IAF strikes Lebanese army base
Roee Nahmias
Published: 27.07.06, 04:26
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1. "collaborators"
BS meter ,   Canada   (07.26.06)
Seems pretty clear to me that non-Shia Lebanese should be able to infer, from the arrests, what their compatriots' plan for their future is. NIce to see the fellow travellers here supporting a coup.
2. thank from choof
lebanon ,   choof   (07.26.06)
thank u so much every time you kill animal from hizbolaah we say thank u because when syria and hizbollaah kill haririr. hassan nasarallah call his animal form south lebanon and say thank syria we are with you peace after you kill nasro llah and when you kill all hizbollah man we going to share the wife for any hizbollah you kill choof lebanon iklim al karoub
3. viva lebanon
wafick nazal ,   south lebanon london   (07.26.06)
long life isarel army viva south lebanese army wafick nazal south lebanon london uk
4. Flat Tyre?
Nachash Tsefah ,   Tel Aviv   (07.26.06)
5. Another swing of the axe, to behead Hizzblah
Kissel   (07.26.06)
6. Thanks Choof
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (07.26.06)
For your support. Israel wants peace with Lebanon I hope we can have it. I would love to share a Hizbollah wife with you with a nice bottle of Lebanese wine and a nargilla for afterwards ;-)
7. Brave IDF
Ibrahim ,   Kuwait   (07.26.06)
I sware to god you guys are pathetic .. how many of hizbollah you killed ? the building was what ? Empty ? You moron you expect that Hizbollah is waiting for you in his HQ Building? What a brave heros of IDF ! Couldnt face Hizbollah in Bint Jbiel, trying to bring Israel a victory by killing civilians. Shame on you!
8. Should have bomb al Hizz. Hq from the start
John ,   NZ   (07.27.06)
Now Hiz. fighters have all gone subterranean. What they bomb is an empty building or some civilian captives inside. Who is the Minister of Defense. Such poor insight n intelligence
9. Ibrahim #7
paganinfidel ,   San Diego, US   (07.27.06)
What brave heros of yours...Hizbullshit..putting civilians and children at their headquarters to be killed. What the hell are "civilians" doing there anyway? Stupid Stupid. Shame on you!
10. Ibrahim my simpe minded boy...
Adam ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.27.06)
What were civillians, especially children, doing outside hizbulla headquarters in the first place?! The IDF certainly does not allow children to play next to bases.
11. Pallywood II?
sk ,   USA   (07.27.06)
Take a look at the picture of "the civilian at bomb site." They guy behind the woman is smiling and apparently chuckling. Notice, by the way, how Nahmias doesn't source the first (and main) empirical claim (line 1). Can Ynet find any patriotic journalists who are familiar with Arab propoganda?
12. the Hezbullah rats
alex ,   lebanon   (07.27.06)
The IDF should smoke the Hezbullah rats out of their hideouts (hint: chemicals). Don't worry about what the world is saying. Just finish the job as soon as possible so Lebanon and Israel can live in peace. I'll buy a round of Arak (lebanese strong wine) for all of you guys. thanks IDF
13. #7: Brave IDF indeed
Henk ,   Apeldoorn, the Nethe   (07.27.06)
The IDF couldn't face Hizballah in Bint Jbiel? You're calling it a victory before the battle is over. Just wait and see. You'll be amazed about the havoc the IDF will wreck in Hizballah's ranks. Go Golani Go! My prayers are with Israƫl and the brave soldiers in the IDF.
14. #12 Hezbollah heroes......u r the mouse
One Sol. ,   Jerusalem   (07.27.06)
offer a dance lab for the 9 Israeli soldiers who faced their destiny this morning.
15. Why does the IDF strike empty buildings?
blah blah blah   (07.27.06)
It is a war crime against concrete!!! How does the world let such inhumanity go unpunished? What did the concrete do to deserve such a destiny? Oh, please! Is that a war or a practice range? Why do you send your soldiers to be killed? Bombard south Lebanon and flaten the whole f###in area! Why is the life of the lebanese more important to you than the life of your own citizens? What kind of country r u?
16. to #10 and #11
slawomir ,   bydgoszcz, pl   (07.27.06)
Was UN staff to close to hisbulllah headquarters too? "What the hell are "civilians" doing there anyway?" You wrote "civilians". I understand, that in your opinion peharps they are, peharps they are not civilians. And what they are doing there? They are living there. Is this a crime?
