Report: First contacts made between Israel, Hizbullah
Roee Nahmias
Published: 28.07.06, 10:10
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1. Re: First contact is not for agreement, but murder.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.28.06)
Am so angry. First contact was really Hezbolleh attacks and kidnapping into Israel with intent for later prisoner exchange. The arabs have a policy in place that holds the world and of course Israel hostage. They initiate attacks, whether it be 9/11 or kidnapping Israeli soldiers or sending suicide bombers around the world. And, then they claim THEY were attacked? WHAT LIES!!! If Red Cross and Germany want to make an exchange of prisoners, then let Germany release its murderous prisoners from its own jails. Why should Israel release those who in past have tried to harm us so they can do it again? As soon as released tney are handed weapons and told to go and destroy Israel again. And, if prisoners released they should be required to wear tracking devises for a year to protect us from their true treacherous behaviors. These prisoners are not farmers and family men, but trained killers. Our boys, Gideon ben Aviva, Ehud and Eldad must be rescued, Pidyon Shivuyim is tremendous mitzvah. But, not if the rodef (the chaser) still has intent to kill again. Instead, this rodef must be eradicated. Instead of prisoner exchange, why can't Germany and every country which hates or is scared of terrorism send in manpower to HELP ISRAEL? Condi Rice wants a lasting peace. Can't happen if the same game is played over and over again. This will just fuel Iran/Syrian terrorists and they will think to kidnap more people next time. Reality? No country cares about Israel, just themselves and oil. Nasrullah and Al Quaida already stated this is religious war against Jews/Israelis and will continue. So, why make concessions? BLAST THEM! Arabs only understand violence. Peaceful talks are viewed as weakness by them. They laugh at us. Israelis be strong. G-d is on your side. '67 is not just a memory. UNITE AND STAND STRONG!!!! Get our boys back IDF.
2. If this is not another lie...
The Raccoon   (07.28.06)
If this is not another Arab lie, this government is going down; that would mean they have learned nothing. Even the most incompetent analyst should have understood by now that the only way to negotiate with terrorists involves ballistic lobotomy.
3. The report not confirmed
Agop ,   Yerevan   (07.28.06)
I could not find such report in the English version of the Al Hayat. Neither is it likely to be found in the Arabic version. Another, fake report
4. Let Bush pressure Lebanon or Syria into giving up
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.28.06)
nastyrallah and his leadership, then offer them exile in some country in return for the soldiers. Just think of how much nasty rallah will tell to save his skin.
5. No way this is true.
Yuval ,   Herzliya, Israel   (07.28.06)
As much as I don't like Olmert and Peretz, I don't think that they're THAT stupid to give prisoners back. If Israel gives the terrorists their prisoners back, then the terrorists win; that simple. The Hezbollah is already starting to break up, and I think our leader- Olmert knows that well. He won't be stupid enough to give up now, after Israel has nearly won. Thus I believe this is just another Arab lie. Don't ever trust Al-Hyat, I don't remember one "scoop" of theirs that wasn't a lie...
6. making a deal with the terrorists
shraga derlachter ,   Vancouver, Canada   (07.28.06)
you have to finish them, otherwise it will happen again...never show weakness, you have to finish them. no matter what
7. talking to terrorists
sandgroper ,   Western Australia   (07.28.06)
don't talk - destroy Hezbullah totally
8. the beginig of israel's surrender
Zeus ,   Greece   (07.28.06)
9. Israel should not bow down
Faisal ,   Hyderabad India   (07.28.06)
Israel should finish off this problem and make this war for the security of its citizens.Hizbullah will continue to fire missles on innocent Civilians of Israel and it should be stopped first. Regarding that 10,000 prisoners in Israeli jails , Israel should realise females, childrens and old who will not target Israel again. Israel really have a stronger position around the world and its on a just war and its doing that only which a responsible government do for its citizens.
10. No way?
Chris   (07.28.06)
Anyone who thinks this whole thing will end with the complete annihilation of huzb allah and then miraculously finding the two soldiers alive is an idiot. Eventually there will be negotiations, Israel is just trying to pressure huzb allah enough so that they get the conditions they want and huzb allah isn't budging.
11. Excellent! I hope this leads somewhere. This is the only way
Proud Grandpa ,   (07.28.06)
to achieve something of value.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.28.06)
Treason and maliciously endangering IDF soldiers' lives by Arab MKs is allowed in Israel whilst patriotic Jews are punished and jailed and regarded as ENEMIES OF THE STATE. It is urgent that demonstrations are held outside the Knesset and outside Israeli consulates world-wide to protest that Arab MKs are allowed to commit treason - collude with the enemy - repeatedly call for intifada against Israel - and encourage global jihadist religious supremacists to kidnap IDF soldiers. And to protest the persecution and politically-motivated, unjust jailing of Jewish patriots. Arab MK: 'I Advised PA to Kidnap Soldier' Jul 09, '06 / 13 Tammuz 5766 by Hillel Fendel Knesset Member Wasal Taha, corresponding publicly with internet surfers on the Arabic-language IslamOnline site, said he repeatedly advised PA terrorists to battle and kidnap Israeli soldiers. According to a report in Maariv newspaper on Sunday, Taha told surfers on Thursday that he repeatedly advised the PA Arabs to stop shooting and targeting civilians, and to concentrate on IDF targets...
