Hundreds go wild in streets of Beirut
Ali Waked
Published: 30.07.06, 15:29
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Ian ,   Israel   (07.30.06)
Israel must stop this pointless violence and announce an immediate ceasefire.
2. Tit for Tat
Uzi ,   Beit Shemesh   (07.30.06)
If this was done to Israel, all the arabs will still be dancing on the streets and passing candies and the UN will have called on Israel to show restrain. They were warned to get out before the bombing so it their fault NOT ISRAEL's. Enough said.........
3. Hundreds go wild in streets of Beirut
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.30.06)
Here is another difference between Jews and Arabs: Arabs go wild. Jews mourn.
4. Hizbollah's Revenge
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.30.06)
Beware Israel ,not that your enemy needs an excuse to attack you with WMD's ,but Nasrallah,Syria and Iran will use this as an excuse to use their most deadly arsenal. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 1Thess.5;3 Enter the peacebrokers, cum clowns ,the incompetent U.N. ,the failed U.S. and the hopeless French cowards and mix with the unquenchable cult of death Islam and you have not peace but hell. The elite globalist appeasers and fools who always reward Islam at Israel's bloody expense have placed themselve in the mouth of the the devil. President Bush and his Rice gumbo now offer Hezbollah another piece of Israel's land (shebba farms) as reward for their war against Israel . How would the average U.S. citizen accept a foreign power slicing off parts of the U.S.and giving it to an enemy fireing missiles into our cities ? This evil man and his arrogant intervention into God's domain will be met headlong by God against him and our land. This fire will engulf all who entangle themselves in the agenda of Israel's God. He states for our present terminal generation ; "And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone FOR ALL PEOPLES; All who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces,though all the nations of the earth are gathered against it. "And it shall come to pass in that day ,that I will seek TO DESTROY all the nations that come against Jerusalem " Zechariah 12 The bad seeds planted in Lebanon,Hezbollah, have grown into a deadly harvest. To assume to bargin a ceasefire with satan's army is truly nuts. The father of lies and his destroyer's will only use the stupidity of Israel and the West against them. The reaping will grow and spread into Syria and Iran and other seats of Islamic hate and intolerance as it must. After Cana, Nasrallah ,Syria ,Iran now have an excuse to fire WMD's into Israeli cities. The delusions of a Lebanese Poster and many that you can negotiate with the spirit of hell reveals they are entangled in it's decietful web. LP writes his Neville Chamberlain, peace in our time delusion ; ""The tragedy for all of us who work in the democratic movement is that all of was being negotiated. We were making so many gains""" Any ceasfire any agreement with Hezbollah ,Hamas is only a lull in a flaming fire of war which will never be quenched until the juhad spirt of Islam is exorcised and sent to hell along with the Koran. Only then will cousins,the Arab and Jew live in harmony and peace.That day is coming but at present it is IMPOSSIBLE with Islam as the driving force of jihad against all non-moslems.This spirit of hell will not be denied it's harvest of great death and destruction, as Amadinejad furiously gets his nuclear bombs ready to use.The Mid East will be littered with more dead than imaginable because of the spirit of Jihad has been unleashed from hell.
5. just exactly what hizbullah hoped for
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.30.06)
hizbullah knows that they will defeat israel by the use of human shields and exploiting them in the media when they are killed. they have no regard for the civilians themselves because they are a means to the ends. and guess what? everyone is angry with ISRAEL! and the media and world leaders are performing exactly as expected. pathetic.
6. Remember 9/11, Lebanon
Shai ,   Israel   (07.30.06)
Shiites passed out candy as more than 3000 Americans lost their lives, in the WTC building that sheltered businesses and a subway station. Do such people have a right to claim sympathy? You respond like animals, rioting over the destruction of a building that housed beneath it Hizbollah military functions used to organize attacks on Israeli civilians. As far as the "denials", Israel will present proof. If Lebanon turns into the next Kosovo, that will be the result of your passivity in allowing Hizbollah to attack Israel for the last 6 years, and one time too many.
7. Muslims gone wild
Jerry Ecklor ,   United States   (07.30.06)
It is unfortunate to see the death of civilians, especially children. Yet the question remains. Why were they there? Is it not possile that Hizbullah wouldn't let them leave & was using them as human sheilds? I believe that this is exactly what they wanted, to once again try to make Israel look like the bad guy. From this point on I can only see matters getting worse, it won't be long before Syria will want to get involved directly. It is also well know that they have chemical & bio weapons in which I don't believe that they will hold back from using. Isaiah 17:1 is soon to come to pass. Can anyone say Samson Option? G-d Bless, J.
