Nasrallah: Israel temporary country
Roee Nahmias
Published: 29.07.06, 19:32
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31. Pitiful posturing...
Andrew ,   Halifax, Canada   (07.29.06)
This posturing by Hizbullah Chief Hassan Nasrallah regarding the military objectives obtained by the IDF are quite telling. It would be a stronger position for him to at least openly acknowledge those military gains which are so evident to international observers. He could downplay their significance, but flat out denial of gains undermines his credibility as well informed. Soapboxing for the sake of the moral of the "small organization with a strong belief in its cause" is understandable but anyone else who might take his denials as militarily significant would be well advised to broaden their horizens.
32. bye-bye Nasrallah
Haim ,   Israel   (07.29.06)
In the past Nasrallah used to tell truth. His reports were more or less compliant with other sources. Now he clearly lies and sells you his wishful thinking. This means he feels really bad and feels his end is close. Iremember in Soviet Union 5-days war reports. 4 days they reported how many tanks are destroyed by arabs. On 5-th day they started about Israel's agression and struggle for peace. Now the same happens with Hizbullah. Bye-bye Nasrallah. Meet your shahids in hell soon.
33. LIES!
Davida ,   USA   (07.29.06)
The US is NOT actively seeking out terrorists! BenLaden is still creeping in caves and Nasrallah is giving press conferences; telling us how he wants to destroy Israel. WHY isn't this maggot in the crosshairs of a sniper? Why isn't the US rambling how they will destroy this terrorist? Israel is the puppet of the US and will not be allowed to win this war on terror!
34. Difference of 40 years
Dave ,   San Diego, CA   (07.29.06)
Is 40 a special number for Jews? If so, consider the difference 40 years will make. In 1967 Jews and Israelis were at the top of the world. In 2007 there will likely be no Israel, and Jews throughout the world will prepare for the next Holocaust. The U.S. would be far better off if there were no Israel, but you don't get it. You still follow along on the U.S. leash. You let your cities be destroyed while Damascus and Tehran flourish. Overnight, you could nuke these cities into oblivion, but instead you absorb all the costs of war upon your own cities and inflict nothing onto your real enemies. Its truly pathetic.
35. Don't be fooled by a deceiving translation
Georges ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (07.29.06)
In his latest speech, Nasrallah did not say (as the newspaper claimed)that photos showing soldiers evacuated on stretchers lying on their stomach to hide their chest injuries , but rather lying on their stomach as a proof that they were shot in the back while fleeing the battleground. A truth , like many before, your government didn't want you to know about in a hopeless attempt to keep you misinformed about loosing the battle that your so called "formidable army" has suffered against Hizbollah. Get real you are loosing against Hizbollah and wiining against the innocent Lebanese civilians, cowerdly being massacred by your aircrafts from the air and at high altitude.
36. To max in CT.
Dont mess with Texas ,   USA   (07.29.06)
You are a typical anti-Bush fool, did Bush kidnapp those soldiers and Bush isnt the one who is firing rockets into Israel unguided and slamming into civillians and hospitals. YOur an idiot why dont you move to Canada or better yet Tehran you are a typical leftist that brings this country down notch by notch by undermining what this administration has done against terror. Bush didnt fly those planes into the twin towers and the Pentagon. Bottom line those idiots (Islamic extremist) started the fight and we have to end it or they will end us, so shut-up with your moranic venom you spew from your mouth.
37. to No 4
Rami ,   syria   (07.29.06)
what did u like in his speech..he is fooling arab people..wake up man,,and look at the destruction around u
38. As I c it, it's Lebanon that will be a temporary
country   (07.29.06)
39. Israel What are you doing
Mike ,   phila   (07.29.06)
40. To #4 -- Motivated Fool
Vladimir ,   LA, California   (07.29.06)
Wow, I'm glad you're motivated -- now you can become a martyr and may be even get a few virgins. Look what kind of destruction your resistance brought on Lebanon. The problem is that you hate Jews more then you love your own people. You're hatred is so big that you're willing to die just to kill a few Jews. Make no mistake - Jews love their country more then they hate their neighbors and they're willing to die to protect it. P.S -- I don't see anyone dancing on the streets of the Beirut anymore celebrating capture of IDF soldiers.. Nobody giving away sweets, where did everybody go????
41. Israel is loosing
Muhammad-Ali ,   Montreal   (07.29.06)
42. No cease-fire.Israel must finish the Hezbollah
e.m ,   s.f   (07.29.06)
Otherwise Hezbollah will come the hero and they will remobilize and there will be another war. Israel should not give them another chance and finish the job for ever.
43. True. All occupations are temporary & will be defeated
Tom ,   Atlanta USA   (07.29.06)
44. Hizbullah Militia is Temporary
David ,   Tel Aviv   (07.29.06)
The political wing of Hizbullah will live on in Lebanon no matter what, It is part of the fabric of the country, but the military and political wings, according to the Economist and others, are related but to a degree disconnected. Facts: 1. The days are numbered for the Hizbullah militia in Lebanon 2. Israel is here to stay 3. Nasrallah is in hiding - not the actions of a winner.
45. #1
Mark ,   San Antonio USA   (07.29.06)
Jeff--you are SOOOOOO right. These "his-BULL-ah" weenies ought to put on their wives burkhas as a sign of their contrition for being the gutless cowards they are and always have been. From decades of murderous threats against Israel to acting on those threats, these so-called "men" have hidden behind the innocent (including UN "peace keepers") as they fired upon the real men of the IDF (and they keep losing too). The same modus operandi occured and occurs in Iraq daily. These eunuchs can say all they want to about the American forces during our own Revolution, but there is still one HUGE difference: Our revolutionary fighters NEVER hid behind women and children. Contemptible. Pathetic. Cowardly. All of these apply to Islamofascist "warriors" throughout the world.
