Syrian reporter: In Syria there is atmosphere of eve of war
Ali Waked
Published: 27.07.06, 17:02
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1. Your next
Wooddrow ,   NY, USA   (07.27.06)
Hey Syria, your next!
2. You'd think Assad was the VICTIM!
Irish Guy 2112 ,   Tel-Aviv   (07.27.06)
He talks as if Syria are some passive neighbours to all of these troublesome nations. When war is inevitable, the first to strike is the smartest. IS war with Syria inevitable??????
3. Assad is far more foolish than his father
despite what we may have thought initially.
4. golan
meni   (07.27.06)
withdrawal from golan would be a very bad idea for israel, obviously, seeing the events of today
5. What is the atmosphere usually like???
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.27.06)
6. Pre-empt a strike if necessary (End)
Alexander   (07.27.06)
7. YNET's democracy
Haifa, Israel   (07.27.06)
Interesting how two articles by Ali Waked were published here on the same day as an article about whether democracy helps or hurts a cause during wartime. Unless they are quite well-hidden in the fold, I don't believe Al-Jazeera or their colleagues have a regular Israeli or Jewish contributor. Since Mr. Waked's articles smack of intimidation and scolding, it is not clear what the target may be - to boost the anti-war message among Israelis or to show the world that we are uniquely capable of giving both sides a voice?
ramallah ,   ramallah   (07.27.06)
9. If they want war, lets give it to them
RA   (07.27.06)
10. Assad is a dumbass
MK ,   USA   (07.27.06)
His father was brutal, but he was of extra intelligence. This guy is just stupid. He builds friendships with the wrong people, whether Iran or Hizbollah. Can it get worse ?
11. Damascus
Jon ,   Tulsa, Ok   (07.27.06)
In Isaiah, damascus is prophecied to burn and be destroyed. I see those days coming closer especially if Syria gets involved.
12. Actually, #9
Sadhasiv ,   Baltimore, USA   (07.27.06)
Syria's butt was saved from being kicked out of Lebanon by Ronald Reagan (who adviced Begin to "show restraint"); as well, he was the one who gave your don Arafat airlift to Tunis. So if you think Syria will "win this easily", you're delusional!
13. No more fronts Israel
Faisal ,   Hyderabad India   (07.27.06)
I really do think that Israel should first complete the unfinished business which it is having with Hizbullah and Hamas. There are too many peoples here who says too many things but the Israeli Government should think abt its Citizens safety first before taking any step . Countries are made up of Citizens , War is always bad only for normal citizens. Its easy to say big things in here but in reality things are worst in wars . Peoples here should use some brain also and aviod such useless talks.
14. 8- Ram allah, from Ram allah.
Muhahahammad   (07.27.06)
No doubt you are right, advice them to attack Israel then... In fact it is the question I am doing to myself days ago, why Syria who has never been shy attacking Israel don not seize this opportunity? Go, Syrian Lions, Go!!
15. Syrian reporter: In Syria there is atmosphere of eve of war
Keith Dawid ,   Mumbai,India   (07.27.06)
16. Bcareful what you wish for, you might just get it
John ,   NZ   (07.27.06)
17. ramallah-wake up and smell the choomoos
israel is being careful with lebanon because it is a war against hezballah not lebanon. a war with Syria, on the other hand, would be a war against that government which would mean, "their asses would get smoked!"
18. #9 Very wrong
Joe C ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.27.06)
Syria has absolutely no airforce to speak of. If all out war is declared and Tel Aviv is threatened, Israel has the capacity to make Damascus (and all of Syria for that matter) a parking lot. Anyone who thinks Syria has any chance at all of winning a military engagement doesn't understand warfare. The only chance Syria has is to fight like the cowardly terrorists and hide amongst women and children to protect themselves.
