Hizbullah sending text messages to Israelis?
Tali Zinn
Published: 26.07.06, 22:15
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2. Well!
Lauren ,   Israel   (07.26.06)
Here's a text message for you Hizbullah dudes: "F*** YOU!!! Oh and by the way, your English sucks!
3. fake
gerd schulz ,   germany   (07.26.06)
4. Well Said dear, your English is correct.
Jaacqueline ,   USA   (07.26.06)
5. for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction.
wff ,   los angeles, ca   (07.26.06)
HA is using the idf and mossad playbook of psych did it to them last week and they're retaliating today..tit for tat...the exact strategy in israel's history. it will always be an eye for an eye. jews and moslems are scaringly alike...
6. Caring?
Hans-Jörg Marby ,   Markdorf, Germany   (07.26.06)
Hizb. should start warning Nasrallah!
7. Text message back
Scott ,   Haifa   (07.26.06)
Nasrallah - We are coming for you. No place 2 hide. We will find u. Israel
8. to Jaacqueline
cali ,   USA   (07.26.06)
tat's all you have to say?
9. The IDF is the most humane army
Emily ,   Tel-aviv   (07.26.06)
there is including USA .we have to support IDF and the actions our goverment is taking..when you have a problem you can't run from it ,or else it will hunt you back! think about it when you call israel to stop her actions..
10. #5...ok, except...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.26.06)
we don't teach our children to hate, kill and murder in the name of our God. I guess that's not that big of a difference though. You don't see too many fanatic Jews out there blowing stuff up, do you? Get real!!!
11. Israel made 500K refugees in lebanon
Sal Azam ,   Chicago USA   (07.27.06)
Hizbullah bombed Israel into leaving their towns. Only in Haifa more then 60,000 Israel left the town for safety. Israel is and will loose this war like six years ago. This is not 1967 its 2006.
12. When was the last time a terrorist warned anybody?
ssgt dyson ,   slc usa   (07.27.06)
Unlike the isreals they want to kill civilians.
13. Sal Azam you've been added...
Alex ,   Brooklyn, NY   (07.27.06)
to my moron list. Why don't you shazam your arse back to where ever you came from and blow yourself up like the rest of your kin? It would make everyone's life a lot easier and you can enjoy your virgins in hell, just make sure its not your sister. Buh bye now.
14. English?
Kareem ,   Egypt   (07.27.06)
to Number 1 and 2..I'd love to hear ya speak arabic fluently..let me see how u'd speak? Second of all..Israel losing this war..badly
15. re to Sal Azam
M ,   Tel Aviv   (07.27.06)
Why are u Sal Azam are hiding in Cgicago:)? Are u afraid of Israeli Army? Or are u afraid that hizbolla wont help u?
16. #10 and Alex
Sarah ,   Texas   (07.27.06)
#10 - did you see the 'from israel to lebanon' pictures? even if it was set up, it still shows that teaching hate is possible on both sides alex - you're kind of a bigoted asshole.
17. To Kareem
Alex ,   Brooklyn, NY   (07.27.06)
"You got a pertty mouth boy" (ref: Deliverence) Funny thing is your speaking English, you also have been added to the moron list. Oh and by the way I dont think you want Israel to kick Egypts arse again.
18. Israel
Tony ,   Buffalo   (07.27.06)
Israel may lose a battle here or there BUT they will never lose the War because they are protected by GOD himself its all in the Bible go and read it...
19. re #5 & #16
wff ,   los angeles, ca, usa   (07.27.06)
i don't care at all for the koran and only care for the old testament froma a historical point of view. however, irrespective of how i feel, i will respect people's faith because that's their business . and as long as they don't wear it on their sleeve and not bothering they can worship a rock for all i care. but don't hit me with that for the, those 3 pics at the top have caused tremendous headache for pro-israel factions here. they were panicking over the week-end as these photos spread like wildfire. i think that was a good thing to show them. it shows that it takes 2 to tango. what i don't understand is if israel is terrorized by HA shelling, why expose israeli children to immediate danger by allowing them into war zone, a forward idf artillery position !!! these pics might kind of put things in perspective for the ignorant john and jane doe here and erodes some of israel's moral highground.
