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Abe Foxman: We are united
Published: 26.07.06, 22:07
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1. i still cant figure out what foxman does
DACON9   (07.27.06)
2. A bunch of blabber
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (07.27.06)
Lots of hand movements and even big words too, yet nothing of contextual value. Typical of a zealot.
3. Yawn! Thanks Abe, you might have just cured my insomnia
Adamush   (07.27.06)
That journalist scared the shit out of me though. "What is the purpose of your visit to Israel?" Horrifying flashbacks of El-Al check-ins past.
4. Ellen or strange Arab man; You would know about zealots.
Daisy ,   USA   (07.27.06)
5. # 1
Jeremiah ,   USA   (07.27.06)
As head of the anti-defamation of Israel league, Foxman's job is to defend Israel no matter what it does, and to attack anyone who criticizes Israel's behavior.
6. No. 1
Leon ,   Grand Rapids U S A   (07.27.06)
It's simple: he makes statements off the top of his head, gets quoted, and collects a salary. Couldn't you figure that out yourself ?
7. no credibility from expulsion supporter
Y ,   Nitzan, Israel   (07.27.06)
Is the same Foxman who supported the expulsion of 8000 Jews from their home during disengagment? Oh- I get it, you can make us homeless, jobless, destroy our towns, and give our land to the arab enemy but you can't "defame" our character.
8. The Passion of the Christ
Dave Levi ,   Burbank.USA   (07.27.06)
Several years ago, I wrote Mr. Foxman regarding his comments about the movie, "The Passion of the Christ". I severely scolded him for giving focus to this otherwise foolish film, which, and in accordance with it's producer, dwelt on the crusifixion eposide, showing more than a few Jews as instigators. I would remind everyone that the Catholic Church came out with it's famous statements about Jewish involvement (or should I say non-involvement). Abe, by alluding to the film, in fact, helped it's much so, that over 600b has been spent by those foolish enough to sit through the gore. Mr. Foxman speaks for himself and those that belong to his naive organization. We Amercans have a right to comment on Israel, just as Israelis have the same right on US. BUT, WE ARE NOT BEING PEPPERED WITH KATYS OR KASSAMS. Since 911, we have had no incidents. After all, we are America. Like US or not, we still trade trillions with the Arab-Muslim world. Our casinos are filled with Arabs, losing their shekels to our mafioso types. Arabs invest in our real estate. Mr. Foxman might be better off trying to reconvert Jews to Judaism, rather than turning them away, with his foolishness. But those that really lose, are the IDF that, in some ways, are keeping the real anti-Semites honest.
9. #5 foxman attacks anyone that crticizes
DACON9   (07.28.06)
#5 foxman attacks anyone that crticizes israel you say? HMMM.... i havent seen any effective legislation i havent seen any defence of ISRAEL OTHER THAN AN OCCASIONAL NEWS PIECE BUT i have heard talk, no one cares... nice tie he is wearing.... let me think what else... oh yes, he is the head of an organization..did you say that? uhmmmm, how much does this organization raise.. how much salary is he drawing? how much money goes towards administrative fees.. where is the balance being spent
10. Go Home, ABE!!
Altekaker- Abekaker   (07.28.06)
You are tiring us all and you have been doing that for so long now!! New leadership is needed in the Jewish world now!! You have taken more money than anyone needs at your age. Go home, have fun with it and take your usless, archaic wisdom with you. We would appreciate it.
11. Glass House
Darrell ,   Chicago   (08.05.06)
Gibson's feeling on Jews is nothing compaired to Abe Foxman, and the anti-Defamation League . we see them as the most Anti-Black group in the World . worse then the Klan.
12. Abraham Foxman
Walter Dunn ,   Apple Valley   (08.07.06)
Abraham Foxman is level headed and seems to be very sincere and a honest person. Most people are taking shots at him but then again most people get their ideas from tv.and think the people in reality shows are real people and not actors.
13. influence
stuart zale ,   radnor, pa.   (08.15.06)
Mr. Foxman: I hope you will use your influence to persuade Sen. Lieberman to drop out of the race. Sincerely, Stuart Zale
14. Bla,bla, bla
Tom ,   usa   (08.20.06)
Talk beyond facts. Good Abe. Here is your reward.
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