Lebanese PM: This is deliberate Israeli operation
Ali Waked
Published: 30.07.06, 12:59
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31. to our brave prime minister!!!!!
m ,   lebanon   (08.01.06)
whom do u think u r for refusing Mrs Condolezza???i wl tell u:u r NOTHING only a DUMB,u know we r in a bowl of shit,why u r doing that?for whom?for what?to tell the int'l comminetee that u r beside hizbullah and the shiit religion?u and i know them very well here!!!! they don't know what is the meaning of LOYALTY they belong to iran,they must go back there and never return to LEBANON,MR Seniora believe me u r STUPID!r u satisfied from what happening?they destroyed us completly and u still saying that we wl Calculate that later!!!when???after 50 years maybe!!!!or maybe wait till the last one of us leave the country!!!what a future with u and yr goverment????u want to take israel to the court for what???for qana massacre??look to yr new allies u wl know?and finally for u : is that what rafic harriri teached u?? is that what he wants before he was assasinated?
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