawa? :)
J   (07.27.06)
Good job!
4. i installed it yesterday - a great and easy
Avi   (07.27.06)
software. ty.
5. spread the word
hafez ,   jordan   (07.27.06)
ok you can lie,deceptionon on the world, but be sure that you will back to your home to Europe and US and leave Palestine to her owners. go home now , befor we throw out you
6. No certificate
Faith ,   Israel   (07.27.06)
I downloaded and was about to install it, but got a window that informed me that the software doesn't have a certificate to prove it hasn't been tampered with, etc. I suggest to the people who wrote it to make sure all necessary certificates are valid, or a lot of people will not want to risk using it.
7. AS a G_d fearing jew myself
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.27.06)
can I get this software and spread the word about the great injustice being done on the WestBank, Gaza and now Lebanon?
8. To #5
Israeli ,   East Jerusalem   (07.27.06)
Dude, why dont you go find a cat to play with, ow & learn the right English language as well or use a dictionary. IDF, our hearts are with you all the way "KOL HAKAVOD".
DACON9   (07.27.06)
10. #5 We are her owners, and we are home
Haifa, Israel   (07.27.06)
You're on the wrong website
11. For the love of G_d, employ censorship just once
Sharon ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.27.06)
I realize we are democratic by nature, but I hope the hacks are filtered out in the case of this website.
12. Yes... you can do that....
Walter ,   Massachusetts USA   (07.27.06)
But, instead, go to a "hot spot" (Iraq, South Lebanon, Gaza, West Bank, etc.) and DEMAND that a permanent solution be put into place. In Gaza, build factories to employ people. In southern Lebanon, take the kids who live within 3 miles of border, and bring them to private schools in Israel. In West Bank, create and economic free access zone between West Bank and Dearborn, Michigan. In Iraq, rebuild infrastructure. Surround Israel not with fences, but with prosperous neighbors who fear losing their prosperity.
13. To number 12, so far away.
Jewish Mother ,   Bet Shemesh, Israel   (07.27.06)
Walter, why is Isreal responsible for providing services that other countries should supply to their citizens. When Gaza was given back last summer, The Palestinians were given millions of dollars in potential revenue in fertile greehouses growing tomatoes and vegetables of world class quality. They burned them to the ground. They've had over $6billion in aid and what have they built? Hospitals, schools? No, but they have money for guns and missiles. When you understand that they don't think like us, then you will understand the ME conflict. I suggest you read up on the ME from non-biased sources.
14. Excellente idee
Tikva ,   France   (07.27.06)
It's so funny, one or two days ago, I saw that survey about Israeli provocation, and I was quite surprised of the results. Now I understand better ahahahah! It's a great system, and I'd be glad to participate.To a certain extent, it's what I was already trying to do with my blog. Good Job! my blog in french:
15. Walter.... also, any risk of viruses?
BS meter ,   Canada   (07.27.06)
Excellent idea. But it's hardly an either-or proposition with downloading the software..... Speaking of which, I started downloading but got a message that the software is provided by an unknown publisher and I download at my own risk. Is that standard Microsoft-talk?
16. to #13.... not so far away!!!
Walter ,   Massachusetts USA   (07.27.06)
For the moment, Bet Shemesh, we are neighbors in our struggle against Islamic extremists. Dear neighbor, I'll not insult you by reminding you of billions given by USA to Israel. Nor will I insult you by reminding you that Gaza exists so that Israel can remain majority rule Jewish state. Instead I'll say Shalom and Peace be with you. I will tell you about the dangerously hungry predators in our neighborhood and ask for your help in feeding them and teaching them to care for themselves, for as long as it takes.
17. on line forums
spice ,   US   (07.28.06)
try for a "treat".
18. hold on there...
nike ,   scotland   (07.28.06)
hmm.. wouldnt that classify as manipulating results :s
19. to nike #18
Tikva ,   France   (07.28.06)
why manipulating ? you are free to express your own opinion :)
20. I just e-sent 200+ postings of this GIYUS link
Vera   (07.29.06)
I call it, "Kofi? Is that you??? Wha... what...are those flags??? Scroll through and you'll see a leeetle big problem. God bless Israel. PS: Can non Jewish like we American Christian Evangelicals support GIYUS?
21. who owns what land? and Stop the killing
Eric ,   canada   (07.29.06)
that is the best idea i have ever heard of, can you imagin the peace and the love that would creat among the people ? I love it...stop fighting and start loving....
22. Call to Web Duty
Jospeh Bernard ,   Sydney, Australia   (07.30.06)
The WEB is where we should resolve our Conflicts! This is where we have the opportunity to change perceptions, to encourage peace, to discover a better future! This planet has reached a point where we can destroy it and we are our own worst enemy! The greatest challenge to the planet is our own “Psychic” .. We are the masters of our own Destiny.. The Question is “WHAT DO WE WANT??” What world can you see here for yourself and children and friends? ASK ourselves: “What sort of world, is a world without Love? Could we survive in a world without Love?” I, personally, can not imagine a world without love and Love is all around us if we just look! Just look at the cosmic design presented to us through science! However, i do find it hard to find Where is the love in This OLD PRIVAMTIVE THINKING that INSISTS that VIOLENCE is justified for any reason? Why not EVOLVE PLEASE? WHERE are our VISIONARIES that will take us to a BETTER loving FUTURE? VISIONARIES that will help us realize our next level of CONSCIOUSNESS? VISOINARIES that can discover the language that brings us all together on this planet, to witness this MIRACLE of LIFE? A disturbing question would be: “Would we accept the Visionary or just crucify them? nothing much changes in two thousand years does it?” My advice is Smell the roses and pray for peace life is truly a miracle Most importantly: TRUST in GOD our CREATER .. and LOVE LIFE and LOVE TO YOU ALL. From a brother in spirit of God
23. #6 It doesn't need the Certificate
Kurt ,   san diego, usa   (07.30.06)
Certificates are for those active-x .exe files microsoft invented a.k.a huge security hole. If you're paranoid, I suggest downloading it, and pointing an anti-virus at the file to scan it. If it's clean, execute away. Shabbat Shalom.
24. Mac version
Ilan ,   The Netherlands   (07.31.06)
Now we also need to get a Mac version going, so that mac users can also join in. What about a widget. Is there anyone out there who can help out?
25. Megaphone toolbar - fake?
J. Nagle ,   California   (08.01.06)
There are unconfirmed suspicions that the Megaphone toolbar is a fake. The site it comes from, "", has a "cloaked domain registration", and no real info about who owns it. The main site providing the "endorsement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs", "", has phony domain registration info. ("123 St, Los Angeles, 12345"). There's nothing about it on the Israel Foreign Ministry site. This might just be a piece of spyware or adware. Don't know yet. The toolbar doesn't really do anything essential. There's a web page and an RSS feed of the same alerts on "".
26. antisemitism
Beth Rappaport ,   Newport Beach, CA   (05.20.07)
How do I fight it on blogs
27. funny
nathan   (06.16.07)
Someone on a web forum was just talking about how E Jihadis (as they called them) go around the net looking for likely stories to post their propaganda. I found it incredibly funny to see shortly after that someone posted the link to this - it seems propaganda is a two way street... only this time it's in the hands of the people who only believe the side of the story they want to believe
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