Nasrallah: Israel temporary country
Roee Nahmias
Published: 29.07.06, 19:32
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1. If Hezbolla warriors were real men...
Jeff ,   NJ   (07.29.06)
they wouldn't hide behind civilians, and Israel would have wiped you out in two days. you cowards. don't worry, your end is near, you already lost this war in the reral public opinion.
2. The Only Thing Temporary is nASSrallah
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.29.06)
3. Nasrallah: Israel temporary country
jeremy ,   Kibbutz Hulata   (07.29.06)
Funny thing Hassan Nasrallah says here. I live in the North, under attack and haven't left nor entered a shelter. We are stronger than Hizballah and will prevale in this war of terror. Hizballah, will lose and Nasrallah, will die
4. Great Speech!
Georges ,   Lebanon   (07.29.06)
This is what we call a true resistant leader. It is amazing how HZB is beating the israeli day after day with his humble weapons... I have never been motivated before then after this speech!
5. Wake up Peter #1
Peter ,   Beirut   (07.29.06)
Before you talk, I suggest you come here and see yourself... Don't be blind and guided by ur media. Use ur empty head before you talk.. it's not hollywood here, it's real battle, man to man. 90% of killed civilians were outside HZB area
6. Israeli people! do something!
Max ,   Manchester, CT   (07.29.06)
you are going nowhere in this war. You will have more and more enemies. My chistians friends in lebanon were never before supporting hezballah like this! stop being guided by the Bush Administration. Think of yourselves NOW!
7. Re#1
Peggi   (07.29.06)
U are really dreaming baby, U'll wake up and see the facts that ur guys are the cowards who have used people in Gaza as shield protection...give the guys a couple of F16 and see ur guys situation,most of U guys gonna take the first flight to the US or Europe!!!
8. We are the real men you are the cowards
Mike ,   Lebanon   (07.29.06)
What do you call killing kids ? check it out You guys are the real men ? or just cowards. What do you call fighting from the air bombing randomly and killing Civilians? and when it comes to face to face battle your heros and elite golani group get defeated by some primitive weapons? We are the real men and you are the cowards that will be thrown in history trash.
9. RE: If Hezbolla warriors were real men...
Xav ,   France   (07.29.06)
because you honestly believe that sending hundreds of tons of bombs over crowded residential neighborhoods is "brave" ? because you believe that cutting and breaking all roads and bridges, asking vicilians to leave and shooting them in the back while they try to flee is "courageous" ? because you believe that fighting with american weapons and american subventions and under american veto is "shameless" ? when will you people stop being arrogant and understand that Lebanese people are as human as Israelis weither you like it or not, we're not just animals or numbers you count ! A whole war for 2 soldiers while you keep on holding thousands of lebanese prisionners , who are you fooling apart you stubborn people ? It's not breaknews that Israel was willing to attack Hizbollah in Lebanon with or without excuse, so try to seek for once the truth without being as hateful and arrogant !
10. nuts'rallah temporary alive
gerd schulz ,   germany   (07.29.06)
11. Temporary or terrorist state??
mark   (07.29.06)
Only an idiot will believe that Israel is a temporary state. But, if one says that it is a permament terrorist statre entity, many might agree.
12. A temporary state?
A. Price ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.29.06)
wow! will somebody give this guy a history lesson? there hasn't been anything "temporary" about the jews ever!
13. The two minds of Nasralla
Mr Palestine ,   Palestine   (07.29.06)
While the Israeli action against Lebanon is clearly murderous and one can understand the Hizbulla response, it is also clear that Nasralla is detached from reality when proclaiming that he can destroy Israel and not just wanting to free all of Lebanon and help the Palestinians. resistance to occupation has limits and while Nasralla is quite rational on many things, I feel that his illusions about his actual power will cause his organisation's demise some day.
14. Sad, but true . . .
David Oberlander ,   USA   (07.29.06)
90 % of his bile is true. But the arm did not let Israel down; the political leadership did. As Israel withdraws from the last inch of Lebanon, no longer demands the dismantling of Hezbullah, changes its posture on international troops(what a horrible idea by the way), this Nasrallah is puffed up yet more, heroic leader of the masses, ect...ect... What will your actions do to deter your enemies, Ehud? You embolden them. Israel will no longer be viewed as a strategic asset by the US. How can Israel elect such people? How hard is it to let the IDF do its job. Bush gave the 'green light,' but so did Olmert . . . to misery, loss of strategic depth, Shava Farms, end of tourism, future attacks, more disengagement, more vilification of Israel. Thank you, Olmert.
15. #1
Mike ,   Boston   (07.29.06)
On what planet do you live? Anything short of uprooting Nasrallah this is a loss for IDF. This was evident from day 1. The only purpose of this war was to destroy the infrastructiure of Lebanon so that it does not compete with Israel. 1.5 millions tourists for the summer were more than Israel could tolerate from its neighbor. Shame on you.
16. Deliberate Errors in translating Nasralla's speech...
On the front page "Roee Nahmias" says that Nasralla said: “Elite Golani forces were all annihilated – killed and injured. You can see photos of wounded Golani soldiers being evacuated on their stomachs to hide their injuries.” The fact is that Nasralla said: “Elite Golani forces were all annihilated – killed and injured. You can see photos of wounded Golani soldiers being evacuated on their stomachs BECAUSE THEY WERE HIT IN THEIR BACKS WHILE ESCAPING.” you can tell which is more reasonable!!! Also, Nasralla did not say that " Israel temporary country " he clearly was talking about Bush and Olmert telling them (Bush and Olmert ) your days' count are on the hand's fingers. When do you expect your news to start telling the truth while they change the words said to the whole world????