19. One Hair and It's All Over, Assad
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (07.27.06)
I would relate to Assad that if, as a result of Syrian aggression, one hair of one Jewish boy or girl is messed up, good-bye Damascus...and mean with nukes. Lets be frank, if Syria equips it's advanced Scud Missiles (gotten from No. Korean) with WMD, Israel must show no restraint. It's them or US. Syria should be asked, "Why is Israel in the Golan Heights anyway"? They won't answer, or they will lie, as usual. As Ben-Gurion said once, don't trust the Arabs. Ebba Eban called them cunning. They are cunning alright, right to their eventual destruction. Syria, you have opened your mouth once too often. We will shut it for you...just wait and see. Personally Assad disgusts me, with his myopic vision.
20. Question for Hezbullah supports.
Talula ,   Israel   (07.27.06)
I just watched SKY news and on it they showed Hezbullah terrorists absailing down a building and doing 'military exercises. Now, my question is this? do they intend to join the special forces? or are they exercising like that to be able to run away and hide quicker? They are hiding in bunkers and pits in south Lebanon, any 89 year old man can do that.
21. to # 14 here is your answer
Debbie ,   Toronto   (07.27.06)
You want to know why the Syrians have not attacked Israel.Because they have not forgotten how they got their arses handed to them by Israel in the Yom Kippur war. I was a small child in those days but I still remember ther news report coming out after the war saying that the Syrians lost 60 000 men. The arabs have the biggest boastful mouths but always end up crying in defeat. You would have thought that by now they would have learned their lesson ...... I guess not. Bastard assad is dumber than his dear old dead dad
22. He who seeks shall find...
JAMES ,   Germany, USA   (07.27.06)
How true this saying. If the Arabs would just quit searching for a reason to blame, hate and terrorize Israel, the whole region would profit. WIN??!! NOONE is winning here. Or should Damascus und Teheran start burning like Beireut?
Kevin ,   Texas   (07.27.06)
What? What about every other time the IDF tangled with Syria and every other Arab nation that was dumb enough to pick a fight with them. Whether you like them or not, the Israeli military is incredibly effective.
24. #8 and #14
jason ,   usa   (07.27.06)
sooooo why didint syria beat israel in 1967 beacuse they lost to israel israel is the powerfullest nation in the middel east
25. Syria won't fight !!
Phil ,   Auburn, Indiana   (07.27.06)
Syria knows that it's "dog' isn't tough enough for this fight. Besides, if I'm not mistaken..... aren't there about 130,000 US troops stationed at their backdoor (Iraq). Hmmmm...... Syria may be dumb.... but their not stupid. Phil
26. At least it makes way...
RA   (07.27.06)
to the atmosphere of cow manure and wretched poverty.
27. Sympathetic Arab
yasser ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.27.06)
I feel for the injustice, suffering and hatred heaped on your land by elements of our peoples. I hope you succeed in your fight against Hezbollah. I feel you can handle them fine and Syria too. BUT Iran might be another matter and if other Arab lands are emboldened by this to join in, the sheer weight of number, can give the advantage to the Arabs. Hopefully your friend, the U.S. is not just thinking about the oil and will join in to assist you if the worst comes to the worst. Another Arab who supports your people is Walid Shoebat who appeared on CNN. He was terrorist who hate Jews, converted to Christianity and who now at the risk of his life, give lectures in U.S. universities and other institutions supporting Israel and promoting his love and respect for your people. It is encouraging to you and a lesson for Arabs to learn, although most are more stubborn and unreasonable than I am. The e-mail address is: Yasser.
28. Isaiah 17: damascus will be flattened
Eric ,   leavenworth WA usa   (07.27.06)
29. The Syrians are soooooo stupid
Talula ,   Israel   (07.27.06)
They had an Israeli Mossad agent, the amazing Eli Cohen almost voted in as president. They worshipped him, they could not believe their luck that they found such an incredibly smart man. But guess what? Eli was Israeli. They have never gotten over that humiliation. And after they killed him, they all went back to stupid again. Eli's family can proudly remember him, as can we all. One of the greatest figures in Israeli history.
30. 8
Talula ,   Israel   (07.27.06)
We did. And we won. HA HA HA HA HA NEXT!
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