Fajr-5 missiles fired at Israel
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 28.07.06, 16:08
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1. There is NO CHOICE but total war!
naro ,   tel aviv   (07.28.06)
2. They had an opportunity
Arie   (07.28.06)
The Lebanese government had the opportunity to take command. They refused. Now the Lebanese people, as aggressors, will pay the price of war. Pull our troops out, let the IAF and artillery units decimate ALL areas the rockets are coming from and then send in the entire army to eradicate the terrorists. PS: THAT DOES INCLUDE ASSAD!
3. Invasion is needed
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (07.28.06)
Invasion is needed to go into Lebanon to stop these rockets, and to take them out. Go to the Litani and surround Tyre without entering it. This will force the international community to send forces into the area to stop and disarm Hizboulloh. This goverment is acting politically instead of militarly. That is not a way to defend Israel. This way Israel can make sure that no rockets are getting in by way of humanitarian supplies
4. Nassrallah the HERO...
Nabil ,   Lebanon   (07.28.06)
3 weeks , and the isreali army did nothing!!! At the beginning they had high hopes to destroy Hizbullah.... then they said they only want hizbullah away of the borders... Let me tell u: THIS IS A SIGN THAT HIZBULLAH is winning that war... When the IDF kills poor civilians ,UN soldiers,and destroys civilian places.... a BARBARIC STRATEGY... that Hizbulla will make them to regret it! Nassralah promised.. and as usual he will fulfill his promises!! Stay AWARE , isreali citizen!!!
Ehud ,   Hiroshima, JAPAN   (07.28.06)
What is happening back there in Israel? I was taught that Israel is invincible!! What is happening there? IDF can't even through papers !! Did you read the "breaking news" section? the papers intended for Gaza landed in Israel? GOOD WORK IDF; our leaders to the catastrophe!! STOP THIS WAR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more deathes, no more rockets, nothing, give those lebanese what ever they want but STOP WAR NOW!
6. long missiles /PEACE
RAMALLAH ,   RAMALLAH   (07.28.06)
maybe not long enough to do damage in telaviv , they need to use lomger ones in order to his the heart of telavi, i think you know now it is a matter of time for better and longer missiles to reach anywhere , my advice ISRAEL NEEDS TO CHOSE PEACE"
7. Israel is paying a heavy toll for its arrogance ignorance!
Al ,   US   (07.28.06)
8. Take care
Kareem ,   Egypt   (07.28.06)
The only way to win this exactly the same way u started the state of terrorism..go on, kill everyone in Lebanon, u might as well take the country and make it part of Greater Israel..thats how u got ur country killing go ahead..Kill the lebanese and make Lebanon become an Israeli town..u guys are stupid
9. We Will rise victorious
Bashir ,   United Arab Emirates   (07.28.06)
You do the bombing and calim we are terrorists LoL . That drives me just to laugh . Victory is coming , coming , coming . Dream of us , talk about us , we are your nightmares . God Bless Lebanon .
10. to Nabil the debil (shmuck)
Zionist ,   Israel   (07.28.06)
Big words for such a small mind.
11. Send them more!
Proud Lebanese   (07.28.06)
The lebanese resistance should send you more of those missiles. Its so funny how some talkbackers are still calling for a total war. I want to ask them are you ready for those missiles when they hit Tel Abib. We the Lebanese are ready for everything since we have nothing left to loose. Remember this israeli agression will never force us to surrender our heroic resistants and all what is israel is trying to do will fail and will turn on it. Lebanon will prevail as it did in 2001 and keep it in you mind. Sayed NasrAllah show them hell and I beg you to send more of your missiles.
12. Nasrallah the hero...
Mahmoud ,   Lebanon   (07.28.06)
Hiding in Syria while his fighters cower in mosques and bunkers. A Salah-A-Din he isn't.
13. re: Nassrallah the HERO...