46. new war plan
paul ,   columbia falls, mt.   (07.29.06)
carpet bomb, tired of hearing how well hizballa says thier doing.. flaten them Israel, no more mister nice guy
47. The Arab terrorists are funny but Israel must strike hard
Roger ,   USA   (07.29.06)
without any regard for collateral damage. It is important to demonstrate that any country that attacks Israel will pay a very heavy price.
48. Israel can take out the whole Middle East
Mel ,   USA   (07.29.06)
The terrorists sitting in their delapidated buildings will continue causing problems unless Israel strikes with full force.
49. #1 The public opinion does not protect the Jewish lives
Anne ,   USA   (07.29.06)
On the contrary, they want the Jews dead.
50. The time has come
Bob ,   USA   (07.29.06)
Israel, find this bastard and kill him. The islamic enemy only boasts stronger by our unwillingness to fight a true war. I believe that this is a major move by the muslim world to test civilizations stamina to stand up against them. Sadly so, your actions will be the motivation for the rest of the Western World to realize the time has come to confront this evil. It must be done.
51. I live in Tel Aviv and you know what? i am not a
Emily ,   Tel-Aviv   (07.29.06)
afraid from nasrallo..if he want to send missilis to tel- aviv so send!..that's not going to break us!!!or make us stop this justify war..maybe then the world will understand israel side..and this will be really the end of hizbulla and lebanon..israel will moved to a diffrent level of reaction.. they will never succed in getting us out of here..we don't have any other place to go.. we have only one country and we are willing to keep it until the end!!
52. - anti-Semitism in Norway... media...
Norway ,   With love of Norway   (07.29.06)
- plucking the fruits of their evil... against the Jewish People... - by creating the next days headlines... - Bomb, bomb, Tel Aviv! Israel - terrorist! Burning of Israeli flags... Lebanese shouting - "Long live Nasrallah!" Get active! Do not let it happen again! Protest - massive e-mail - protest action - against the newspapers, the Norwegian Embassey in Israel - boycot - what ever - would help! Do not get used to pain and suffering! We shall have justice now - this is a fight for your very survival! What will the next headline be? If this is the next scenario... 1. Make sure it won't happen... 2. Make sure Norway won't be into the negotiations...
53. Hasan N Bin Laden will disappear from this earth
Genny ,   UK   (07.29.06)
The only temporary thing in this world are your tunnels, bunkers, missiles and headquarters hidden amongst civilians. Talk big now just like Saddaam Hussein. Maybe you should start your hunger strike now because of your poor mistreatment.
54. Nassy,dont be too bombastic.Israel had to play to "world Opi
Abu Zelick ,   Missisauga suk   (07.29.06)
nion". You did have a clever plan-hide behind civiliians and shoot at civiliians.Israel used only a relatively small force.Even the number of Israeli Soldiers killed wasnt that high in the big pictureHow many died in 6 day war and 73 war first 18 days ..Once they learned your style of new guerilla /Terrorist tactics you lost plenty of men and materiel. How much resources did you lose.How many of your top lieutenants did you lose?Do youthink that you can win a war with the rockets you use. They dammaged how many buildings out of 2500 Rockets..OK you put 1 plus million Israelis in Shelters. Israel did a lot of Friendly fire dammage(own goals) to itself.You never sunk the Ship, You never shot down a plane .The 3 heicopters were accidents.Also some soldiers deaths By your stupidity you exposed your Iranian and Syrian friends hand of cards in the Poker Game. Be sure the world is watching them now.I dont believe they will get away with much more. Certainly no Atomics. Which War did US and UK and G8 allow to go on so long.
55. To #17
George ,   Lebanon   (07.29.06)
Okay, so everyone is a Liar except for you? What do you know about the war? Any number of casualities from whichever side does in fact damage infrastructure, and clearly the IDF has suffered because of its number of casualities so don't you dare call Hezbollah Liars!
56. It's clear, Hizbull is loosing...
Evgeniy ,   NYC, US   (07.29.06)
... and you can read it between the lines.
57. all about morals
dirk ,   holland   (07.29.06)
the one thing hizbullah is able to do is ensure that we have to go against our own principles of respect for human life and dignity. the worse the situation will be the more we will be forced to do this. guess it has always been like this. rather now than when they have more power. syria and iran are loving it but they will pay their price and it will not be cheap.
58. enough,enough
safia ,   Algeria   (07.29.06)
no more blood,no more bodies in pieces,no more mothers crying on their sons,no more pain .Israel USA use your army to destroy lebanon,and really America doesn't care about the security of your citizens,this game has no rules no limit,wake up,the way of diplomacy is the safe way,we Arabs don't hate israelis,we belong to the same Creator,pray for peace,God Bless us
59. Nasrallah: Israel temporary country
Ellen Applebaum ,   Kiryat Tivon Israel   (07.29.06)
Living between sirens and reading the news constantly, I haven't been able to figure out what if any military objectives has the IDF achieved in the last two weeks other than almost causing me a heart attack? Do Israel's politicians really believe that Israel is a Temporary Country? given that I have felt like a human shield in order to keep IDF soldiiers from fighting for our country, I've started to wonder if Israel's leadership is proving to the world that this is indeed Israel's last war. What have we achieved militarily - not employing ground troops and blowing the enemy to kingdom come?Whey is the life of enemy civilians worth the Israeli politicians and soldiers more than my own as a citizen of Israel??????
60. Nasrallah is a temporary person
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (07.29.06)
Nasrallah is condemned to live the rest of his life in fear, running from one hiding place to another, never knowing when or where the revenge and just punishment of Israel and the Jewish people will strike him.
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