Protesters: War a man’s issue
Moran Rada
Published: 30.07.06, 00:12
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1. What a bunch of blind hypocrites
The Raccoon   (07.30.06)
As usual, the psychotic left is blind, hypocritical, self-loathing, traitorous and vicious. How can they continue to ignore the simple fact that our enemies want us dead? It's not like the enemy is trying to hide this. How can they fail to notice that so far, negotiations with terrorists failed horribly every time? How can they disregard the fact that should the enemy win, they'll be the first to suffer the consequences? I have seen many Arabs among the protesters... I hope that the Shin Beit was noting down names of potential traitorous sell-outs? How can these people try and use this ruthless attack on Israel to advance their petty agendas? Or is just the habitual bloody-minded hypocticity of Communism? Oh... and just for the next time these insults to humankind decide to scream and support my enemies under my balcony, I am buying some extra-large tomatoes and eggs. Bring umbrellas, kapos!
2. don't vote for meretz and labor
Aaron ,   Ra'anana   (07.30.06)
they place international solidarity above zionism and jewish continuity
3. Classic Stockholm syndome
Bill Pearlman ,   Chicago, USA   (07.30.06)
The Israeli left still seems to think that if Isreal just does A, B, or C then peace will prevail. It's not a question of talking to Hamas and Hezbollah. Hamas and Hezbollah have NOTHING to talk about with Israel. In their mind there are no outstanding issues to talk about. And lastly, on a nuts and bolts level. Both the Golan heights and the west bank with the mountain ridge down the spine are the high ground. You put Hamas and Syria up there with Iranian missiles and that's the ball game. The rest of the country becomes untenable and thes people will be the first ones to Ben Gurion airport for the last plane out. The only sea escape will be through Eilat.
4. sad
Your Uncle Bob ,   Washington, DC   (07.30.06)
To see so many deluded, ignorant people. Do they think that *THIS* prisoner swap will someone accomplish something the past several dozens have not? Do they think that the Islamofascist are suddenly going to like Israel? Do they think that terrorists are going to cease in their ultimate aim of destroying Israel? Stopping the war now will only allow the terrorist to regroup, re-arm and encourage other terrorists to use kidnapping as a weapon against the spineless, weak-kneed, cowardly Isrealis such as these protesters.
Proud Grandpa ,   (07.30.06)
Olmert was fast to wage an all out war, when what was needed was diplomacy. So now we have dead civilians and soldiers only to get to the point of talking. Unjustified war in terms of scale, destruction and of course loss of life. This war was waged not to defend Israel but to avenge the hurt pride of Olmert and Halutz. Olmert is a novice. He simply must GO! We need a true leader who won't misuse the great might of IDF and won't send our best soldiers to the valley of death unless it is 100 percent necessary, and this was not the case.
7. here, here!
8. Just send the women to...
Drew   (07.30.06)
Saudia Arabia for while. See how they like it!
9. Even in Peace, Muslim Women
Sheik Ahmed's Nut ,   NZ   (07.30.06)
don't gain anything. So why don't you just shut up
10. Lets send them into Lebanon
RA   (07.30.06)
To draw fire and clear Hizbollah mines. Thats the only thing they are good for.
11. half-right
David ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.30.06)
While I don't 100% agree with these women, I do agree that women should have more of a say at the top positions of the army. Too much male testosterone never brings a good solution.
12. #1 and Proud Granpa.
zov ,   rosenberg, tx   (07.30.06)
The events demostrate a judicial vacuum in Israel's society. It lacks the specific laws of war time. These people are not saudi-eurabian operatives. With light brains and hard difficult lives they dont understand (nor do they can) the root causes of their suffering. Not only they never heard of any history, they even dont know that history exists and teaches humanity important lessons. Imagine such demonstrations in bomb shelters of London in 1941or request for negotiations in Stalingrad during the battle in December of 1942. There would be immediate arrests by the military police in the first case and immediate death in the second. Israelis need laws allowing to hang UN and Saudi-Eurabian operatives who wage this war as a sitcom, while presiding over this Israel's "government".
13. War protest
George kassab ,   Lebanon   (07.30.06)
Amazing how uncivilized your audience is with hate and terrorim support. You can't even accept the voice of Israelis who believe in peace and you call them names. I was against Mr. Assad when he said that the Israeli society is all pro-terrorsim when voted for the criminal Sharon. Now, all Lebanese believe so and have no doubt about your untolorable gene you have that suvives by killing others and sucking their blood.
14. #13 WTF are you talking about?!!
a "gene" for "sucking blood?!" That is what your interpretation of this article on a peace protest is? You are truly a sicko! Go back to the foul pit from whence you came NOW!!!! !!!
15. "Captive soldiers not the reason for war?
Bruce ,   Kentucky, USA   (07.30.06)
These leftist pacifists are purposefully idiotic and self-decieving. No, the abducted soldiers are not THE REASON. But the war might have something to do with the rain of rockets. The pacifists are as wedded to their ideology as Hizbullah, but who will die first and more ignobly in a direct conflict?
16. Peace activists
Jsb ,   Israel   (07.30.06)
Why do israelies always call protesters agains a war leftists, they are PEACE ACTIVISTS!!! This is not about political rigth or left, but about peace. Is is as simple as that.
17. Pleace, stop giving space to those insanes
Ale ,   Buenos Aires   (07.30.06)
This group is completely irrelevant. I don't know why the media give it such a big cover. Please, stop it, and give some other news to us, the readers.
18. These traitors should be punished
jason white ,   afula,israel   (07.30.06)
Because of them we left leb in 2000. The terrorists thought they won,but the Israeli traitors won and the rest of us lost.Look at what they are doing to our north.Then they have the nerve to stab our soldiers in the back? Enough is enough,they should be rounded up and jailed for life.
19. even the generals are ready for a ceasefire
r ,   jerusalem   (07.30.06)
It is understood, even in Israel's military establishment that the only way to end the fighting is through political negotiations. Even if the generals got us into this war, it is only the political level that can get us out. Even the generals are saying: ITS TIME TO TALK!
20. Reality check-Which is your definition of Peace?
michael   (07.30.06)
We all want peace,but in order to achieve peace THERE HAS TO BE SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO TALK AND HAS REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. The definition of Peace- A process when two sides want to end hostilities and live together with economic,political and cultural intergration. West's version Lunatic's version-Peace is a process where we are scared out of our minds and want to give ourselves' peace of mind by negotiating with ourselves. Whereby, we become dillusional and feel better about the new reality that was created by ourselves. Enemies version of Peace-Peace is aprocess in which we can throw the Jews into the sea with as little effort as possible and continue the jihad towards world dominance. if you need peace of mind take Yoga. If you really want to support the state then say something that is intelligent, realistic or don't say anything crazy except to your phsycologist.
21. ‘Women For The Hizbullah'
gerd schulz ,   germany   (07.30.06)
22. Protesters
Sandy Aron ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.30.06)
Stop giving these traitors air-time. We're paying the price today for their terrible mistake of 6 years ago.
23. You can't negotiate with people who want to kill you.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.30.06)
The Israeli Jewish women were delusional and the Israeli arab women were traitors to Israel. They didn't call for nastyrallah to give up the soldiers, they could just stay there and rot while Israel retreats and emboldens the terrorist to kill more Jews. Prepare 1500 beds in the insane asylum, they are needed now.
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