Olmert: We need 10 more days of military operations
Ronny Sofer
Published: 30.07.06, 16:57
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1. 10 days to kill more civilians&to shed more blood
Agop   (07.30.06)
2. The hypocrisy of Eurabia
Ariel ,   Arlington, TX   (07.30.06)
The fact that Eurabia refuses to acknowledge the concept of terrorism and the usage of human shields gives away their bias immediately. Their protestations should be ignored as "white noise".. As an American, I think that the next time Arab terrorists strike, we should withhold all assistance, and let the islamofascists overrun France and Spain.. After all, it seems to be what the Eurabians want, anyway. After all, the islamofascists wouldn't EVER let any "innocent" people get hurt, right? The usage of human shields by Arab Terrorists, and Arabs using their own children as fighters pre-dates 1947.. and the sanctimonious sycophant Eurabians fall for that trick every time. No fighting force behaves more morally than the IDF and US militaries.
DAVID P. ,   SANTA CRUZ   (07.30.06)
joe   (07.30.06)
What for?? Killing children from 15 kilometers height?? COWARDS
5. JINX!!!
Irish Guy 2112 ,   Tel-Aviv   (07.30.06)
Great. Olmert has officially jinxed (like a bad omen) the war operations. HOW can you put a timetable on fighting a terrorist organization bent on genocide???????
6. Olmert, don't give up!
Alex ,   Israel   (07.30.06)
Finish He-Zballe
7. every affair is uncomfortable
old woman ,   Berlin   (07.30.06)
Every affair is uncomfortable. It was work from hisbullah, their people to leave out this area. I will pray for a good time for Israel army.
8. 10 more days???!!!
Mary ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (07.30.06)
not 10 more and not 1 more. END IT NOW we (Israel) have no right to rage blindly in order to hide occupation and our own brand of terror - not even if Uncle Sam say's it is ok.
9. You had plenty of time to show that all you can do is
Proud Grandpa ,   (07.30.06)
getting Israel close and closer to hell. Get out of Lebanon today!
10. 10 more days !!!!!!
Mike ,   USA   (07.30.06)
He is not even in Bint Jbeil. I think 10 more days to kill all the kids in Lebanon. what a big lie. What happens to all the smart Jews that I know. Now is the time to set your government to the right path otherwise your children and arab children will never leave in piece, Even if you destroy hezballah another more fundamentalist group can arise. Keep in mind before the Israeli invasion on Lebanon in 1982 Hezbollah did not exist.
11. Lebanon's PM thanks Hizbollah for its "sacrifices"
gerd schulz ,   germany   (07.30.06)
Lebanon's PM thanks Hizbollah for its "sacrifices" Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora thanked Hizbollah on Sunday for its "sacrifices" In its war against Israel. "We are in a strong position and I thank the Sayyed for his efforts," Siniora said when asked about a Saturday statement by Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah calling on the government to take advantage of Hizbollah's steadfastness against Israeli military might. (Reuters) (07.30.06, 18:10)
12. The Conclusion of the WAR !!!
Proud Jew ,   US   (07.30.06)
You did not achieve anything by this attack.. it was counter productive..lets be honest..You made lebanese unity backing up hezbolla, you suffered military losses in your best regiment while hezbolla stayed killed innocent civilans and destroyed infrastructure all against the Geneva Chart..and most seriously you killed innocent children that have nothing to do with this.. you managed to make everyone in the world HATE YOU for what you did..I think that your goverment decide to start the end of your state of israel as you guys call it .. your goverment is the real terrorist .. cant you see that ? coz everyone in the world seems to see it clearly even jewish people abroad who are against this ..
13. You have had 1000s days!
Texan ,   TX, USA   (07.30.06)
Keep killing children by your coward act. You get to nowhere.
14. To What?
Kal ,   Syria   (07.30.06)
10 more days to kill more children? whats ur daily target? ur troops just withdrawn from "teeba", just now, after 11 of ur elite soldiers where many children u wanna kill b4 stopping? i sypathize with all families that have loses, lebanies and isrealies...wake up people!! ur goverment is leading u to hell...
DACON9   (07.30.06)
16. what occupation, mary?
aaron ,   ra'anana   (07.30.06)
17. 10 more days
phil b ,   Punta Gorda, usa   (07.30.06)
Keep it up Olmert..The more time you give them the more weapons they will amass.
