Mubarak: US response to war too little, too late
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 29.07.06, 21:09
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1. Is...
Jerry Ecklor ,   United States   (07.29.06)
Is anyone really listening to this guy? For years the U. S. has been paying Egypt 200 million dollar a year not to go to war with Israel. To all of Israel I say G-d be with you. He will see you through this & give you the strength to over come any & all of the Muslim nations that may come against you. I want to thank the IDF for standing up & doing what the U.N. security forces were unable or unwilling to do. G-d Bless, J.
2. "Increasing rage within the Arabs"?
Your Uncle Bob ,   Washington, DC   (07.29.06)
..because Jews aren't supposed to defend themselves, right? And when they do, it enrages Muslims? Muslims are only engraged because of the hatred for Jews, Christians and any other non-muslims that is programmed into them from their earliest years. They are brought up to hate Jews so it's really no surprise that any act of Israeli self-defense will enrage them. In a world of oppressive "political correctness", it's amazing that world leaders tolerate, even encourages, such obvious and blatant anti-semitism.
3. Strange
Kevin -Canuck- ,   London   (07.29.06)
no mention of hezbollah's responsibility for kindapping and murdering the soldiers from your egyptian friend?
4. Why is it never late enough or little enough when...
Shai ,   Israel   (07.29.06)
...t he US is trying to get Egypt and the rest of the UN to cooperate in getting a UNSCR in place to sanction Iran for its obviously non-civilian nuclear program? Mubarak is just looking to jocky once again for the advantage in shackling Israel's ability to defeat its enemies.
5. I agree with Mubarak
Betty ,   Tucson USA   (07.29.06)
"US response to war too little,too late" We should have dropped a few big ones on Syria and Iran while Israel was dealing with the Hezbo's.
6. outdated faces.
Tunisian   (07.29.06)
I see an experation date written all over this guy's face. Israelis should know by now,that the region's peace, security and prosperity need to reach everybody I mean the people of the middle east not those so called leaders, we need to bet on the people, average people after our major lossess betting on leaders look, today more than ever, like expired goods, it's sickening just to listen to them. We need peace.....the peace of the equals.
7. Tunisian (6): I think what you're noticing is Mubarak's
sk ,   USA   (07.29.06)
hair dye.
8. Mubarak is too little, too late!
the Sheikh ,   USA   (07.29.06)
Hosne Mubarak's comments ring hollow. Why must it always be the USA to work at cease fires, peace deals, and other forms of intervention? Egypt is next door to Israel, the USA is half a world away. Why doesn't Egypt relocate the Pals in Gaza onto some empty land it owns? There is plenty of it in the desert, and the technology exists to make the desert bloom. There are many examples of this the world over. If the USA intervenes, then we are meddlers who stick our nose into other peoples' business. If we don't, then we are heartless people who don't care. I wish every single dollar spent on fornign aid (in it's many forms) was kept inside the US borders. If we spent all that money on new research for alternative energy sorces, we would not have to be the world's policeman. Have you noticed how Hamas and Hezbo. parade around with shiny new weapons and new uniforms? That costs a lot of money. Yet, they say they are afflicted and their children go hungry. BS!
9. Muslim rage
Michelle   (07.29.06)
Yet more muslim rage. I don't give a flying fig anymore what pisses off the muslims and what doesn't.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.30.06)
of innocents. Israel gave Egypt the Sinai in exchange for a worthless piece of paper - a peace agreement. The bloody "peace" that Egypt gives Israel: YNETNEWS (04.18.06, 07:51) Tel Aviv attack. 'There will be more' Egyptian paper praises Tel Aviv bombing State-controlled Al Gomhuria calls Monday's suicide bombing 'sacrificial, martyrdom attack,' warns more attacks to follow Associated Press An Egyptian state-controlled newspaper praised Monday's suicide attack in Tel Aviv, which killed nine people and wounded dozens, calling it an act of sacrifice and martyrdom.,7340,L-3241041,00.html The deployment of Egypt's military on Israel's border at the invitation of Israeli leaders is astonishing and treasonous. M.K. Steinitz stated: Egyptian military "has been training for war against Israel for the past 10 years." In 2004, U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos in the House International Relations Committee, warned Egypt was building up its military in preparation for a future war with Israel. Egypt receives from the U.S. $1.7 billion dollars in aid annually.
11. Yep the States should do as much as Mubarak has done
Mike ,   Israel   (07.30.06)
12. #5 Betty: It could still happen
A   (07.30.06)
If Iran doesn't come to it's senses soon somebody could turn out the lights in both Tehran and Damascus. This event proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that these lunatics must NEVER be permitted to possess nukes.
13. Arabs...arabs...
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.30.06)
Israel must build a definive golden and shining halo around itself ,and ANY enemy who dare entering it will DIE,by Israel's militar Might.No concessions ,no exceptions,just VERY SHORT REINS against them,SHUNNING THEM!
