Peretz: We’re at war, we must win
Moran Zelikovich
Published: 27.07.06, 20:05
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1. "We're tired of winning."
sk ,   USA   (07.27.06)
3. Win the peace as well
MK ,   USA   (07.27.06)
After this war is over, and hopefully Hizbollah would be wiped out, Israel should concentrate on winning the peace. Peace will be won by promising the Palestinians more lands in the occupied territories of the West Bank, by approaching the Syrians about talks for the Golan Heights. There is a vicious cycle in the middle east. The cycle is about Israel demanding Terrorism to stop completely before it negotiates with the Arabs, while the Arabs maintain that Israel should offer more, and as a result terrorism will stop. Both sides are right in some ways, and hence the middle east problems are hard to solve. However, I do believe that since Israel is the dominant power in the region, it can do many things on its part. Withdrawing from Gaza is one of the examples. In fact, as Israel withdraws from more territories, it can defend itself with greater justice. The more Israel withdraws to Israel Proper borders, the better is its stance when it faces terrorism.
4. win
ramallah ,   ramallah   (07.27.06)
5. You are in WAR... and u will loose ;)
Nabil ,   Lebanon   (07.27.06)
To all isreali pple... Guys, u r being manipulated by the US goverment.. U r fighting a war, for them.. U r loosing ur citizen.. ur soldiers and BUSH is still hoping that hizbullah will be demolished!! Guys, u r fighting a GHOST called Hizbullah, and u r being controlled by the US... My advice to u: Get back ur pride, and dont follow the US orders... GO into those negotiations, and save ur country !
6. Israel Use Your Power
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (07.27.06)
One thing, Israel is still fighting with almost both hands tied. It has enormous power, much greater than Hezbollah, or Hamas, yet still is more concerned with it's worldwide PR is appears than winning. Lets be frank, it is NOT FIGHTING Syria or Iran or Egypt..not evern Saudi Arabia. Their militaries make Israel's army small in comparison. I mean, Hezbollah may have antitank and RPGs, but they don't have thousands of tanks, planes, missile boats, etc. Israel is focusing on a well-organized militia...but it has not been tested yet. But if Israel backs down, look for Iran to speed up it's nuke program, and maybe, must maybe, nuke Tel Aviv. So Israel, keep things in focus.
7. really Peretz? I do not think so!
Ahmad Abouali ,   Nablus   (07.27.06)
today is No. 16 of your terror blitz on Lebanon, and day 33 on Gaza, so far you have won one think: in killing babies, thier parents and their far as winning over Hizbullah and Hamas, well, that is allready lost at Bint Jbeil, Maroon El Ras...and at Karm Abu Salem get real and live and let live in peace: leave our abductees, land and air alone, then you will have peace. the days of "6 days war" are gone along with it the "miracles of 1948" war. wake up Zionists, and smell the NEW Arab hummos: Hamas & Hizbulah
8. Ask ye of the L*RD rain...
Norway ,   With love of Norway   (07.27.06)
in the time of the latter rain... even of the L*RD that maketh lightnings and He will give them showers of rain to every one grass in the field... The L*RD of hosts hath remembered His flock the house of Judah and maketh them as His majestic horse in the battle... Out of them shall come forth the corner-stone... out of them the stake out of them the battle bow out of them every master together... And they shall be as mighty men treading down... in the mire of the streets in the battle and they shall fight because the L*RD is with them and the riders on horses shall be confounded And I will strengthen the house of Judah and I will save the house of Joseph and I will bring them back for I have compassion upon them and they shall be as though I had not cast them off for I am the L*RD their G*d and I will hear them And they of Ephraim shall be like a mighty man and their heart shall rejoice as through wine yea, their children shall see it and rejoice their heart shall be glad in the L*RD I will hiss for them and gather them for I have redeemed them And I will sow them among the peoples and they shall remember Me in far countries and they shall live with their children and shall return I will bring them back also out of the land of Egypt and gather them out of Assyria and I will bring them into the land of Gilead and Lebanon and place shall not suffice them And over the sea affliction shall pass and the waves shall be smitten in the sea and all the depths of the Nile shall dry up and the pride of Assyria shall be brought down and the sceptre of Egypt shall depart away And I will strengthen them in the L*RD and they shall walk up and down in His name, saith the L*RD Zec. 10 -
Ehud ,   Tel Aviv   (07.27.06)
An army that fights with excellent forces and tanks with the assistance of an air force cannot go into a village directly on the border except after a battle that has continued for days with great losses against a number of opposition fighters is a failed and defeated army. Conclusion: Israeli people will live with continuos fear, our life is permanently destabilized. Israel has no safe future under Olmert, Peretz and Halutz leadership.
