'Beautiful north turning black'
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 28.07.06, 14:10
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Ehud ,   Hiroshima, JAPAN   (07.28.06) They feel the pain to see the forest burning. I feel the pain when I see those people uselessly diying. STOP this ugly war and make peace, no forst will burn and no people will die. Look at the video to see some of the IAF targets. they are making fools of us. STOP WAR NOW!
2. Stop Arab Terrorism
emanon ,   USA   (07.28.06)
Where is the rest of the world's outrage over this? This is pure wanton destruction. Israel defends itself and Israel is condemed by the world. The Arab terrorists escalate the senseless destruction and the world says nothing.
3. Everywhere else in Israel
Anne   (07.28.06)
where this has happened (for other reasons) , is now blooming and green; and the same will be here too. The people there are special, and their/our land will change from black to green as soon as we wipe out the black devils of evil. This is NOT the time for these wimpish moaning articles. Our brave soldiers and citizens deserve better. Ad Kaan!
4. not dangerous
forest fires rage annually in Portugal, thereafter the vegetation regrows marvellously first we need to eliminate the Terrorist
5. only forests
wow... Israel is concerned about forests being destroyed, but meanwhile they turn Lebanese cities into rubble. Somehow I think that the destroyed cities of Lebanon are more of a tragedy than the destroyed forests of Israel.
6. Well deserved
Mick ,   Australia   (07.28.06)
Look what your army done to the sea side from Beirut to the north side of the country
7. naughty islam fanatics
alex ,   london   (07.28.06)
lebanon should think twice before attacking Israel - be thankful we dont do to you what the Russians did to Chechnya
8. Rubble
Harcourt   (07.28.06)
"Only forests" says that Lebanese cities are being turned into rubble. If all you watch is the BBC and CNN, I can understand why you think so. But if you look at a map of Beirut where the bombings are actually taking place, it is the Hizbully controlled sections that are being hit. Contrast that to the Israeli cities and cemetaries which are being hit indiscriminately by Hizbully - that is the tragedy, that a non-governmental terrorist group has hijacked Lebanon and is attacking the sovereign state of Israel. If you don't like Israel's response, I invite you to ask Hizbully to bomb your city instead of Israel - then speak to us about whether your country's response is more "proportional". Get bent.
It is a crime against Nature and Humanity to destroy trees, crops ... whether in Israel or Palestine. Sounds as if parts of Israel will look a bit like Gaza and WB where such crimes continue. Is it possible that Israel will forego its crimes against Nature and Humanity? With Peace, Lebanon's rockets which cause a bit of damage will cease. Peace, not Piece, Israel.
10. #1 to Ehud
diala ,   Beirut Lebanon   (07.28.06)
Hey man , you're the first one who understands what is really happening and how israel is lying to their people, Peace :)
11. #6
Aussie 2   (07.28.06)
Stay with the beer and booze and sheilas in Bondi mate, certainly dont come here. It's for real men not wimps.
12. don't pour tears on past ,look to future
lebanese ,   Hizbollah Empire   (07.28.06)
don't pour tears on beautiful north you still have beautiful middle & south that you can save from burning if you press on idiots in goverment as Olmert,Peretz,Barak & who share them the war opinion of solving the problem
Ana ,   Spain   (07.28.06)
The responsibility for all the crimes, against Humanity and Nature, is on Hizbollah and the pals terrorists. They attack Israel, so the blame for all the crimes is on them.
14. they KILL and DESTROY LEBANON and
15. To all rocket shooters
Mohammed ,   Gaza   (07.28.06)
Dear rocket shooters Please leave us some green area so we will enjoy when we regain the land
16. Oh i'm crying
The whole lebanese coastline is covered with oil because of ur reckless bombs, the sand has turned black, and it would take a long time to heal back, and u're crying for ur forests?? u started this first, and here's the proof: U're not having enough killing civilians and destroying infrastructure, but u're even jealous to the beautiful nature that Lebanon has.
17. #11
Jack   (07.28.06)
Huh mate! Aussies stand with Palestinians! its the blody jews that cause all trouble in Aussie! We blokes stand with our muslims brothers! up the shitter #11 as we blokes say! aye!
18. rockets
hans roufs ,   schinnen nederland   (07.28.06)
enjoy youre live instead of shooting for that people that can live without dead
19. Bunch of trees.
Ashton   (07.28.06)
What about the homes you destroy?These forests were grown on the graves of Palestinian homes.
20. To Ehud
tamy ,   costa rica   (07.28.06)
At least Israel respects its people and doesn't show videos of hurted people. Haven't you read how many people have been hurt in Israel too? They just prefer not to show their kids all bloody and desperate. Both sides are suffering. You should try to understand others' side. I know it's hard but give it a try
21. we'll rebuild the forests. NO PROBLEM
tamara ,   israel   (07.28.06)
it's tough to see this. but we'll rebuild everything and all Jews of the world will support an initiative to rebuild the north once the terrorists are out. and it will be soon!!!! We'll make the nort green again we have technology...
22. "Wood hath hope...
RIckmd ,   baltimore, USA   (07.28.06)
when its cut it grows green again. Wood hath hope." So goes one Hymn.
23. northern forest rocket damage
Kent   (07.28.06)
To Mohammed (#11) 1) your people will never enjoy the green forests of Israel. 2) You wouldn't know a green forest if you saw one. 3) Before the birth of modern day Israel in 1948 this land was already "scorched" by its inhabitants. You wouldn't know how to genetically engineer a seed, plant and nurture it into a mature tree even if someone instructed you.
24. A Message to All Israelis Here:
Lauren ,   Israel   (07.28.06)
Despite the nasty and hateful comments written by many of these people here and in other talkbacks, I just want to say that it doesn't matter what they say or write. These are bored people with no lives, or people who think they can destroy us morally and physically, and they get some kind of warped pleasure out of writing terrible things, thinking that they can lower our morale. We will replant the forests, people will return to their homes in the north, the missiles will become a thing of the past, and the people who have said so many harmful things about Israel will crawl back into their holes, and resume their miserable lives. We will get through this. We always have, we've survived worse before. No threat, no hateful words, no terrorist thugs, will ever be able to destroy our spirit and our country. Shabbat Shalom to all of you, may you stay safe and strong, and may the war end soon.
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