18. #4 Joe maybee we should learn from your buddys
Mike ,   Israel   (07.30.06)
all the IDF planes should stay in there base and we should just use our artillery fire or even katushas and just do as hezbollay but i think we are better at it and the boddy count would be higher. Go for it IDF. Get the cowards that are hiding behing there kids and wifes as they shoot cowards!!!!!
19. Take as much time as necessary
c.   (07.30.06)
Take as much time as necessary and finish this this cancer called Hezbollah! Never forget Hashem is guiding our troops!
20. For everyone saying "Stop War"
RA   (07.30.06)
Why dont you cross into Lebanon and tell the Hezbollah that. You think if Israel stops, then Hezbollah will stop?? Dont forget Hezbollah started all this. Its easy for all of you to say "stop" when a million Israelis cant live in peace in the north. I say keep going Israel, and god bless the IDF!
21. Israel Losing
Joe ,   Canada   (07.30.06)
Israel is losing to a guerrilla force of 3000 men with World War II rockets. Israel cannot defeat Hezbollah man to man on the ground so they are levelling villages from the air.
22. Mary you and people like you turn my stomak
Mike ,   Israel   (07.30.06)
What do you sudjest that 2million people in the north leave the area and let Hezbollah breath. Your a sick person, i strongly recmend you go back to where you came from sick sick lady.
23. The Failure Tale of EHUD
Zahi ,   Paris   (07.30.06)
Ehud Olmert, 10 more days will show further your failure, and worst of all, you will make more mstakes and thus you will kill more Innocent women & children. so Move your army out and ask your God to have mercy on your soul and on your Political career as a PM of a government worst than the Nazi, and ask your God not to make you see the Photos of the children you assassined whenever you close your eyes and whenever you go to sleep
24. You nailed it DAVID P
Mikulas ,   Bratislava, Slovakia   (07.30.06)
But the job is being done so poorly considering the amazing vigour of Hezbollah firing ever more rockets that maybe it would be better to call it quits or to choose something that works. These airstrikes are ineffective against terrorists...But those in between sure get hit hardly.
25. 10 - history of Hizbollah
Shai ,   Israel   (07.30.06)
Hizbollah grew out of the Amal Shiite militia. Let's just say that "market forces" give rise to all of these military splinter groups, HIzbollah being the most successful because of the charisma of Nasrallah. The fact that they depend on constant military strife to exist gives Lebanon little hope of ever seeing peace unless they recognize that there is no settlement they'll accept and disarm for, irrespective of what they say, and that their only choice is to meet them head on and forceably disarm them if they won't voluntarily.
26. We will win - and kul kalb biji yomo
The Raccoon   (07.30.06)
We are winning and will win this war, no matter how long it takes. And as for all the whiners and outright kapos... kul kalb biji yomo. Either the terrorists will get to you, or you'll finally understand your insanity, or you'll be dealt with when the excrements impact the rotating blades if you'll try impeding your defenders then. 22 August, the day of the Miraj - it's your move, Ahmadinejad and the Mad Mullahs.
27. Bomb craters
muhammad shurafa ,   detroit, michigan   (07.30.06)
I can not help but see the similarity in the craters left behind on the roads by the IAF bombs and that one left in the bombing of Mr Hariri. Car bomb?! I do not think so. IAF bomb, very likely.
28. Israel getting to far !
Emre ,   Istanbul   (07.30.06)
We are a friend of Israel but after such stupid strikes I do not know how to proceed with this relation. Do not force us to be enemy to you. Turkey can be a good friend and a best enemy if goes like this. I am asking all the Jewish friends to react their Government after these meaningless strikes !
29. Attempt to Kill Ceasefire
Joe ,   Canada   (07.30.06)
Israel's didn't agree to Siniora's ceasefire plan or any immediate ceasefire. However, most of the world would have gone along with it and wanted a ceasefire. This bombing was an attempt to destroy any possibility of ceasefire and throw the Lebanese government into Hezbollah's camp.
30. Damn you Isreal
Terry ,   Windsor   (07.30.06)
As deparate as you are to reach out to the fighters of Hizbollah, and when you flunk misrably, all what you did is target some innocent kids. We all saw how well your miserable and cowardly IDF did in Bint Jbeil when fighting face to face.
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