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Knights of double standard
Rafi Ginat
Published: 29.07.06, 22:08
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1. Regarding This Column
Mrs. Martha Lumpkin ,   Hopewell, Va USA   (07.29.06)
Thank you very much. I am grateful that you have spoken out. I am with Israel and its people. This is a just war, and I pray that it will be complete victory! Mrs. Lumpkin
2. thank you Mr. Ginat
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (07.29.06)
I don't feel moral at all when a Golani soldier gets killed. A moral army STRIVES TO PREVENT HARMING CIVILIANS BUT NOT AT THE PRICE OF ITS SOLDIERS. The purpose of war is to protect one's own civilians, not the other side's. When protecting the other side's civilians becomes the purpose of war, madness sets in--your own soldiers and civilians get killed and you lose the war. We cannot send our young men to die for the lives of Lebanese villagers many of whom will celebrate their deaths. This is not morality. As Ginat points out, we end up getting condemned as a bunch of murderers no matter what we do, in any case. Guess our land giveaways didn't get Europe to love us. Israel's "leaders" told us that once we'd given up land, everyone would understand that we have no choice but to fight if attacked. Guess not.
3. They said "Saddam was a very bad dictator,BUT......
Alan ,   SA   (07.29.06)
4. Now tey say"Hez,is a bad terro organization,BUT......
Alan ,   SA   (07.29.06)
KLAUS ,   ISRAEL   (07.29.06)
6. Pray more Mrs. Martha
Mohammed ,   Gaza   (07.29.06)
Israel needs a mircles. Some one like Jesus to help them. To pay them back. Good luck in your prayers.
7. Rafi, you've hit the point! Excellent article!
Gene ,   Israel   (07.29.06)
If our goverment will continue to watch over the shoulder before making decisions, I'm really fear for our survival. Have no illusions - if Israel is invaded by arabs, there will be no jewish survivors. They will kill everyone - including children. The one and only thing that prevents arabs from attacking Israel is the IDF. If we will show weakness we will not survive. Hit them with full force, use any weapons necessary!! This is our only country, and we shall not lose it.....
8. misinformed?
Suzanne ,   Netherlands   (07.29.06)
The picture you get through the media is the whole south of Lebanon being destroyed - Dresden-like - wherein innocent people become victims. Whatever the IDF or the Israeli government is saying, is rather considered to be propaganda. What the Lebanese government is saying - even what Hezbollah is saying, is considered to be the truth. Perhaps it is up to the Israeli journalists to question Europeans (not their governments; but their people) - those (native-born Europeans) who oppose the Israeli actions, what they think of Israel, United States, United Nations, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Palestinians and their organisations like Hamas. And unravel the misconceptions living among Europeans. Don't forget that the Second World War makes Europeans feel weak to what they consider the underdog in conflicts. With a strong army and a "stubborn" government backed up by a strong country (US) any complaints are considered to be unnecessary whining. Leading up to hateful antisemitic comments (oh no,.. not antisemitic, anti-zionist,.. sigh) as a reply. It's no use. Don't show you're a victim, don't use emotions, but rather ratio.
9. Limits
Stan ,   Morgantown WV USA   (07.29.06)
Although I agree in general, there are limits to this philosophy. Would Israel use nuclear weapons on bunkers? There will always be compromises. But I'd rather see us error on the side of protecting our own when the enemy has no morality. Stan
10. The horror! A few Ketuyshas hit some blocks and
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (07.29.06)
American aid will soon flow in to build a newer and better blocks of flats for the Israelis. But what about the Lebanese, who have had their entire country bombed, their infrastructure destroyed, their airports, their ports. Millions of refugees. It's unimaginable to consider the pain that the Lebanese must be suffering right now. The whole world has seen Israel's behaviour and we all know once again what it's about: Colonisation(funded by the Americans) and the slaughter of neighbouring Arabs.
11. Israel's fight is moral
Ana ,   Spain   (07.29.06)
I agree with the author. Don’t let the terrorists and their supporters’s propaganda undermine you. You are fighting for survival and this is moral. The responsibility for all that may happen is on the attackers.
12. 2 RobertK
Ana ,   Spain   (07.29.06)
I agree with you. The other side's civilians should be protected by their government.
13. "Only the Jews must be killed" is their motto
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (07.29.06)
My heading summarises the viewpoint of all our enemies with their iniquitous double standards. They have no right to judge us, Europe the continent of genocide least of all. But we have the right to judge them and to expose their hypocrisy.
14. Psalm 83
wolfrunner ,   san diego ca usa   (07.29.06)
The enemies of Israel must be destroyed once and forever.
15. Thanks you, Mr. Ginat!!
Michael Steiner   (07.29.06)
A super article, right on the mark. Forget morality. They hate us and will hate us and slander us anyway. Plus there's no way these chicken-sh*t terrorist p*ssies can be fought except by causing massive collateral damage. According to the idiot Europeans, we should probably have sent a couple of squad cars into Lebanon in order to place the suspects under arrest. The other side attacked us first and they grossly abuse international law by "blending with the civilian population." We are, therefore, under no obligation to respect international law either. I don't know why the hell we haven't carpet bombed southern Lebanon yet...
16. How to deal with
Raphael ,   Paris   (07.29.06)
"wailing self-flagellation coming from all sorts off frustrated directors and self-declared culture heroes." We got a lot to learn from Palestinians, as far as the handling of traitors is concerned.