13. Its prob true
mike ,   phila usa   (07.28.06)
I bet 100% this is true. Why did the cabinet not agree to an expanded war? Olmert and friends just don't have the drive, desire, to crush Hibz. Thus, they will loose this war and Hizb and Iran wins. Dangerous days ahead for Israel. The poorly run goverment did not listen to the IDF in this case
14. Talks can be made,but...
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.28.06)
Israel MUST finish COMPLETELY the job! No residue of hisbu.. can be remained near Israel borders-or new borders in this case.They must have their capabilitie in harming Israel COMPLETELY finished,for now and for the future. After that,with Israel with COMPLETE CONTROL on the situation,then it can talk!
15. Ron Arad
DJ ,   Geneva, Switzerland   (07.28.06)
If, against all logic, negotiations are being held, please add Ron Arad to the list!!!
16. News Update: IDF is retreating from Maroun El Rass!
Al ,   US   (07.28.06)
17. Talks...
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.28.06)
Israel MUST finish COMPLETELY the job! No residue of hisbu.. can be remained near Israel borders.They must have their capabilitie in harming Israel COMPLETELY finished,for now and for the future. After that,with Israel with COMPLETE CONTROL on the situation,then it can talk!
Shiloh ,   Israel   (07.28.06)
When ever the terrorists are loosing, the Arab world rallies for a cease fire and the Israeli's lose again. Olmert, don't deal with these people. You have to hurry as the turncoat USA will screw Israel again.
19. israel must change its policy
Edik ,   russia   (07.28.06)
to live in peace in the middle of Arab world & to save the life of its citizens israel must change its policy ,because wise people make conclusions from others mistakes,because Hamas & Hizbollah were born after the invading of Lebanon in 1982 & after the violence against palestinians & after this operation maybe another more radical group will born .because of that these idiots in goverment must sit to talks even with Hizbollah because its the only way
20. Negotiations with Terrorists
Shmuel Tzvy ,   Fallsburg, NY, USA   (07.28.06)
Negotiations with terrorists are worse than useless and perpetuate the status quo ante. Only total, overwhelming destruction of terrorist forces will bring some period of peace. However unpleasant the reality, it must be confronted.
21. Afula is been rained with Hizbollah rockets as we speak!
Al ,   US   (07.28.06)
22. thirst point, but not good news
Schulz ,   Berlin   (07.28.06)
Thirst point, but not good news, not to freeing captured soldiers. Ein erster Punkt für zwischenmenschliche Kontakte, aber keine guten Nachrichten in Bezug auf die Befreiung der gekidnapten Soldaten. Goldwasser war mal ein Markenartikel im Handel. Vielleicht gibt es ja humanitäre Hilfe als Gegenleistung für eine Freilassung.
23. To 19
Shai ,   Israel   (07.28.06)
Give the Chechens a state and then get back to us, Edik.
24. Y does Ynet keep quoting this tabloid ?
D- ,   San Diego, USA   (07.28.06)
Ynet has done many articles entirely based on Al-Hayat articles. These articles are consistently wrong. Yet, Ynet never clearly states that. No one else is carrying this crap. Is this supposed to be an attempt at humor?
25. total BS
mark ,   usa   (07.28.06)
I would expect to see this crap printed on or something of that nature where they print what the enemy that wants us dead wants them to print.
26. attn Zeus in Greece
Sofia ,   usa   (07.28.06)
Zeus, you got the facts backwards, is not Israel that is surrendering, Israel in this war, as in all others is only fighting for survival, Do not confuse, survival and surender, address rather Hizbollah, who kills for fanatisim and hate.
27. # 18 Shiloh
Tom ,   Texas USA   (07.28.06)
Shiloh, Israel would be a bloodspot on the desert if the USA did not pay for all of your equiptment and Arms. So you want us to stop supporting you INGRATES. SO BE IT. Have fun learning to speak Arabic
28. Tom from Texas
Al ,   usa   (07.28.06)
Hey, Tom. I suggest you tell your Congressman to stop supporting Israel. Just understand, that when our gov't needs help or information about anything or anyone in the middle east, they will have to get it themselves or trust one of our many reliable Arab allies. It means giving up Western style English speaking US strategic bases, safe refueling stops, countless weapons storage facilities and the friendship of millions of people who share our modern, moral, economic and Democratic values. Try not be an idiot.
29. # 28 Al
Tom ,   texas   (07.28.06)
With Friends like them who needs enemies. To speak of the USA like this Shameful. I am not going to tell my congressman I am going to tell the people. The politicians are bought and sold already. We are getting really getting great info from Mossad. Yep you sure can't get that kind of info from just anybody. That is why we have been so successful in the Middle East lately. Iraq WMD Poof none there. 911? Where was the Intel on that one? Didn't suit their purposes me thinks If you think that for one minute Israel gives us any Intel that doesn't serve their own ends then you my friend are the idiot. And I am Jewish. I just love America more than you do I guess, or I am a lot wiser.
30. to Texas Tom, #29
Longhorn ,   Lone Star State   (07.29.06)
Tom, here is a little info for you: out of 3 billion dollars US gives to Israel, 2.5 MUST be spent in US. That's right, Tom, it's $2.5 billion SUBSIDY for the AMERICAN weapons industry, much of which is located in Texas. Additionally, US did not start providing serious support to Israel until Yom Kippur War(1973), after USSR was started sending plane after plane of war materiel to Arabs. So even without US support, Israel was doing just fine before. Now without USSR, it's a different picture. And with GDP of over 100 billion and defense budget of $13 billion, Israel can find an easy replacement for 2-3 billion somewhere (like by selling more war materiel to China). And then it would not have to look over the shoulder and ask Big Papa if it's okay to do something.
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