David ,   Hoboken, NJ   (07.28.06)
Keep up the faith! Nassrallah's forced are decimated, command structure dismantled, Lebanon is being destroyed. He bit off more than he could chew when approved the kidnapping. And, Al Queda is on his side. Nassrallah has run off to Syria for safety like a coward! Hezzys are winning - LOL!!!!!!!!!!
14. To Nabil "Israeli Army did nothing"?
Arie   (07.28.06)
Maybe you should come out of your rat hole and see what hezbullah has done to what was "Lebanon"
15. Israel's dirty work clean-up
Scott in Boca ,   Boca Raton, FL, USA   (07.28.06)
As usual, Israel is doing the rest of the world's DIRTY WORK. Wiping out a viper's nest of international terrorists in Lebanon instead of lazy and bloated EU lifting a finger. Making the world a safer place to live and obliterating murderers wherever they hide. Nasrallah's days are numbered..... Don't worry, Israel....we always win and vanquish our enemies.
16. #4 is a typical arab
david ,   miami usa   (07.28.06)
there is not a lot of independent critical thinking there. #4 thinks with his testicles. this mini-war has basically been a low scale conflict. israel's stated goal has never been to eradicate hezbollah. the goal was to deal them a significant blow and greatly limit their ability to attack israel. this would be accomplished by: 1. destoying assets by air (and artillery) 2. clearing about a "no-hezbollah" zone immediately adjacent to the border. 3. letting in a filler force that will block them being armed from syria and prevent them from operating openly in the south. #1 and #2 are mostly there. #3 will need to be done by diplomacy. as regards casualties: A. 33 israeli soldiers have been killed (mostly because they did not want to flatten towns with artillery) B. approximately 200 hezbollah terrorists have been killed (yes, hezbollah does lie)
17. Nasrallah
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (07.28.06)
in Russain Nasrallah means she shat in hebrew hamas means thievery, and kofi means my mnkey and anan means cloud
18. #4
Manny Shtana   (07.28.06)
as in hero-in addict like most of you, cowards,using women and children, homes, mosques and hospitals, and U.N bases too.Dregs of (non)humanity. You are and you sound so primitive. Ugh!
19. Nasrallah's come'uppence
STEVE ,   LONDON ENGLAND   (07.28.06)
We will convert all of Sheik Nasrallah's virgins to Judaism. They will become a great nation of men and women who will surrender and commit their lives to true religion. A religion that does not use violence to bring its brethren to their vows of reason and conscience. A religion that does not imprison females in chains. A religion that does not launch its doctrines with missiles. We will convert all of Nasrallah's virgins to Judaism.
20. Sheikh Nasrallah already promised
lebanese ,   Hizbollah Empire   (07.28.06)
if israel goverments' idiots don't understand it will be bad for all israel people.Sheikh Nasrallah promised that if israel will continue bombing our civilians he will start the next phase ,beyond Haifa & then beyond beyond Haifa & everybody knows that if he promises he will do,so you have a chance not to try this because it means that TA citizens will have to flee to south,maybe to Ghaza
21. Ofcourse NASSERallah is a hero
Da dude   (07.28.06)
Yep, because of course the true sign of victory is when the general tells his men to fight but runs to damascus. Yep, because of course the true sign of victory is losing over 200 fighters in a single engagement where your terrorists are very well entrenched and have all the advantages. Yep, because of course the true sign of victory is when the fear of hizb'allah is so real that Iran is telling Syria to get involved soon. Yep, because of course the true sign of victory is when you keep talking about it, but no action on the ground is effective or occuring to cause. Yep nabil, you are the victors, just keep telling yourself that.
