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Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
Published: 04.05.09, 15:54
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1. smth. you forgot to say .........
observer ,   poland   (08.01.06)
is that his 2 sons fled away from serving in IDF at the time he demands from other parents to send their sons to front.
2. Bio of Mr. Olmert
Harold Reisman ,   Carlsbad, CA USA   (08.07.06)
Author forgot about two real estate deals he did while mayor of Jerusalem earning him a wonderful new home plus at least half a million dollars. Cunningham is in jail for the same thing. Also Olmert has received tens of thousands of dollars in PENS (not cash) while PM.
3. American politician: Olmert must resign
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (12.14.06)
TEL AVIV – A U.S. politician is calling on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to resign, stating Olmert's premiership is "dangerous" for the Jewish state and his alleged mismanagement of the war in Lebanon this past summer harmed American interests and U.S.-Israeli relations. "Olmert is a disaster on all levels and must resign immediately," Assemblyman Dov Hikind, D-Brooklyn, told WND. "You won't hear the White House say it, but the U.S.-Israeli relationship is absolutely not the same as it was before the Lebanon war. Olmert's complete mismanagement resulted in an Israeli loss to a few thousand Hezbollah guerrilla fighters. America now doesn't see Israel as this great Middle Eastern superpower it can depend on." Above excerpt taken from See link for complete story...
4. Ehud Olmert
John Tidball ,   Anniston, USA   (06.08.07)
I'm sorry but this guy is going to get Israel anihilated! Syria is ready to attack at any minute with Scuds and etc., and Olmert is fiddling time away talking about giving away the Golan Heights. Why, why does he want to destroy Israel and no one is standing up to him? What's is the matter with the Israelis? Throw this guy out while there still is an Israel. Please!
5. Mr Olmert Biography
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.05.07)
So sad that the former comment prove that readers do not care for facts only for sensationalism! Mr Olmert is a clever and thoughtful Prime Minister. Whoever told them that the US amdministration does not know the truth. President Bush, gave Mr Olmert, in his recent visit, an unprecendented two solid hours of private time, without advisors, in which he carefully listened to Israels needs and situation. Mr Olmert is not only accepted by the US leadership, he is respected. Mr Olmert served in the IDF and the fact that his family has diverse political views simply shows that he is a democratic leader and family member. What would you prefer? Maybe Bibi Netanyahu who shouts hard line but folded and gave up on Hebron when faced with decisions.
6. #4
Seven ,   Iowa, USA   (10.09.07)
John T; I couldn't agree more! Unless he has some ingenius plan up his sleeve, one so amazing that most cannot comrehend it.....(which I highly doubt)...then ISRAEL surely is headed for even more DISASTER in the near, near future. YHWH declares that HE will ALWAYS ETERNALLY; be ally to ISRAELI allies, and a fierce ENEMY to HER ENEMIES! Turbulent times we all be living in, but there is refuge in trusting Elohim!
7. #5
Seven ,   IOWA-USA   (10.09.07)
ARE U KIDDING? First of all....Who the bleep cares if he was ever IDF? That means very little, as human character is ever shifting, often becoming dissillusioned by deceit and power. THERE IS NO CALL WHATSOEVER for his pompous rear to assume "leader and commander over dividing land that is SPECIFICALLY given by YHWH Himself". When will these oddballs in ISRAEL wake up to the danger of "parting out" divinely Promised Land, in the name of peace with an Enemy who cannot BE APPEASED!? Islam thinks itself the ":Child of PROMISE"....when illegitimate ISHMAEL is what they are. "Child of Disobedience; living and dying by the sword!" Where are the RATIONAL JEWS? B'cuz this is just INSANE....Ehud Olmert is bad news! Watch YHWH respond; HE WILL. -sincerely unsettled in Iowa, USA. ~7~
8. Olmert
gregyavich ,   USA   (04.24.08)
Jews, Wake Up!!!! Death to OLMERT not ISRAEL !!!
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