UN observer: Hizbullah using us as shields
Published: 28.07.06, 03:26
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1. UNIFIL Lebanon Contingent
Marc ,   West Palm Beach, FL   (07.28.06)
What are the U.N. peacekeepers doing in South Lebanon? They have done nothing to stop Hezbullah's arms and missile buildup, so why are they still there? Send them home until a real force can properly act to stop the violence.
2. I Am Truly Sorry
emanon ,   USA   (07.28.06)
That innocent people had to die, but I do not blame Israel or their forces. This is the way of terrorists. They use human shields to commit their heinous acts, then when reprisals go wrong they say "Look at what our oppressor has done, kill innocent people". All the while, the terrorist's tactics of using human shield makes the loss of innocent life inevitable: if the IDF strikes back, innocent bystander get killed and if the IDF does nothing, innocent Israelis get killed. This is more proof this is not about peace or about Arabs gaining more land then settling peacfully, it is about making Israel look bad in the eys of the world at all costs and the terrorists attempt to destroy the nation of Israel.
3. A few words to Cynthia (Major von Kruedener's wife)
Ronnie   (07.28.06)
I deeply regret the loss of your husband. However, as he himself wrote, he did not believe the Israeli shooting to be deliberate. So please take his words as they were written. I understand your pain - your husband was a brave and courageous man who sacrificed himself. But your energies would be better directed at expressing indignation and revolt against the real culprits behind your husband's tragic death: the Hezbollah and the UN (i.e. Kofi Annan). The order to pack up and leave should have been given by Kofi Annan at least a week ago. Yet, due to his neglicence/incompetence, the soliders were never allowed to go. Remember, it was Kofi who was responsible for what happened in Rwanda. He is still the same beast after all these years. More importantly, the Hezbollah has been using everything (women, children, clergymen, churches, mosques, etc. - and tragically UN soldliers) as human shields and covers for its cowardly terrorist actions. They represent the anti-Christ and the embodification of everything that is evil in todays' world. They must be defeated, otherwise all the people that have tragically died in this conflict (including innocent Israeli civilians, soldiers and Lebanese/international UN peacekeepers that were used as human shields) would have died in vain. This cancer must be extricated and the world needs to be purified from this evil. My deepest sympathy...
4. UN Observers
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (07.28.06)
Why did the UN keep its observers in the crossfire between two heavily fighting forces? The UN knew this was happening and would seriously endanger the safety of their operatives... which eventually (some 6 days later) happened. This bizarre incident is clearly the UN's fault and Kofi Annan bears the brunt of the blame for not allowing his observers to leave that post.
Ehud ,   Hiroshima, JAPAN   (07.28.06)
6. Israel has a long history of murdering UN personnel
al ,   la, usa   (07.28.06)
This email story is total BS.
7. Get the UN out of there! (end)
Johnson ,   USA   (07.28.06)
8. Kofi to be solely held responsible for this tragedy.
John ,   NZ   (07.28.06)
9. No Excuse
Joe ,   Canada   (07.28.06)
I don't care if Hezbollah had a military base next to the UN post. There is NO EXCUSE for targetting civilians and non combatants, especially the United Nations. Israel knew where the UN post was and hit it anyways and shouldn't try to spin its way out of taking responsibility for its actions.
10. No low is too low - Hezbollah!
Lindon Richards ,   Milpitas USA   (07.28.06)
So it is not enough to hide behind the skirts of old women and children. Now we learn that UNIFIL, the un armed UN observer force has also been drafted into the protective umbrella of Hezbollah! Hezbollah, despite the the boastful claims of its soon to be killed leader, has no qualms about boasting few of its armed members have been killed, while at the same time,screaming at the world to save the said civilians. Like all decen people everywhere, I do share my condolences with the families of the four UN staffers.Their deaths are no doubt the responsibility of this gang and this incident very clearly demonstrate the need for the death of all its members. They need to be very soundly beaten on the battlefield, even at the expense of civilian casualties. Many more of us will certainly die if they are not properly and adequately dealt with.
