US: No immediate ceasefire, despite Qana
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 30.07.06, 19:04
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1. UN Resolution voted : to disarm Israel, the war criminal
Daniel ,   PARIS   (07.30.06)
Cease Fire and then disarm IDF and Hezbollah and a UN court for the war criminals. It is the last chance.
2. Lebanese PM - Criminal Neglect!
T. A. Adams ,   OKC, OK - USA   (07.30.06)
You mention that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice didn’t visit Lebanon this time around and returned early to Washington but you don’t tell the whole story. The reason is that Lebanese leaders told her not to come to Lebanon. Lebanon's Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora after praising hizbollo (for using his people as shields?) said his country would not talk to the Americans over anything but an unconditional cease-fire. Since it is now a well known fact around the world that Hezbollah is hiding among Lebanese civilians, this idiot obviously doesn’t care if hundreds more of his people to get killed. This leads me to believe that Lebanon NEEDS another civil war to rid itself of criminals like Siniora.
3. Ambass Ayalon
michael ,   usa   (07.30.06)
Thank have our 100%support!
4. 9 Israeli soldiers were killed last week
Clarissa ,   Israel   (07.30.06)
My heart is only with the families who lost their sons last week. I don't care how many people die now in Lebanon. They should have thought about this before abducting and killing our soldiers and firing rockets at our country. They and jump and down all they like, but the fact is Israel is stronger and G_d is on our side. You live with Hizbullah, you die with them.
5. Senior officer: 150 rockets launched at Israel from Qana
gerd schulz ,   germany   (07.30.06)
Senior officer: 150 rockets launched at Israel from Qana Chief of the IDF Operations Branch, Maj. Gen. Gadi Eisnkot, said in a press conference that "the IDF operated against terrorist target in Qana. The village has been used, since the onset of the confrontation, as a refuge for terror and a launch site for some 150 rockets at Israel, in some 30 volleys." According to the general: "Since the first day of the fighting, we warned residents of southern Lebanon that they should distance themselves from terror operatives and launch sites, for their own safety. We dropped pamphlets, announced it in the media and operated in a gradual manner and, unfortunately, Saturday night civilians were killed, whom no one had the intention of attacking." (ynet)   (07.30.06, 19:49)
6. Eye-witness: heard TWO explosions
The eye witness to the bombing in Qana said in the report transmitted by SKY News this evening that he "HEARD TWO EXPLOSIONS". That means there was a SECONDARY EXPLOSION of HIZBULLAH MUNITIONS stored at this house after the initial air strike.
7. Thank you Clarissa!!!
Al ,   New york, NY   (07.30.06)
" I don't care how many people die now in Lebanon"... Who should have thought about this? So, you have no problems with civilians being killed? nothing wrong with slaughtering children? I guess you are thinking, if we kill them now, they will never become terrorist... All that Israel is doing now is creating more enemies....Lebanese Christians who were for years against HA and a lot of them were even pro Israel are now turning against Israel...Great Strategy!!!! I care about every person who dies...on both sides...Military and civilians. This should stop NOW!!!!
8. Daniel #1
Mark ,   San Antonio USA   (07.30.06)
The only "war criminals" I can think of in the current operation in Lebanon is Hizbullah, their Muslim supporters, and EU weenies who don't have the guts to deal with your own Islamofascist problem. Hizbullah owes a "blood debt" to America and, frankly, this American is glad to see the IDF "collecting" the debt--although I would prefer to see the US Armed Forces standing side-by-side with our Israeli counterparts in the IDF prosecuting this war against these murdering savages. Keep up the good work Israel. We support you!
Wow, how brave of france to suggest a un court for the hizbullah war criminals. I'm happy to see you wanting the leaders of lebanon and hizbullah to be held accountable for the 2000 missiles fired intentionally at israeli civilians killing and wounding hundreds of them. I'm sure you also want to see hamas/islamic jihad/al aqsa/plo/ popular front for liberation of palestine/plo leaders also in a un court for war crimes for the intentional murders of israeli civilians in discos/cafes/busses/street corners, etc. obviously you are not a hypocrite....right?
10. gerd schulz , germany
joe   (07.30.06)
"Polish troops crossed the german border and attacked the radiotransmitter in Gleiwitz - since 4 in the morning we shoot back!!" The same truth - or maybe not???