10. Win the War
mary ,   DC USA   (07.27.06)
Agree with Burbank , California; Too much caution.. It doesn't help international opinion and deters military success.
11. To 5#
Ben ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.27.06)
What you mean we fight for usa? Huzballah kidnapped israel soliders not usa soliders. We fight in terror. And USA fight in terror too. if all this world scary to fight them have lucky to the world that we and usa are in live because the palastines was take over all this world. they are blood hunters.
12. nabil...
o ,   usa   (07.27.06)
u come from a (now ruined) country which was and continues to be controlled by Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah - Lebanon has control over dont talk about Israel being are just mad that the strongest country in the world is backing them up while not caring at all about urs :)
13. Go negotiate with hate?
chilly bean ,   usa   (07.27.06)
14. for MK USA
Zagreb ,   Hamburg Germany   (07.27.06)
There is no room for negotiations with terrorists be they Pallie or Hezbo. Israel must destroy them or relive this nightmare. And why Israel hasn't taken out Syria is beyond me?
15. Israel will win
Jess ,   TN-USA   (07.27.06)
but only if they retrieve their captive soldiers from Gaza and Lebanon, and do not give anything back. If you let them have any more of your land they will have won and will keep on abducting your citizens and soldiers. You will never gain international approval, even if you give all your land to the Palestinians and moved out, the world will still hate you because they are influenced by the god of this world, lucifer. Even if America turned on you, when they have defeated you they will still come after America because they are so full of evil hatred.
16. To Nabil in what used to be "Lebanon"
Arie   (07.27.06)
Habibi, Have you looked around lately? Have you noticed that what used to be a State called "Lebanon" is being returned to the desert? hezbullah has destroyed you, and syria has drugged you out. You are NO MORE! Salaam habibi!
17. We will win when you resign
Arie   (07.27.06)
and Mofaz is made DM!
18. To #3 on "Winning the Peace"
len ,   NY, USA   (07.27.06)
I have no doubt that your sentiments are sincere and heartfelt. They betray, however, a real lack of understanding into the situation vis-a-vis Israel and the 'palestinians' , the arabs in general, and most of the world. First, on surrendering more land. I was in favor of the pullout from Gaza. Although from the palestinian side it was far from perfect it at least gave them an oppurtunity to begin to have a state of their own, as they claim (at least in the western media) to be their goal. Building a modern state that can facilitate a better life for it's people is, however, hard work. And it seems that the arabs don't want to do this hard work. One only has to look across the Jordan, in comparison to Israel to see the difference. Two states, begun almost at the same time, both with few if any natural resources, and with similiar populations. Although no where near perfect, what Israel has built, a modern technologically advanced country with world class universities, businesses, social structures, etc, even while having to spend huge amounts of resources and lives to defend itself, and at the same time absorbing millions of immigrants, is simply staggering. At the other end of the spectrum is Jordan, basically a dusty, backward dump of a country. If you then look at some of the other Arab countries (especially those with oil and other resources) you have to (if you are intellectually honest) ask yourself 'Is it really Israel that is the problem in the Middle East'? As far as the idea of Israel withdrawing to the armistice lines of 1948/1967 so as to give the arabs no pretext for war and hatred, and to give it the moral high ground or more justice to defend itself, the 'Left' abandoned any notion of justice and evenhandedness toward Israel starting when they realized that Israel was not going to be the socialist paradise of their fancy, and that Israel would align itself with the USA. As far as the rest of the world, especially Europe, they simply did the math and said on one hand Arabs have oil, on the other, Israel=Jews. So as much as you would like everyone to join hands and sing Kumbaya, Israel making concessions in order to please the Israel haters is just a recipe for disaster. (I apologize for the length of this talkback but the problems of the mid-east cannot be explained with sound-bytes.)