22. push them above the Litani
and never give up again
23. You and your terrorist comrades
ashley ,   london   (07.28.06)
are the true enemies of the lebanese people
24. To 4
Shai ,   Israel   (07.28.06)
So then it's easy! Just refuse the UN's proposal to end the war now. Insist on continuing the fight until you've destroyed and crushed Israel, freed all of the prisoners, beating Israel into complete and utter submission. I really hope you'll be consistent with your blather and insist that the UN butt out until you achieve every last one of your objectives. I expect demonstrations in the street demanding the blood of Israeli civilians. I expect you to call for Syria and Iran to join you in your victory parade after they join you in battle on the fields of Lebanon. I expect you to call on all Lebanese citizens to join hands to rid yourselves of the curse of Israel, which you claim has brought upon your innocent, unknowing and snow-white souls all pain and sorrow known to mankind and beast. Then go ahead and try to wipe us out. Then, sit back and count the days before you and your Iranian and Syrian supporters run back and hide behind your mother UN's apron, you Lebanese cowards, as the IDF wins battle after battle until you are left jaw agape wondering how that happened, and begin your search to blame everybody but yourselves. I'm just hoping against all hope that you will do all I described ,and give my government no choice but to pull off the gloves so that we can end your purile comments and cease your threats to our nation, once and for all, so that we can wipe that bloodthirsty, smug smirk off of your satanic face. A nation that hides behind UN posts, civilians, one that hides your weapons in mosques and houses - I wouldn't put it beyond you to claim victory and just when it becomes clear to everyone that you are going to lose, to shout "foul" and run crying to the UN, like the Arab governments did in 1967 and 1973. You are cowards and you know it. You prefer death because you don't have the courage to face life. You are very, very far from victory and much, much closer to defeat than you are admitting. Time will of course tell, and if you cooperate and allow this war to run its course by playing your proper role, the one you describe with your words, and don't call in mommy UN to save your sorry Islamic fundamentalist butts, Israel will surely have something to rejoice as we skewer the head of Nasrallah on a spike and make his tongue lick the dirt off the shoes of a Private in the Golani Brigade. Make it so, IDF.
25. to fool Nabil
joseph ,   hadera   (07.28.06)
Nabil , Hizballah bandits and iran mollah will fight until the last lebanese these people are sending rockets to civilians and they are using you as alive protection. Make to your country a favor send to Israeli army the location of the bunkers of these cowards so we can stop this bloody war faster You are underestimating the israeli determination to eliminate this maffia gang hidding back to civilans and UN soldiers You are calling them Heros, i call them cowards paid by Iran to make the mess in middle east they will fight until the last of you
26. Why are we reporting where the missles land?
Allan   (07.28.06)
27. Nasrallah the loser
Gaston Boucher ,   Amsterdam, Holland   (07.28.06)
Hope is cheap, you idiots. Nasrallah underwear is now exactly the color of his robe, deep brown. But only his laundryman (if he can still afford one !) knows for sure. Barbaric strategy ? As opposed to sweet, peace loving Islam ? Lke, wow
28. Hizbollah promises!
Abdullah ,   Prague CZ   (07.28.06)
Hizbollah leader promised to target Haifa and he did, he promised to send IDF naval away from Lebanon shores and they did after hitting one of the IDF naval ship, he also promised to target what is beyond Haifa and now Afulla is been targeted (Afula is south of Haifa), so what is beyond Haifa is Afula so I wonder what city would be his promise of beyond beyond Haifa? Shalom!
29. All the war can stop if
Mike ,   Lebanon   (07.28.06)
Hello, At the end this war is making Lebanese and Israeli people suffer. I am a Lebanese, i don't belong to any party. so to stop all that Israel must withdraw from Lebanese lands, stop flying over Lebanese lands. In this way huzballa will stop attacking israel. We all want to live in peace.
30. Is Olmret considering nuclear bomb?
naro ,   tel aviv   (07.28.06)
I think that the time is coming for consideration of nucear attack on Lebanon and Syria if the long range rockets are deployed. Syria is waiting for Israel's army to weaken before attacking. Keep an eye on the golan. Syria will attack quickly like in 1973. Better get ready immediatly.
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