20. #5 Nothing equal in this reaction
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (07.27.06)
After Sept 11 the UN/USA forces attacked Afganistan - and worked very hard to inform general civillians that they were not the intended targets. Last week Israeli forces bombed Hizbullah's strong-holds and areas of activity - but not before informing the civillian population of this intention and allowing them to clear out. (Even with the risk of Hizbullah evacuating as well). For the past two weeks Hizbullah has targeted "civillian only" areas (schools, shopping centers, residences) - NOT military complexes. How are these actions equal? As terrible as war is, there are rules and duties and morality. Israel has followed these. Hizbullah hasn't. Israel is fighting to end attacks on civillian populations. Hizbullah is fighting to kill, kill and kill - as many Jews as possible. No - there is no equal and opposite reaction. There is absolutely no comparison between Israel and Hizbullah. If Israel was following an eye for an eye policy - we would try to drive all the Lebanese into the sea. Instead - we've spent 58 years trying desperately to acheive a peace accord with them. 1500 missiles have fallen in exclusively in Israeli civillian areas (with no military presence at all) for the past 2 weeks. And Israel is still hoping, above hope, that when it ends we may at last begin the long road to peace with Lebanon.
21. to wff
Susan ,   USA   (07.27.06)
Go to this website to hear an Arab tell how much Jews and Muslims are alike !! >
22. to Alex
kareem ,   Egypt   (07.27.06)
Again? U already got ur ass kicked on 6th October..Egypt is one country that Israel always fears..u don't wanna get on the wrong side of Egypt...u can't even get rid of Hizbollah..u think u can take up Egypt? the Americans are sending u weapons that are too sophisticated for u to use..u've lost 3 aircrafts...2 of them crashed into each that coz they couldn't c each other? lool u guys need the Americans to teach you how to fight..maybe even teach u how to shower! haha If Egypt gets into this war..Israel will be taken out..once and for all..haha the funny thing is..u deliberately bomb a UN Post..and ask the UN for an apology for saying it was can't be a mistake coz it's laser-guided missiles..that just shows that either ur army needs new brains, (ie..mistaken it for a Hizbollah HQ) or they're really screwed in the head (ie deliberate attack)..either way..good ur fighting urselves and the UN..instead of Hizbollah...we will make every Israeli in so-called in hell.. Nasrallah won't leave u alone..Bin Laden won't leave u alone..nobody will leave u least none of ur neighbours..lets see how u cope..
23. To #1
An Honest American ,   USA   (07.27.06)
Too bad the intellectual capabilities of the Israelis are reaching this low point. Good for Hizbullah they are petting on making you crazy. When you become crazy you lose the ability of sound judgment. This on going war is a good example of the loss of sound judgment. Using profanity is another example. Good day. I do not think that the Israelis speak better English, yours too sucks!!!
24. News Update 200,000 leaving israel
Diala ,   Beirut Lebanon   (07.27.06)
The number is increasing 200,000 israelis are leaving the country, it seems that the palestinians will get back their land Congrats.
25. to Kate
Kareem ,   Egypt   (07.27.06)
Forget about peace Arab nation in the world wants peace with Israel basically coz we don't believe in Israel's existance in the first place. U might get peace from the bribed leaders..but never from the arab street. so, a piece of advice..don't work too hard to achieve peace..coz u never will
26. to DR #10
wff ,   los angeles , ca   (07.27.06)
no, i don't see any fanatic jews blowing THEMSELVES up.. but. pardon me, hellooooooo, don't you see a lot of jews out there blowing a LOT OF STUFF UP????? r we on the same wavelength here ???
27. DR, you get real!
Dude   (07.27.06)
"we don't teach our children to hate, kill and murder in the name of our God." No, but you teach them to do it in the name of your country, what's the difference? "You don't see too many fanatic Jews out there blowing stuff up, do you? Get real!!!" well you don't see too many Arabs bombing entire cities and killing 375 civillians in 14 days, do you? Get real!!!
28. to susan #21
wff ,   los angeles, ca, usa   (07.27.06)
you're preaching to the choir my dear..seen it been there..even met her in person... my comments stand...bye...
29. Daila # 24: have you been drinking?
Irina ,   Chicago, USA   (07.27.06)
30.  they care for the civilians
state of rockatine   (07.27.06)
the cows and chicken are beings too, they should be sent sms to warn them cause they don't hear the sirens
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