14. Mr. Mubarak, I THOUGHT you were smart, but you're NOT
Roger Rodgers ,   Spiro, USA   (07.30.06)
Why blame Israel and the US for this after you've done so little to stop terrorism. Terrorists in Lebanon and GAZA who use Children, Woman and the U.N. as shields (the fu***n cowards), are responsible along with the "leadership" of the U.N. and countries who do little or nothing (or even help) terrorism and anarchy. Mr. Mubarak, you receive close to $2 BILLION IN AID every year from US. You should be doing a lot more with that to stop the cowards. ISRAEL has done a lot for peace. In fact, I think they've gone TOO FAR in the past for PEACE and TOO FAR presently for PEACE. They've warned terrorists, no, cowards, about upcoming bombings just to help save Children and Women. DESPITE THAT, cowards plant Children and Women as shields in their coward buildings, and hide their weapons in residential houses. Israel soldiers have their weapons stored away from civilians and they go and fight the cowards directly. Mr. Mubarak, why don't you show that you are smart and take that tiny strip of sand called GAZA back and kick the cowards out to the West Bank? GAZA belongs to Egypt. GAZA was stolen by so-called Palestinians.
15. plz get ure facts right
canada   (07.30.06)
first of all when 2 israels were taken, they went all mad but when 100 lebenes hostages were taken were suppose to shut up and except it . The only reason america blames syria and iran is because its probably the only 2 countries that dont kiss bush's ass and they do what they belive in. And if you really think about it , everything thats happening in this world today started because israel; they are the problem not the arab world and they keep attacing us in all means because the arab world is not united. When the london boming happened bush was the first to get on a plain to meet toni. And dont you think its a bit funny how america is alowed to make nuclear weapons but not one arab country is alowed to do so, that alone shows disrespect to the arab world . No!, what america needs to do is stop israel from doing this shit that there doing and stop trying to buy the isreals time. because if it was the other way round and syria attacked israel america would have backed the israels from the first hour . Not to mention the history of israel attacking egypt, but they lost and we kicked them out like dogs. they wouldnt dare mess with egypt syria or iran. And what about china, the told the us were making nuclear bombs and you cant do anything about it. lol did they do anythink .NO because china would destroy them if they wanted. America wants to be incontrol and thats the truth they want to see the arabs beg them and rely on them for everything. soo before you speak know your facts.
16. To Mubarak
John ,   Canada   (07.30.06)
Mubarak, I want to ask you when was the last time you dyed your hair and had a facial? Those mascara looks good on you.
17. Re: Mubarak, where were you?
Gadi Cohen   (07.30.06)
It is not too little, not too late for Lebanon and its Hizbolleh militia to apologize, disarm and return two Israeli soldiers (may they be safe and well) and stop this 'war'. Mubarak should have immediately interceded with his arab cronies to disarm Hezbolleh and not waited for Iran and Syria to do their dirty, underhanded deeds. The arabs have initiated this war, the arabs are responsible to rebuild a so-called democratic lebanon and the arabs must prevent further incursions into Israeli territory. Only then can the world rest peacefully. If oil is so precious, I'll use candles and walk.
18. Yes Mr. Mubarak, you're absolutely right
Stacie ,   Canada   (07.30.06)
Once again the International community is asked to clean up failed policy and overzealous destruction sanctioned by the axis of stupidity USA-UK-Israel. Let those who encouraged this catastrophy send their boys to get a whipping by Hizbullah, which by now has probably seen its membership increase ten-fold with four generations worth of candidates in waiting.
19. its a shame
Karim ,   cairo   (07.30.06)
i dont kow y mubarak and all the arab leaders just keep watching and talking, they never took a postive action toward this israeli lebanese palastnian conflict. what they dont know is that we are all one nation, we arabs must unite muslims and christians. israel is like a plaque in th area that wont be cured unless we all take one serious action and WIPE IT OUT. israel claim that we arabs are barbarians and savage. i dont know how can they say such a thing and alll they do is that they kill atleast one innocent child everyday since 1948. i just wanna say here that we arabs r againts those zionists and we wont stop till we get jerusalem back ( god willing)
20. Stacie
Floyd   (07.30.06)
"Let those who encouraged this catastrophy send their boys to get a whipping by Hizbullah..." You're not very smart Stacie. HEZBOLLAH started this shit you ignorant canuck! Tell me, have you raised any funds for the wives of the muslims who wanted to kill your people?
21. All bark and no bite
Persian CAT   (07.30.06)
Mobarak is an excuse for leader. This miserable Arab was soooo worried about the Shiehs eating his fucking lunch that he blamed the victims first with a few other Arab loosers posing as kings. Now that the Egyptian poeple have shamed him by showing their support for Hezbollah, he is trying to sound imporant by criticizing the US. Someone should tell him if it weren't for the US aid money this asshole wouldn't be there or afford the rogaine to dye his hair.
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