11. 1 Daniel,PARIS: And You are Idiot number 1
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.30.06)
Obviously You support Terrorism - Hizbullah Fool Lebanon Myth and Facts Zak Anani was on Fox News last week and if any one missed it here it is FACTS: Open letter to Olmert from the Lebanese Foundation for Peace.;_ylc=X3oDMTJydXNmNnUwBF9TAzk3MzU5NzE1BGdycElkAzI1ODEyMzUEZ3Jwc3BJZAMxNjAxMTQ0Nzc3BG1zZ0lkAzE2MjE3BHNlYwNkbXNnBHNsawN2bXNnBHN0aW1lAzExNTI5MzgzODE- More facts: More facts from Brigitte Gabriel A Lebanese Arabs for Israel UN and Hezbollah are working together - Photo of Kofi Annan in Beirut June 2000 thanking Nasrallah, Who undermined Lebanon's Sovereignty? Here is another reason to love the UN and Kofi Annan! WORTH A LOOK!........ Who undermined Lebanon's Sovereignty? You got it ! United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan In the picture (in above link) taken in Beirut in 2000, Kofi Annan is thanking Nasrallah, head of the terror group Hezbollah for Maintaining law and order in the south of Lebanon. So, in 2000 Kofi Annan acknowledged that the terror group Hezbollah was responsible for Maintaining law and order in southern Lebanon, but it is now ISRAEL which is undermining the country's sovereignty? Source: Al-Ahram, Weekly On-line, Issue 487, 22-18 June 2000 Is Islam going to Kill Her too
12. I care Al - of course you do
T. A. Adams ,   OKC, OK- USA   (07.30.06)
Another bleeding heart liberal heard from. Time for another prozac maybe?
13. IDF may NOT have caused Kana Deaths!
Ann C. ,   USA   (07.30.06)
T. A. Adams ,   OKC, OK - USA   (07.30.06)
Good luck trying to get that out in the press.
15. Why?
John ,   Canada   (07.30.06)
The US position will make it worse. The question rise again. will the long rope provided by the US cause Israel to hang itself?
16. Stop the stupidity !
George ,   Orlando, USA   (07.30.06)
Israel will never be able to kill so many Lebanese as France killed Algerians. French have a bad conscience because of their colonialist past, but Israel won't pay the price .Don't play the judge if you have no idea what you are talking about. Not the war has to stop but the idiocy of the critics.
17. #16 stop the stupidity
Daniel ,   Paris France   (07.31.06)
A bad conscience , you say : perhaps but it is a probe that WE have still a conscience and that we are able to make our ideas between all the roots of the mess. That makes the very big difference, for you propaganda is thinking and monstruosities are mandatories. STOP THIS STUPIDITY, NO MILITARIIES ANSWERS FOR POLITICAL TARGETS
18. Colonize you say?
T. A. Adams ,   OKC, OK-USA   (07.31.06)
How on earth did you come up with that? If Israel wanted to "colonize" they never would have given back control of the Sinai Peninsula, South Lebanon, or more recently the Gaza Strip. This is a vicious cycle. Some Arab country/countries decide it’s time to go after Israel and try to annihilate them again. Israel kicks their butt and sets up a buffer zone to keep its people safe from the missiles and rockets being supplied to all these “wipe Israel off the map” terror groups. Then as time passes Israel makes the mistake of bowing to the so-called world leaders who claim that they need to trust these lunatics will honor their word. So, they clear the buffer zones and bring home the IDF. Then they’re right back where they started with more attacks by one or more Arab controlled countries and their proxy forces. If anyone is guilty of trying to“colonize” it’s the Arab States who have never been satisfied with the largest chunk of the Palestinian Territory (Jordan). They demand it ALL.
19. Ceasefire?
Pat ,   USA   (07.31.06)
Why would there be a ceasefire? We don't even know for certain hizbollah didn't destroy that building themselves. In any event rockets were fired from this location and Israel responded in a just manner!
20. to #17
Pat ,   USA   (07.31.06)
Definition of stupidity: A frenchman who doesn't understand what is going on in Lebanon thinking they can communicate in English.
21. to #4 Clarissa
Pat ,   USA   (07.31.06)
Hi Clarissa, Many Americans feel your pain regarding the loss of those 9 mighty "Warrior's of G_d"! You can also feel secure in the knowledge that many of us feel Israel is completely justified in every action Israel has taken against hizbollah (don't capitalize the h, they aren't worth pressing the shift key!). Like you implied, Clarissa, you live with terrorists, it is indeed you fate to die with them! Pat
22. Pat, 48 Hour Time Out Doesn't Matter
T. A. Adams ,   OKC, OK-USA   (07.31.06)
The Lebanese are gonna destroy the rest of their country with all their rioting now.
23. #4 Clarissa is 100% Right
zvi ,   los angeles USA   (07.31.06)
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