8. And Then What
Steve Conors ,   OKC, USA   (07.30.06)
Isreal should stop? And then what? 1200+ missles aimed at civilians on purpose, unprovaoked attakes on a sovereign nation. The demand of the annilation of a complete race. The state religeon teaching that the great prophet hated all people of certain races and religeons. Oh by the way it is not Isreal who is doing this but the poor Arab muslims. If it had been Isreal I would agree that they should stop but since it is the poor degected Arab I will not change my view of what is right and wrong and demand that they stop it also. Isreal is just protecting thimselves and the rest of the world should quit being racist and help Isreal out.
9. Qana Strike
Scott ,   Dallas USA   (07.30.06)
Ian, it's hypocritical to condemn Israel when Hizbollah started this violence, perpetuates the violence and hides amongst women and children. Israel is defending it's innocent women and children from Hizbollah's random killings of Jews. Why can't Isreal live in peace in its own land? The land God gave them.
10. Lebanese go Wild
Hagar ,   Canada   (07.30.06)
Too darn bad, having let so many muslim maggots cross over into Israel and blow themselves up in market squares, and public places you are now getting exactly what you deserve, a little retribution. Maybe you should start questioning the ethics of your Muslim Clerics. You brought this situation on, now lie with the pigs your clerics.
11. #1 Grow Up Ian
Lee ,   Dallas, USA   (07.30.06)
All war is inherently stupid, Ian. Those who would surrender before winning are the stupidist of the lot.
12. Shields
John ,   Plano, TX   (07.30.06)
If the cowardly terrorists are going to use innocents as shields (like the UN outpost) this is what is going to happen. If only the religiously blinded Shia would see this, the condemnation would be on their leaders. Isreal does have a right to exist!! John
13. Israel
Elaine ,   Dallas, USA   (07.30.06)
This WAR must stop - Israel MUST STOP kiling innocent people. The WORLD must join together and stop this total destruction of a country. Israle MUST STOP the killing immediately. The American people are NOT supporting this bombing of innocent people. We are sickened by it just as the rest of the world is sickened by it. The American government should put all pressure on Israel to stop the bombing immediately, and announce that America withdraws all support for Israel until it stops bombing Lebannon.
DOR ,   IL   (07.30.06)
so the lebanon people ARE full of energy ! the UN headquarters no match for them ! sad they did not find and still do ot find the same energy to help themselves in fightiing hibullah. war is war is war is WAR. why where the children all in 1 place ?why didn't the evacuate ?as if they did not know they in the wrong place at the wrong time . they were told numerous times ti go away .!! the katushas fall on emtpy building...& there are far less dead our side because WE TOOK CARE TO EVACUATE OUR PEOPLE !!!
15. Attack Hizbullah not the UN
David ,   Muncie, USA   (07.30.06)
The Lebanese said they could not fight Hizbullah because the Lebanese Army was too weak. Apparently they have enough angry young men willing to fight . . .the UN. Under the rules of warfare, civilian buildings are protected targets which should not be attacked unless the enemy is firing from that location. I don't know all the facts in this case but the Arabs have a history of using homes and mosques as bases and firing from those structures. The innocent (?) civilians serve as human shields when they are alive and as propaganda tools when they are dead.
16. We need more of these!
David ,   Marietta, USA   (07.30.06)
It was a human shield staging base. Why Israel waited so long to hit it is beyond me. No mercy. No prisoners. No compromise. Bomb the hell out of the bastards and level the cities. Then you can get out.
17. Hundreds GO Wild in streets of Beirut
Elaine ,   Dallas, USA   (07.30.06)
What would you do if that was happening here in America ? I see the Lebanese acting like suffering humans. The animals are the ones that kill the innocent people, regardless of their race or religious beliefs. You should be ashamed for your comment. What is happening to America that we sit by and what this happening? It needs to be stopped NOW.
18. yeah don't blame hizbullah
dan ,   us   (07.30.06)
for starting what the whole thing,,, if the hizbullah wasn't a bunch of cowards hiding behind skirts of women and underneath baby diapers....
19. You comment
Ron ,   Ft. Collins, CO   (07.30.06)
So if Israel stops and pulls out or as you put it "end the stupidity now," then what? Do you think Hezbullah is just going to go away? Israel gave up Lebannon and also pulled out of Gaza as everyone (presumably you as well) demanded. What did it get them? A murdered teenager, 8 dead soldiers, a kidnapped soldier and rockets fired from south Lebannon. The whole time Lebannaon was supposed to be disarming Hezbullah, they wer arming to the tune of 13,000 rockets. You think you can negotiate, reason with or anything else with people who have one goal in life? The goal of murdering every single jew, christian or anyone else who doesn't agree with their theocratic slant. Wake up! If we didn't firebomb Germany and do what we did in Japan, you would now either be speaking German or Japanese.