11. 9th Canadian murdered by IDF
Sean O"Neill ,   Montréal, Canada   (07.28.06)
I have shed untold tears over the years for inoccent Israeli's who have died and been injured by self righteous suicide bombers . Wether I agree or not with your government's present policy is irrelevant. But let me be frank. It has been established that there had been ongoing communications between the UN post and IDF. Evidently there were enemy combattants sheltering within or next to the observation post. Had the unarmed peacekeepers been kidnapped Israeli soldiers does any sentient being honestly believe the bombing of the post would have continued? Perhaps it is a truth too painful to say presently. I beg of my brothers and sisters in Israel and throughout the diaspora to be sensitive to the feelings of the deceased family. Please contact your embassy in Ottawa and ask that more time be spent expressing remorse than in justifying. When the initial seven Canadians died -all from one family- the Ottawa embassy suggested the deaths were caused because, "regretably and tragically some people did not heed..." the advice to leave. If someone suggested that those who perished in the Warsaw ghetto didn"t have the sense to leave I would be affronted. Imagine then how the families must feel. I pray that you will do what is right . May G-d be with you , guide you and keep you from the self righteousness that so afflicts your enemies.
12. PEACEkeepers?
P. E. ,   USA   (07.28.06)
Too bad about the 4 U.N. 'peacekeepers.' What 'peace' were they keeping, I wonder? They should have left the combat zone ahead of the bombing, with the U.N.'s urging. Why didn't they?
13. Kofi Regrets..
Pat ,   Wisconsin, USA   (07.28.06)
His remarks? An old addage suugests that all should think before they speak. Mr. Annan basically insinuated that Israel attacked a UN site on purpose. Forgive me, but this demands a direct apology from Mr. Kofi to the Israeli government and people in light of the Canadian officer's message from 6 days ago. Hezbollah hiding under women's skirts, children, and now innocent UN obervers. Does their cowardice know no limits?
14. un peacemakers
what are you doing in lebonon if you are not siding with the israelis or disarming hisbullah what ever you are doing there is no good for israel
15. UN is a fraud and Annan is criminal
Evgeniy ,   NYC, US   (07.28.06)
US should stop funding organization that is ready to curifice it's solders (just Like Hezbollah) to blame Israel, they also hidden the fact email has been sent that in hezbollah using UN as a shield. Un is a fraud.
16. Ronnie I am with you 100%
Michelle ,   Los Angeles, CA   (07.28.06)
17. To #3 Ronnie and #4 Stude Ham
Ruth ,   Ontario Canada   (07.28.06)
Thank you for your very wise and accurate words, you're both right on. I could not agree more with both of you. Finally someone with some understanding, let's hope Cynthia will read this and reconsider her stance.
18. to # 3 - I am sorry
Tom ,   NYC, USA   (07.28.06)
I also deeply regret the actions of the IDF. However, the question remains - was this deliberate or due to incompetence ? The IDF knew the location and were warned multiple times. What is the explanation ? Your platitudes are unacceptable.
19. Corrupt and Incompetent UN
Bernard Ross ,   St. Anns Bay Jamaica   (07.28.06)
Why did not the UN remove these men from the war zone knowing the situation. Wherever rockets are fired from it is incumbent upon IDF to liquidate the source whether it be civilian, UN, mosque or hospital. Israelis must be protected first. Too many Israeli lives are lost protecting those of the enemy in order to satisfy the EU descendants of the slaughterers of Jews.
20. UN Deaths in Lebanon.
Richard ,   Toronto Canada   (07.28.06)
I fully believe that Hizbullah was purposely setting up near the United Nations post to atract fire from Isreal SO Isreal would be blamed for the accident ,and they were. Richard Canada.
21. UN did forget post, their own people
Schulz ,   Berlin   (07.28.06)
UN did forget four soldiers, majors and international people................... Why did they not leave this area? Ore can't force stop their activities? Es ist ein Zwischenfall, mit Todesfolge, alle Beteiligten wissen um Gefahren in bewaffneten Auseinandersetzungen. Canada hat nur informiert, alle haben nur zugeschaut, besonders, nachdem die Posten vorher genaue Angaben gemacht habe, damit sie evakuiert werden oder andere Standorte einnehmen können. Haben sie keine eigenen Vollmachten, um eigene Handlungen setzen zu können? Jeder, sogar ein einfacher Soldat kann operativ handeln, wenn er es selbst verantwortet. Die UN vergass ihre eigenen Leute. Wenn dies moslemische Taktik ist, bewahrheitet sich die Unzuverlässigkeit der moslemischen Strukturen in internationalen Angelegenheiten. Ich respektiere keine moslemischen islamistischen Staaten, es sind prinzipiell Menschenrechtsverletzer.