Liz ,   NJ-USA   (07.30.06)
So.. let me get this straight. If YOU were being attacked with missiles at your home and YOUR soldiers were being kidnapped YOU would just sit there and do nothing? HIGHLY UNLIKELY! And .. no matter what aid Israel gets .. it is her brave and well trained soldiers who are risking their lives to get the job done. What other country at war actually sends out pamplets warning where they will strike to avoid civilian casualites? ALL the HONORS to the IDF and prayers for the safety of Israel and her people.
18. #10
Adam ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.30.06)
Ellen is being as stupid as you are a born talent or is it a skill that you have practised for many years? I invite you to come to Israel and spend one weekend in Kiryat Shmona and then you can comment on a few Katyushas. Yes you may hate us because we are jews or zionists or Israelis or whatever. But for Christ's sake, at least be logical about the bloody thing. A rocket is a rocket, if it hit your building in happy Hampshire I'm sure you'd be all smiles. Considering you come from the country that probably occupied more land that didn't belong to it than any other nation in history.
19. EU hates Israel
Jason ,   Wilmington   (07.30.06)
These countries do what they can to act against Israel, they use words and money, support for those who fire rockets and set off bombs, they will never be a friend to Israel, never shed a tear for Israeli children or civilians or soldiers who are killed. They use their words to lie to the world, to their people and to themselves, but Israel needs to listen to what they are really saying and see what the EUs actions cost in terms of terror and blood for Israel. And Israel needs to act on what is the truth, not the lies coming from the EU.
20. Israel finally drop the "moral superiority" nonsense.
Jay ,   Los Angeles   (07.30.06)
OK, but it didn't change the fact that Olmert's Folly has been a colossal failure.
21. Ellen...you are what this article is about.
An idiot with double standards like yourself should not say a single word. In your brain you say, "so what if lebanese citizens crossed over an internationally recognized border, so what if they killed 8 israeli soldiers, so what if they destroyed a tank, and so what if they kidnapped 2 soldiers....israel should go into lebanon and take proportional action. that way wars can last forever." As if when this is all over Lebanon will not be flooded with hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from iran/saudi arabia. When this is over, business is going to "BOOM" so to speak, in lebanon and you know it. You make not a single opposing word about lebanon's intentional missile firing at israeli civilian targets. 1500 missiles, and no complaint from the HYPOCRITE OF HEMPSHIRE (your new nickname). Suffering in lebanon unimaginable you say.....next time tell them not to start a war.
22. for #6 mohammed
meggie ,   Northern Israel   (07.30.06)
I hope you are praying mate...cause this gal has NO morals where you and your terrorists are concerned....G-d bless the IDF and Israel, and Rafi Ginat for sying it all for us.
23. Thank you
jewish mother ,   israel   (07.30.06)
Thank you for writing words of truth and inspiration in these dark times. As editor of a major Israeli newspaper, I hope you have had the foresight to send the same article to all major publications around the world, to give food for thought for their biased and twisted versions of the news. Please use your position to help the morale and achdut of the Isreali people and Jews across the world.
24. to #10
RB   (07.30.06)
You said..."American aid will soon flow in to build a newer and better blocks of flats for the Israelis. But what about the Lebanese, who have had their entire country bombed..." So who will come to the aid of Israel? It's allies... Who should come to the aid of the Lebanese? It's allies... you think Hizbullah will be there when it comes time to rebuild Lebanon? Don't hold your breath or that would another causualty brought about by the Hizbullah.
25. To Ellen#10: Katyushas are really nothing!
Sharon ,   Israel   (07.30.06)
I do hope WHOLEHEARTEDLY, that your block will be hit by a Katyusha. A little one is not going to cause any harm to your children. It is really nothing, believe me to be threatened constantly by Nazi -ralla's fascists. Why don't you join him? He certainly needs assistance, as his troops are bleeding.
26. Finally, a reasonable column
FreeThinker ,   Freedomland   (07.30.06)
It's about time Israel stopped sacrificing its soldiers to defend enemy civilians. The job of the government and army is to defend Israel, not Hezbollah villages. And acting this way is not a moral compromise, it is a moral duty for the sake of the existence of Israel.
27. agree with author
Jason&FreddievsaLLah ,   Southern Calif USA   (07.30.06)
Israel goes islamic, pardon, postal on Jihadis. The world doesn't like it? Especially the Jihadi world? Jihadis get to taste their Rx. Go IAF/IDF, go Islamic on them, after all, they love death don't they?
28. Mr. Ginat I agree with you
Christian ,   Sweden   (07.30.06)
that the IDF must do what is necessary to finish off the Hezbollah as soon as possible. Time could be short for you and you cannot afford to loose this war. This is about your survival. The kid gloves must come off now. Better a living sinner than a dead saint. And of cause Europe knows and understands this but we are scarred to death when faced with the possibilty of being targeted by terrorists or civil war. If France e.g. openly supported Israel they would have to fight a civil war in their streets. Europe cannot take care of itself and much less give any support to you. They would rather sacrifice you then be confronted with the fact that they lack balls. What a disgrace!
29. Agree 100% percent. You said it all.
tamy   (07.30.06)
30. Well said!
Cindy ,   U.S.   (07.30.06)
It's hard to type and clap at the same time, but your editorial demands that I do both. Thank you for saying it so succinctly.
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