20. Wild in Streets of Beirut
D. Laws ,   Phoenix AZ USA   (07.30.06)
Let's stop the one sided reporting condeming deaths of civilians in Lebanon. Hizbullah is dropping scores of unguided rockets daily killing civilians in Israel. When Hizbullah stops the attacks maybe Lebanon can return to the peace it deserves.
21. Manic Muslim Men
Michael ,   Ottawa, Canada   (07.30.06)
Sadly there are shades of Germany and Japan about this. Both countries during WWII generated a fanaticism that could not be quelled by ordinary means. Eventually they had to be bombed into submission: Germany with Dresden and Japan with the A-Bomb. I fear that some devastating finale awaits the Arab world since nothing else will break the mania and absence of rational behaviour now sweeping the region. A sad outcome indeed, but what else can be done to bring them back to rationality and break the bonds of lunatic hatred.
22. End the stupidity?
sven ,   usa   (07.30.06)
Hezbollah started it, they should stop throwing rockets at Israel.
23. Witness the fruit of the U.N.'s policies
Larry ,   Denver, USA   (07.30.06)
Hezbollah has been playing the media like a finely tuned violin and the U.N. is mesmorized by the music.
24. Tit for Tat too!
Adam ,   U.S.A.   (07.30.06)
I have to agree with Beit Shemesh... If this was done to Israel, all the arabs would be overjoyed! They WERE warned to get out! Moreover, if those people really cared about their homeland they would have outed out Hezbollah YEARS AGO... That's the price that you Lebanese pay when you dance with the devil in the cold moon light. (They claim that Hezbollah was good for the community there!) You play, you pay. No sympathy. NONE! I'm an OIF III Vet from the U.S. Muslims need to wake up and realize that something is wrong with their philosophy... It's cool to blow themselves up at a crowded market, or check point... but it's not cool to drop bombs on the heads of these terrorists? Smacks of a double-standard to me...
25. "hundreds go wild"
Arie   (07.30.06)
Seems the support for hezbullah amongst the masses is not as strong as the butchers of lebanon led by nasrallah would have you believe
26. Israli Massacur at Qana
aidiasue davis ,   round Rock, U.S.A.   (07.30.06)
When Hezbollah started this war with Israel. did they not think that Israel would fight back? Did Labanon think that Israel would not eventually start defending themselves? Labanon and Hezbollah are responsible for all these deaths. I want to know "when" are these arabs going to start thinking with their brains, and not with their emotions?
27. stop this madness now
Faisal ,   hyderabad india   (07.30.06)
Stop this madness for God sake . Why civilians have to pay the price from both sides . Hizbullah caputred 2 IDF soldiers then Israel started bombing them then Hizbullah started firing missles. Both Israel and Hizbullah are guilty of innocent civilians and both should stop this madness , be it a death of lebanese or israelis all the same this is unjustify death, can both these religious freaks cant see innocents civilians are paying price from both sides and they just want a normal life not fighting nor they should count the bodies of their beloved. IDF and Hizbullah are both terrorist and guilty of humanity.
28. War
Rol ,   Torrington, Ct USA   (07.30.06)
This conflict that is now going on shows that Israel and Lebanon and all those involved have leaders that are a failure to thier people. Peace is not obtainable with these leaders.
29. to #9
Mike ,   USA   (07.30.06)
If god wanted you to have the land he could have used better directions for you to get there. You were lost in the desert for 30 years before reaching your land. Fruthermore you have not seen a day of piece in your land not because of god but because of your arrogance and feeling of ownership of a land you never had. You uprooted people from their houses and you wander why the arab hate Jews. Once you accept that than piece will follow.
30. Y ou have got what you deserve.
Joseph azwaw ,   Tizi-ouzou Algeria   (07.30.06)
In the history of humanite your religion has been the most violant one in the face of the earth and it is a fact read the history book.The first thing your prophet mohamed during his way fom mecca to medina 600 jews killed this in the biguining of the seven centery .one thing i know for sure,you gays you have no respect for human life,you fight and you cry.One jewish state ,22 nations so called arabe moslims,you gays took over algeria,tunisia egypte,morocco ,sudan ,spain france thank goodness you lost there in the two last ones,how you gays did that? I can give more nations you concured ect... Very simple you gays you never stoped the war since the 6th centry it is not israel s fault but yours go go israel and god be with you don't let nation fall under rules of darkness of islamo fasciste like my beloved nation the berber ALGERIA which have became the arabe moslim ALGERIA.I am berber and i speak for lots of my fellows berbers,israel we love you,whatever comes from ALGERIA today is not the view of the berber region Kabylie but it is the view of worthless arabe moslim goverment who massacerd thousands of my fellow berbers,kabyles in 2001 no condamnation from anyone,exemple where IS UN for what is going on SUDAN ?For sure is not israel,do you think who is ? it is damn moslims they killing christians and other just to convert to islam by all means,so israel is doing the dirty work the others real humans GOD BLESS ISRAEL.
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