22. UN
noah ,   toronto   (07.28.06)
there is no question that the UN should not have any operatives in southern lebanon, this is a war zone, we dont want your presence becasue it hinders the development of israels war against the terrorists..kofi is an idiot and the whole un is very anti-semetic and against the zionist state
23. A Legal Perspective
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (07.28.06)
Take away the bias and look at it this way If my neighbour has a vicious dog which is scarying the kids and coming close to attacking them and I repeatedly warn the owner of this then if that owner does nothing about it t the owner will probably be guilty of unintentional homicide if death occurs. On the other hand I may be guilty of not keeping the kids away myself but then if the owner has assured me 100% that the dog is chained then what else can I do. Kofi Annan may not be entirely right but if a deliberate decision was made to not chain the dog and a deliberate effort to misinform then there is a degree of premeditation.
24. #3 Ronnie - Well Written - Couldn't Have Said it Better
H ,   Jerusalem   (07.28.06)
25. UNIFIL /Gutless
Craig Tristram ,   Western Australia   (07.28.06)
Yes i agree why were the observers left in this predicament, was it Annan playing politics again for the good of his own ego, blind freddy will tell you that once a cease fire between to faction breaks down you remove the observers until it is safe to return,gutless UN they would probably have sat there through another genocide and told the world they were just monitering the situation
26. UN are support the terror and like huzballah
Ben ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.28.06)
UN are fuckers that allways support the terror and allways find a reason to do israel bad name. i hate you UN. You are a team of arabics that don't care about us. this article show you that the terrorist hiding near the UN place and than exploited that we not allow to atk them. UN was need to take these soliders out of this place them knew that its danger to be there. "we told israel stop atk near UN place" . OMG how ppls can be so idiots? what we suppose to do?! let them atk us? the place that them atk from its near the Un place. if someone his againts israel i will change his thought . live a mail and i will talk to you . have a nice day.
27. UN , a waste of time and money
hiram ,   tel aviv   (07.28.06)
What are the contribution of FINUL in Lebanon ? Did they raise the alarm about the beefing up of Hizbullah gangsters ? did they observe the arm trafficking between syria and lebanon? what are they exactly doing ? Nothing....and this nothing has a price : millions of dollars thrown away for no good at all....
28. Kofi Annan
a voice ,   the Czech Republic   (07.28.06)
There is something inside Kofi Annan that evoke Arafat to me. The same way of thinking about human beings. People are only bare means of his personal pomp. And personal pomp is the only life goal of his. He should be convened before the Hague Trial.
29. #18
Aaron ,   Darwin OZ   (07.28.06)
IDF deliberately targeted Hizbollah, after informing them numerous times that they would. The UN was presumably aware that Hizbollah was utilising the UN Post as a shield, thereby endangering it. The UN did not evacuate the post, although it served no useful purpose (Peacekeepers are somewhat redundant in an actual warzone, especially as they were there to prevent the firing on Israel, that they could watch outside their fence). The liability for these deaths goes to Hizbollah and the UN.
30. Kofi Beans is an Islamic Nazi plain and simple
One Tough Jew   (07.28.06)
He is the essence of Stalin; Hitler; Mussolini, Papa Doc Duvalier, Khaddifi, Arafat, Haniyeh, Ahmadinejad and like all the other mad hate-filled megalomaniac dictators thoughout history wearing the cloak of the UN. The UN is really no more than the international political branch of an Islamic-Nazi political party. Kofi is a terrorist criminal and if all possible take him out like Rantisi and the others. Think about it; who else had the "illustrious" postition of Secretary General of the UN? Kurt Waldheim; documented Nazi. The UN - a big joke to the real meaning of finding peace and unity in the world. Nothing but a bunch of Jew-hating - anti-Zionist - criminals...all of them.
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