17. Nasrallah and Israel are both liars.
Khalid   (07.29.06)
Both armies have suffered defeats and both try to hide their casualties. To date, Israel's attacks on mostly civillian areas has clearly not weakened hizballah as the rockets continue to rain on Israel. And hizballah's attacks on Israel haven't caused much damage to infrastructure or to the IDF as nasrallah claims. Both sides are pathetically distorting the truth, so far neither has won, and neither has lost.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.29.06)
G-D's character is perfect - G-D keeps all His promises! The Creator of the Universe has the right to give Land to whoever He chooses. There NEVER was an Arab country of Palestine. Jerusalem was NEVER the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in the Hebrew Bible, not once in the Koran. The eternal, all-knowing G-D WHO KNOWS THE FUTURE is not a man that He should change His mind! G-D NEVER changes! G-D's word NEVER changes and CANNOT be replaced with other scriptures. The Hebrew Bible is forever. The murderous dispute of Islamo-Fascist religious supremacists is with G-D, for it is G-D - Master of the Universe, who gave the Promised Land to Jews. Israel has always kept to the Biblical morality of her G-D given borders. G-D states repeatedly in the Bible He has given Israel to Jews as an eternal possession. Psalm 105:8 "He has remembered His covenant forever, the word which He commanded to a thousand generations. The covenant which He made with Abraham, and His oath to Isaac. Then He confirmed it to Jacob for a statute, to Israel as an everlasting covenant, saying, "To you I will give the land of Canaan as the portion of your inheritance." Who will dare to give away even one inch of the land G-D gave to Jews and who will dare to take or steal it? Who will dare make war against this great, this mighty and awesome G-D? Psalm 119:120 "My flesh trembles for fear of You, and I am afraid of Your judgments."
19. If Israel were real men...
Hellraiser ,   Denmark   (07.29.06)
They would have stopped relying on heavy aircraft bombing and went and fought like real men, unfortunately you are a bunch of gutless wimps, that hides behind the donations of the american military. The proof is the way you run out with your tail between your legs from Maroon Al Ras.
20. With the way things are going, Israel
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (07.29.06)
will be a temporary state. By infuriating, intimidating, and provoking 1 billion Muslims, Israel is playing a very dangerous game. And to think, all of this could have been prevented if israel would have only given back the land it stole, treated the Arabs like human beings, and abided by international law. Remember, anything - even genocide - can be justified in the name of 'security.' Israel's latest massacre of 500 Lebanese civilians has nothing to do with security, but with punishing people for being Arabs. I hope israelis understand the theory of karma, because Israel has got a lot coming in the future.
21. "temporary country"
Arie   (07.29.06)
It is obvious that nasrallah is no longer in "lebanon" for if he were he would see which country is "temporary. Now all peoples that used to live in "lebanon" say "thank you" to hezbullah
22. Nasrallah in deep hiding
reader   (07.29.06)
It's a joke that he threatens as he does while he hides like a cockroach. In the meantime, do you see Olmert hiding? Israel should keep up the pressure until they get this animal who targets civilians and shoots from among them in their crosshairs.
23. He's 100% right
Akram ,   Paris   (07.29.06)
He's simply saying the truth. Israel lost the war. Congratulations to the winner whoever it is.
24. My friend Jeff from NJ #1,
Shalom ,   Beirut   (07.29.06)
Dear Jeff hiding in NJ behind his terminal, Who is the coward? the one that uses tons of explosives and airforce and refuse to fight face to face? Lebanese resistance has no superforce, no tanks, no F16,.....yet they kicked your butt :) wake up and smell defeat.
lebanese ,   lebanon   (07.29.06)
Sheikh Nasrallah is the real man as his warriors are too,as Israel command told before that in Bint Jbeil there are about 100 warriors who stood against Golani Brigade & many other divisions & defeated them killing & wounding many of them.& if you look at wounded soldiers ,most of them are lying faces down because they were fired in back running away from battle as rabbits.& one more thing to know we love Nasrallah & all other Hizbollah leaders because they don't cheat their citizens as your Olmert does,because if Nasrallah says something he does it Inshallah
26. the reality!
joha ,   us   (07.29.06)
Hizbollah are men more than IDF when they are fighting in Bent jbeil and causes many deads in israeli best commando forces(Golani),which armed with best american weapons....wake up
27. #4 If you really believed it
Haifa, Israel   (07.29.06)
you wouldn't be here trying to convince us and yourself. Basic human psychology (notice I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt despite your support of the inhumane).
28. #6 We're not worried
Israel   (07.29.06)
If you actually wanted to help any innocents, you wouldn't use the language you do. We're happy to not have the support of you're friends. Chances are their "switch" to Hizbollah doesn't represent a directional change in their attitude towards Israel.
29. Israel temporary country
everything on earth is temporary, don't worry Hassan you're done much before us
30. Jeff #2, How many innocent dead?
Halldor Halldorsson ,   Iceland   (07.29.06)
How many innocent dead civilians do you think is acceptable for the Israelis, to take out one arab terrorist? 10? 100? 1000?
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