19. Im with 14
gandolf ,   PEI canada   (07.27.06)
If syria is taken out of the pictue and their airports and seaports closed , no resupply from Iran..Id also like to see a few aircraft carrier taskforces move closer to the shore things up. Go israel, may the force protect them
20. to # 7
aprpeh ,   USA   (07.27.06)
i bet you think the arabs WON the 6 day war dont you? Hamass and Hisbowler are headed to the trash heap of history with all your other arabian garbage
21. t9 #4
eltee ,   NY, USA   (07.27.06)
It warms my heart that there in Ramallah, where your parents generation condemned you to a life of garbage, by starting wars they couldn't win, and that you are condemning your childrens generation to the same life of squalor that you find yourself in, that you can stiil find something to laugh about. Sort of Pagliacci-esqe.
22. If what you say is true, you need a better leadership
AK   (07.27.06)
Maybe, just maybe, a few rockets on your town would wake up the elites to the grim realities. Quite a few in Israel need to wake up from their 'peace' dream and start holding your politicians and your elites accountable for the damage they have been causing for the last 40 years. I saw Ehud Barak on both, the Foxnews and MSNBC, a few days back, and I came to a conclusion that the man, aside from being incoherent, is incredibly arrogant and totally shameless. He still fails to acknowledge his own mistakes leading to today’s disaster, instead blaming others -- Israelis, of cause. Why do you allow your failed politicians to open their mouths abroad in from of the cameras without a handing them a script to follow? (Yes, I know we have the same problem with that idiot Carter, but at least we're not as vulnerable as Israel.) Please, your UN Ambassador is a very effective speaker, let him talk to the television audiences and please put a muzzle on Barak, Peres and the like.
23. to 12
Lebanese ,   france   (07.27.06)
u said "the strongest country in the world is backing them up while nt caring about urs" so honey, are u proud from being a citizen of such country??? a country that does not care for children death and never minds if civilians are killed.....perhaps it is the strongest in this "world"....but evrything has an end....don't let wealth make you blind! nothing lasts for ever; perhaps our country is now ruined , but it is not the first time it gets ruined and we are ready to build it again and again and again!!!!! by the way i would like to tell u that I hate Syria , i hate Iran, I hate Israel and I do not support Hezbullah also!
24. to #5
aprpeh ,   USA   (07.27.06)
do you sleep at night with all the bombs falling? you know, one miscalculation and you are an afterthought, a stain in the rubble. How does that sound? run. run away to syria or jordan or somewhere you can live in peace without HisBowelers ruining your life.
25. to 14
stop waching sincefiction movies
26. 16,17
Lebanese ,   france   (07.27.06)
You re so cute, chéri.... though i cannot say that what you are saying is wrong... except when you say "you are no more!" well i can tell you, the more people are killed the more I feel that Lebanese people are getting stronger! i think that never hateful persons like you will win! and you have to know that no one can delete others! people have to accept others as they are else there won't be an end to this stupid war!
27. The only way to win is
J ,   Newcastle, UK   (07.27.06)
to DESTROY HizbAllah. May Hashem lead His People Israel to victory!
28. #23...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.27.06)
The fact that you do not differentiate between, Iran, Syria, Hezballah and Israel is crazy. You hate everyone? Who are your allies then? Israel is the only country in the Middle East that is fighting terror. All the others are either too scraed (Egypt, jordan etc) or are a part of terror (Syria, Iran Iraq). It is a shame that your beautiful country has to be ruined b/c of Hezballah, but your government did nothing to stop them and now you see the results. Your people need to learn that supporting and harboring terror only leads to destruction and death. You will learn soon enough.
29. To #14 & #18
MK ,   USA   (07.27.06)
I believe, as a person who lived in the ME for 20 years, that I have a pretty good understanding of the region. It seems to me that reviewers in here try to promote hatred and racism to acquire popularity from the other reviewers. This is absurd. Morons, bombs can never deter terror. To wish that Israel would bomb Syria is nothing but atmost ignorance on your part. That is why you are not in politics and diplomacy, because you would fail. Violence breeds violence. There is a time and place for some violence, and a time and place for peace. What I have stated in my above review is the ONLY solution. For Israel to win, both the war and peace, it needs to eradicate Hizbollah, and immediately starts a comprehensive peace process. There have been bombs pouring since 1948. Did they solve the problem?? That alone should be an answer to your method. Your method is a failure. It has been tried, tested, studied, and failed.
30. EASY! End your occupation of Arab lands since 1967!
Al ,   US   (07.27.06)
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