17. Alex from lebanon is the right man for Israel Defence Minist
John ,   NZ   (07.27.06)
18. What is the purpose?
Mike ,   USA   (07.27.06)
From bomabrding an army post in Aamchit north of lebanon and the state radio. that area is pure christian and hezbollah is no where near. On on end you ask to deploy the army in the south and from the other end you hit the army. Show your force in bint Jbeil instead of hiting army position that is so far from the borders.
20. TO 15
So now we have a comedian here! You missed your calling! The lives of the Israeli citizens are precisely the reason why the precious IDF is out there! to fight those terrorists who attacked Israel first, remember? they crossed the border and kidnapped soldiers and fired rockets, you idiot!!The IDF would not be there would the terrorists not have started with their instigation for war blablablabla
21. If You Can't Purify With Fire
civey ,   brooklyn usa   (07.27.06)
then do it with water. Israel should build a pipeline from the Medeteranean Sea along the border with Lebanon and attach long hoses to it. The tunnels and bunkers should be flooded with sea water and the Hezbollah rats drowned in their nests. We should learn Torah which is compared to water. Say "Chalutz hanahal" 3x. Maybe he'll do Tshuva for what he did in Giush Katif
22. We're witnessing a new type of a civilian -a Hezbollar kind.
AK   (07.27.06)
23. Crazies
Natallie Durson ,   Los Angeles   (07.27.06)
There is no sign that the lebanese army has committed any hostility toward Israel. In fact, Israel has proposed using the lebanese army to enforce a buffer zone in south Lebanon? Why on earth is lsrael targetting them at this point?
24. #2 Haddad thugs &Traitors
Tunisian ,   USA   (07.27.06)
. The only reason I'm posting in here is what some low life have said, they call themselves Lebanease wishing one day their lies become true. Most decent people in Israel respect Nasrallah and his fighters even though they want them dead by all means...(they know they are worriors despite their propaganda terminology) but they disrespect you bunch of Haddad can't share a Hizballah fighter's wife but as you used to,then and now, you can keep sharing yours
Ibrahim's a her   (07.27.06)
26. 24: Tunisian
sk ,   USA   (07.27.06)
So "most decent people in Israel respect Nasrallah"? How did you determine THAT, Tunisian? Nasrallah is no "warrior." In ideology he's a Nazi, down to the salute he expects from this men, and his "military" consists of terrorists who, as part of their strategy, hid behind civilians (or "civilians"). One of these days, a western military will finally understand that human shields should make no difference at all, that so-called collective punishment can be justified when terrorists make use of collectivities to maintain their power, and when the collectivities actually agree with the terrorists' objectives. Types like Nasrallah only survive because the West plays by the old rules.
27. Terrorist army
Jacob ,   USA   (07.27.06)
Israelis, It is discgusting to keep hear your lies about hitting Hizballah postions. There are NO Hizballah positions, there are people working as normal people and defend thier country at night from their towns and villages.. You are only attacking soft target in a desparate way of disarray. K illing civilians will only strengthens Hizballah... Wake up and stick your muscules in your butts.. You are only hitting the wall with your heads. Lebanese will defend their country because they are right and the whole world knows that
28. Brave IDF !
Ibrahim ,   Kuwait   (07.27.06)
Regarding the morons who are saying what are the civilians and chirldren where doing there.. Do you think that when you say a hizbollah HQ it means a base of an army ? It is just a civil building where Hizbollah has some civilian activities .. Hizbollah is a part of the Lebanese Government and has members in the Lebanese Parliament and represent millions of Lebanese people. Hizbollah is part of the Lebanese day to day social life, who chose not to surrender their lands to Israel and to fight for their rights. The civilian lives there and hizbollah is a regular Lebanese civilian that has destroyed the false propaganda about your elite coward IDF. One more thing.. Do you believe that even if you kill every member of hizbollah you will win? In your dreams! You need to kill 2 million southern Lebanese first. Prepare your selves for the next generation of Hizbollah.
29. I'm bored
Natallie Durson ,   LA USA   (08.09.06)
and mean and hate jews. It's not my fault though, because I am retarded.
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